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Register of Purvis Church, 1912

extracted from

Quarterly Conference Record Book of the Purvis Charge 
Methodist Episcopal Church 
Purvis Methodist Church

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Avery, Eddie 

Avery, B. V. 

Baxter, J. A. 

Baxter, Ida 

Boutwell, Mrs. Caroline 

Boutwell, Samuel 

Boutwell, B. J. 

Carley, Charles W. 

Carley, Mrs. C. W. 

Carley, Talmage 

Cook, Maude 

Cook, Miss Daisy Bell 

Cook, Alice 

Cook, Miss Abbie M. 

Cooper, Mollie Belle 

Colson, Mrs. Maud 

Creggin, C. W. 

Davis, Ed M. 

Davis, Mrs. Ida 

Davis, Mrs. Pauline 

Davis, Edwin Jr. 

Davis, Lucile Married to Melvin H. King 

Dearman, Mrs. Eva 

Dearman, Dr. W. O? 

Dixon, Mathew George 

Denham, James C. 

Denham, Fred 

Emerson, Miss Mattie Married to Slade 

Foxworth, Eugenia 

Foxworth, Mrs. Julia 

Foxworth, Miss Fannie 

Foxworth, Caroline 

Fillingame, illegible 

Fillingame, Dollie Married to Baptist Right (this may mean she married a Right and was formerly a member of the Baptist Church.) 

Fillingame, Sallie R. 

Greice, James 

Hand, James 

Hand, Mrs. Zuba 

Hand, Miss Fannie Married to Kennedy 

Hand, James Jr. 

Hathern?, Miss Bessie 

Holloman, Mrs. June 

Holloman, John W. 

Holloman, Vernon 

Holloman, Mrs. Stella 

Holloman, Ralph 

Holloman, Annie 

Hughs, Miss Eugenia 

Jordan, Mrs. M. O. 

Jordan, Fred H. 

Jordan, George 

Jordan, B 

King, Harrell 

King, Eugene 

King, Mrs. Lizzie J. 

Knight, John 

Knight, Mrs. Sophia 

Knight, not given 

Magee, John 

Magee, Mrs. Mary 

Mayson, Mrs. S. L. 

McLeod, Andrew 

McLeod, Mrs. Ada 

McLeod, Miss Norfleet married to William Morris 

McLeod, E. Lucile 

McLeod, Forrest 

McMichael, A. J. 

McMichael, Mrs. B. 

McMichael, Henry 

McMichael, Thomas 

Mayson, Fannie L. 

Morgan, John W. 

Morgan, Mrs. Fannie 

Morgan, Clarence 

Morgan, Herbert 

Myat, illegible 

Myat, Mrs. Rachel 

Myat, William Frank 

Myat, Eugene Seal 

Morris, Collumbus 

Manor, Weldon 

McMichael, Nora Lee 

Purvis, Mrs. Ellen 

Purvis, Ruby G. 

Pylant, George J. 

Pylant, Mrs. Joanah 

Pylant, Julia 

Reed, Jennie (could be Jonnie) 

Reed, Mrs. G. A. 

Reed, William Aslax 

Reed, Mrs. M. M. 

Reed, Miss M. A. 

Reed, Charles 

Reed, Matthew 

Rees, Samuel 

Rees, Mrs. M. L. 

Rees, Mollie Evylin 

Rees, Sybil 

Rees, Dimples 

Roberts, John 

Rogers, John L. 

Saucier, B. 

Socier, Mrs. M. E. 

Skinner, James H. 

Skinner, illegible 

Smith, William W. 

Smith, B. L. 

Smith, M. M. 

Smith, Miss Eliza 

Smith, John 

Smith, Miss Barbara 

Smith, Miss M. 

Smith, Lelia Jane 

Smith, Esther 

Smith, Georgia 

Smith, Alice 

Smith, Timothy 

Smith, Adolphus 

Smith, Berry 

Smith, L. Robert 

Smith, Simon Peter 

Smith, Miss Hattie 

Smith, Martha 

Smith Louis 

Swan, Jason 

Swan, Nellie 

Swan, Miss Sallie

Slade, F. 

Tolbert, B. A. 

Tolbert, Mrs. B. A. 

Terrell, Georgia 

Treen, Miss Pearl 

Tyner, Lelia married to Nelson 

Vowell, Jessie O. 

Vowell, W. H. 

Vowell, Henry 

Vowell, Ervin 

Vowell, Birdie May 

Wall, Miss Angie 

Wall, Mike 

Wall, June 

Warden, Miss Ruth 

Warden, James J. 

Warden, Leon 

Weaver, Robert E. 

Weems, Mrs. Lillian 

Yates, Clinton 

Scroggin, Lucy 

Criggler, Wesley 



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