Brass Ring School

Located three and one half miles east of Arkabutla

From WPA Records

Brass Ring School was located three and one half miles east of Arkabutla in 1874.

It was a one room structure typical of those days, with a small stove for heating purposes.

This school was first taught by Rev. W. W. Hailey for a long time both summer and winter.

There was a huge spring under the hill that furnished the school with plenty of water. Two boys at a time would get permission from the teacher to go for a bucket of water and when they returned most every child in the shcool had to rush up and get a drink.

Some of the teachers were: Mrs. Truman; Mrs. Lou Jones; and W. W. May.

The people moved about so much then that about forty-eitht years ago (prior to 1936) the school was discontinued as there was not enough children for a school.

Mrs. W. W. May, who was then Virginia Overcash stated: "I went to this school when I was a child and Jim Kerr, who also attended this school, was quite attentive to me as children will be in their sweetheart days, and he waited for me each morning at the gate to catch my hand and walk to school with me and he would add an extra boiled egg to his lunch each day for me".

Some other pupils were: Bill Bynum; Whitt and Mary Kirk; Eddie Wellons; Mattie Jones; and W. W. May who also taught there one part of a term. Mr. May said that "my uncle wanted me to finish a term for him and when we took it up with the trustees, they thought the idea of a seventeen year old boy teaching was bad, but finally agreed if I could stand the examination. My uncle brought me over town and I made the best examination of anybody there. Then I kept books later and there wasn't a better bookkeeper in the county."

(Source of information Mr. & Mrs. W. W. May)

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