Adolphus School (historical), Red Banks

Airs School, Potts Camp

Atway School (historical), Holly Springs

Bainsville School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Baptist Female Seminary (historical), Chulahoma

Bennie School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Bethlehem Academy (est. 1869), Salem Ave, Holly Springs (see St. Thomas Hall)

Bethlehem School, The school was on the west side of Hwy 349S at Macedonia Road and faced Highway 349.
Some of the teachers were Dot Marrett and Lurline Bellew Shaw. Some students: Warrene and Lurline Cook, Doris Whaley, Robert, Mary and Margaret Alvis, Hugh, Rhetta Mae and Geraldine Alvis.
[Information by Fred Whaley and Sylvia Akin]

Beverly Chapel School, Waterford

Byhalia Schools, Byhalia NW

Byhalia Institute (historical), Byhalia

Calvin Chapel School, Waterford

Cathey School (historical), Byhalia

Chalmers Institute for Boys Chulahoma Ave, Holly Springs, built in 1837, it is the oldest university building in the State of Mississippi as well as the second oldest school building in the State. (see also University of Holly Springs, 1850-1879, closed because of the yellow fever epidemic, the building is still standing) Chalmers Institute was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, building #82003107, 20 acres, 1 building. [It Happened Here, True Stories of Holly Springs, by Olga Reed Pruitt, 1950; The South Reporter, Mar 16, 2000]

Chickasaw School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Clayton School (historical), Potts Camp
Mrs. Hubert (Ruth) Clayton taught at this school. [Courtesy of Memories of Potts Camp on the Old Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Concord School (historical), Slayden

Cooperwood School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Cornersville School, Cornersville

Eason School (historical), Byhalia NW

Finely School (historical), Holly Springs

Franklin Female College (historical, 1849-1898, burned 1904), Holly Springs; founded 1849 by Rev. Stephen G. Starks. [It Happened Here by Olga Reed Pruitt]

Graduates of 1851:

The following named young ladies received the dipolomas of the College, entitling them to the Degree of "Mistress of English Literature."

Elizabeth P. Jones, Marshall Co Miss.; Sarah E. Jarrett, Marshall Co Miss.; Mary P. Armstead, Marshall Co Miss.; Martha J. Yarbrough, Marshall Co Miss.; Mary J. Yancey, Holly Springs, Miss.; Mary R. Odom, De Soto Co Miss.; Sarah B. Tucker, Panola Co Miss.; Caroline A. Wallace, Panola Co. Miss.; Annie W. Owen, Memphis, Ten.; Rebecca J. Curtis, Memphis, Ten.; Margaret E. White, Shelby Co. Ten.; Pamelice A. Baker, Shelby Co Ten.
[The Palladium, Aug 15, 1851]

Galena School, Marianna

Gaters School (historical), Slayden

Grays School (historical), Holly Springs

Gurley's School (historical), Potts Camp
It was built by Mr. Gurley for the children of the workers on his farm. Many of the teachers rode horses and children who lived nearby walked to school. [Memories of Potts Camp on the Old Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Halliburton School (historical), Byhalia NW

Hamilton School, Malone

Hearn Grove School (historical), Byhalia

Henry School, Byhalia

Hilbert School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Hogg School (historical), on what is now Cook Circle near Potts Creek, Potts Camp
Mrs. Ethyl Boren Simmons and Sol Potts were students at this school when it was open.
[Information provided by Fred Whaley, Sylvia Akin, Mrs. Dale Potts Hollingsworth, and Mrs. Ethyl Simmons, Jan 23, 2006]

Holly Springs Female Institute, Holly Springs - historical, first educational institution in Holly Springs, 1836 - until the beginning of the Civil War. It was burned after the yellow fever epidemic because the officials thought it was contaminated. [It Happened Here, by Olga Reed Pruitt; The South Reporter, May 27, 2004]

[The Republican, Aug 4, 1838]

Senior Class Graduates of Holly Springs Female Institute, July 15, 1851:

Mary E. Barton, Ann E. Arthur, Mal M. Burton, Mary H. Caruthers, Eliza Hartwell, Henrietta Lucas, Mary Matthews, Caroline Gilliland, Mary R. McCarroll, Lizzie M. McEwen, Martha A. Matthews

[The Palladium, Jul 25, 1851]

Holly Springs High School, Holly Springs

1930 Holly High Tigers

1948 Holly Springs First Grade Photo

1952 Holly Leaves Annual

1953 The Tiger Annual

1956 Senior Class

Holly Springs Literary Institute later called University of Holly Springs (historical, 1839 until the Civil War)

Holly Springs Primary School, Holly Springs

Holly Springs Vocational Technical School, Holly Springs

Humphrey School (historical), Red Banks

Hurdle School (historical), Slayden

Indian Springs School (historical), Lebanon & Bethlehem Roads, Potts Camp

Class Photo, ca 1937-38

Irons School (historical), Byhalia NW

Isom School (historical), Slayden

Issac Chapel School (historical), Byhalia

Jones School (historical), Marianna

Kate Tucker Institute (historical), Byhalia
[Picture courtesy of Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1891. Submitted by Cheryl Berthelsen.]

Kilpatrick School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Knocks School (historical), Slayden

Laws Hill School (historical), Laws Hill

Lee School (historical), Red Banks

Lonoke School (historical), Potts Camp

Mann's School (historical), Potts Camp
Mrs. Frank Clayton attended MANN's School. Some of the teachers were Miss Josie Shoffner, her two sisters, Susie Nutt and Rosie Autry, Mrs. Bertha Stone, Mrs. Jack Bowen, Mrs. Henry Hudspeth and I. H. Stone.
[Memories of Potts Camp on the Old Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Marshall County Agricultural High School, Slayden
(aka Slayden Agricultural High School)

Photo of Agriculture HS Dormitory
Courtesy of Clare Herrick, Lowndes and Oktibbeha Counties Coordinator - This photo postcard was found in Clare's grandmother's diary that she kept between 1913-18.

Marshall Institute, Mt. Pleasant

Maury Institute, opened 1882, later known as Mississippi Synodical College, Holly Springs (historical)

Mary Reid School, Potts Camp

McCarley School (historical), Marianna

McComb School (historical), Red Banks

McIntyre School (historical)

McKenney School, Waterford

Miller's Institute, Holly Springs

Mississippi Industrial College, Holly Springs

Mississippi Synodical College (historical), Holly Springs

Morgan School, Bethlehem - Was located on the south side of Brownlee Road about 1/10 mile east of Boatner Road.
Some teachers were Evelyn Gurley Whaley and Vida Mae Stone Whaley. Fred Whaley attended this one room school and recalls that there were about 35 or more students from first thru eighth grade. Some students were: George Brownlee, Ruth Carter - all the Carter children - the Luther children, Hancock children, Betts children, Swinford children, Work children, Jennie Mae Ash, Lula Ash and Agnes Ash.
[Information by Fred Whaley]

Mrs. Paul Whaley enjoyed teaching in Overton and Morgan Schools. The teacher and pupils carried water from an overflow well at one school and a spring at the other. The parents of the pupils furnished wood for the heater and they were very comfortable.
[Memories of Potts Camp on the Old Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Mount Comfort School (historical), Laws Hill

Mount Marie School (historical), Marianna

New Harmony Baptist School, Holly Springs

New Hope School (historical), Red Banks

New Shannon School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Normal School (one of first schools in Holly Springs for African Americans organized Nov. 15, 1870) (historical)

Oak Hill School, Malone

Old Waterford School (historical), the building was still standing when this photo was taken, however, it was not in use; Waterford

Overton School, Bethlehem - Was located on Overton School Road just off Hwy. 349.
Some teachers were: Addie Cox Hollida, Vida Mae Stone Whaley, Agnes Work and Mrs. Frank Bennett.
[Information by Fred Whaley]

Mrs. Paul Whaley enjoyed teaching in Overton and Morgan Schools. The teacher and pupils carried water from an overflow well at one school and a spring at the other. The parents of the pupils furnished wood for the heater and they were very comfortable.
[Memories of Potts Camp on the Old Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Pegues School, Waterford

Pleasant Grove School (historical), Red Banks

Potts Camp School, Potts Camp

1952 Eighth Grade Graduating Class

ca 1954-55 "Tom Thumb Wedding"
held at Potts Camp School, courtesy of Peggy Kimery Mitchell (the flower girl in the middle)

Potts Camp High School, Potts Camp

Catalogue of Potts Camp High School 1913-1914

1930 Girl's Basketball Team

1932-33 Football Team

ca 1935 Girl's FHA Club

1937 Photo

1938-40? Glee Club

ca 1947 Class

1947 Class at Dinner at Peabody Hotel

1950 Senior Class Photo

Ragford School (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Rocks School (historical), Slayden

Rust College, Holly Springs

Sand Flats Junior High School, Slayden

Shiloh Hill School (historical), Marianna

Sims High School, Holly Springs

Slayden School (historical), Slayden

St. Joseph's School, Holly Springs

St. Mary's School, Holly Springs

St. Thomas Hall, was located on Salem Ave; it was first known as Pointer Hall (home of the Pointer family), then Bethlehem Academy, and then it became St. Thomas Hall when it was sold in 1890. (historical, burned New Year's Day, 1899), Holly Springs. [The South Reporter, Apr 22, 2004]

Stone School (historical), Potts Camp
Irene Stone was one of the teachers of this school. [Memories of Potts Camp on the Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Strawberry School (historical), Holly Springs

Sunnyside School (historical), Byhalia

Sylvestria Academy (historical), Hudsonville

Thompson Consolidated School, Red Banks

Tunstall School (historical), Red Banks

Union Valley School (historical), Marianna

University of Holly Springs (historical, built 1838 - closed 1843; opened as the Chalmers Institute in 1850 until closing in 1879 due to yellow fever epidemic; opened 1879 by Major T. S. Anderson as the Holly Springs Normal Institute; source: It Happened Here by Olga Reed Pruitt), Holly Springs

Vinsons Chapel School (historical), Red Banks

Waites School (historical), Potts Camp
Mrs. Addie [Cox] Hollida and her sister, Mrs. Sara Mathews of Red Banks, attended Waites School. First under Miss Madge Boatner and later Misses Susie and Nettie Henderson. Mrs. Link [Alvis] Morgan and Rhetta Lou Alvis Cooper were also teachers at Waites. Years later Mrs. Hollida and Mrs. Mathews became teachers in one teacher schools
[Memories of Potts Camp on the Old Pontotoc Trail, by Dale Potts Hollingsworth]

Walker School, Malone

Waterford School, Waterford

1927 Class Photo of the one room school before classes were moved. [The South Reporter, date unk; submitted by Sylvia Akin, whose great aunt, Mrs. Link Alvis (Mrs. Jesse) Morgan was the teacher.]

Wilkins School (historical), Marianna

Woods Academy (historical, burned 1855), Potts Camp (see PC History)

Yarbrough School (historical), Marianna

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