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"Information contained in Tate County Schools of Yesteryear, appearing on these pages, was gathered by WPA Workers during the late 1930s. Rebecca Haas Smith obtained the information from the microfilm available at the Senatobia Public Library."


 Aiken School, 1 mi. E of Wyatte, (defunct)                              

 Allen’s School, in operation in 1874, (defunct)

Annie’s Chapel School, in operation in 1874, (defunct)

Antioch School, (Black), in operation in 1875, (defunct)

Antioch School, (White) abt. 3 mi. N of Hickory Grove, E. of Coldwater, (defunct)

Arkabutla Consolidated High School, Arkabutla, first consolidated high school (defunct 1957)

Arkabutla Elementary School, Arkabutla, (defunct)

Bailey School, in operation in 1889, (defunct)

Bell Grove School, (historical), Tyro

Bethel School, SE of Coldwater, (defunct)

Bett School, Bett, formerly Eaverson, (defunct)

Blackbourn College for Girls, Senatobia, (defunct)

Bobo School, (Black), Looxahoma, 9 mi. E. of Senatobia (defunct)

Bowdre Chapel School, (Black), 4 mi. E of Senatobia on Senatobia Looxahoma Road (defunct)

Bowen School, (Black), (defunct)

Bowman School, in existence by1877, (defunct)

Brass Ring School, 3 1/2 mi. E of Arkabutla, (defunct)

Brooks Chapel School, 4 1/2 mi. SW of Coldwater, (defunct)

Brownlee School, near Temperance Hall, Tate/Marshall county line, (defunct)

Buck Point School, in operation in 1877, (defunct)

Burford School, near Poagville, (defunct)

Calvery Christian School, Coldwater

Carolina School, probably south of Senatobia (defunct)

Center Hill School, 2 mi. NW of Strayhorn, (defunct)

Central Tate Elementary School, Coldwater, (defunct)

Chestnut Ridge, 5 mi. NE of Senatobia, (defunct)

Coldwater Elementary School, Coldwater, (defunct)

Coldwater High School, Coldwater, (defunct)

Cole’s School, District 4 in 1874, E of Senatobia, (defunct)

Coleman School, (Black), near Barr, (defunct)

Conger School, in operation in 1880, (defunct)

Crawford School, Coldwater

Crockett School, 16 mi. W of Senatobia, (defunct)

Crossroads School, (Black), abt 2 mi. N of Looxahoma, (defunct)

Cruick Shank School, 2 mi. N of Sarah on Brownsferry Road, (defunct)

Cypress Corner School, near Tate/Panola County line, (defunct)

Dailey’s School, in District 4 in 1874, (defunct)

Daniel’s Chapel School, (Black), in operation in 1876, (defunct)

Dick Love’s School, District 5 in 1874, (defunct)

Dowdy School, (Black), 4 mi. NE of Senatobia, (defunct)

Driver School, near Coldwater in operation 1889, (defunct)

East Antioch School, (Black), 5 mi. E of Senatobia, (defunct)

East Tate Elementary School, Independence

Eaverson School, Bett, (defunct)

Ebenezer School, 3 1/2 mi. NW of Senatobia, (defunct)

Edwards Chapel School, (Black), E of Coldwater in District 3 in 1874, (defunct)

Elam School, District 1 in 1874, (defunct)

Ellis Chapel School, Wyatte, (defunct)

Ellis School, in operation 1880, (defunct)

Enon School, (Black), in operation 1874 in District 1, (defunct)

Enon School, (Black), near Salem, (defunct)

Evansville School, 1/2 mi. E of Savage, (defunct)

Evingston School, in operation in 1877, (defunct)

Flag Lake School, 4 mi. W of Strayhorn in District 1, (defunct)

Flat Woods School, 3 or 4 mi. NE of Coldwater on Palestine Road, (defunct)

Floyd School, (Black) near Straynorn, (defunct)

Forest Grove School, Tate/Marshall county line 1878, (defunct)

Fredonia School, (Black), SW of Independence, (defunct)

Fredonia School, in operation 1880, (defunct)

Gillespie School, District 5 in 1874, (defunct)

Gordon School, S of Looxahoma, (defunct)

Graham School, 3 mi. N of Independence, (defunct)

Gravel Springs School, District 4 in 1874, (defunct)

Greenleaf Consolidated School, Greenleaf, (defunct)

Griffin’s School, District 2 in 1877, (defunct)

Hall School, (Black), in operation 1877, (defunct)

Ham/Hamm School, 3 mi NE of Crockett, (defunct)

Hammond School, (Black), 4 mi. W of Coldwater

Hancock School, 1878, (defunct)

Harmony School, 5 mi. W of Strayhorn

Harris Chapel School, (Black), county line 1874 District 5, (defunct)

Hassell School, 1895, (defunct)

Hebron School, 1874 S of Wakefield, (defunct)

Hickory Grove School, SE of Coldwater, (defunct)

Hill’s Chapel School, (Black), N of Senatobia, (defunct)

Hillcrest Academy, Thyatira, (defunct)

Holly/Harris School, (Black), 1877, (defunct)

Hopewell School, (Black), 10 mi. N of Thyatira, (defunct)

House Chapel School, 4 mi. N of Barr, (defunct)

Hunter School, 1 mi. S of Wyatte, formerly Aiken School, (defunct)

Hunters Chapel School, W of Senatobia, (defunct)

Independence School, south of Independence

Independence High School, Independence

Independence School No. 2, (Black), (defunct)

Independence School No. 3, (Black), (defunct)

Independent School, (Black), abt 3 mi. SE of Thyatira, in operation in 1886, (defunct)

Ingram School, (Black) 3 1/2 mi. NE of Independence, (defunct)

Johnsons Chapel School, Looxahoma

Lake View School, Tate/Lafayette county line, (defunct)

Lambert School, Tate/Panola county line, (defunct)

Lee School, (Black), Wakefield, (defunct)

Lee School, Wakefield, (defunct)

Lesure’s Grove School, (Black), 5 mi. E of Coldwater, (defunct)

Lewers Chapel School, (Black), 2 mi. E of Looxahoma, (defunct)

Liberty Church School, (Black), 1873 in District 3, (defunct)

Liberty Hill School, 1874 near Arkabutla, (defunct)

Liverpool School, around 1916, (defunct)

Longtown School, (White in 1873) (Black in 1876), (defunct)

Looxahoma School, Looxahoma, (defunct)

Luckett School, near Singleton Springs, (defunct)

Macedonia School, (Black), Senatobia, (defunct)

Magnolia Heights Academy, Senatobia

Manahan School, 1880 listed on the Tate/Panola County line, (defunct)

Manahan School, Tate/Panola county line, (defunct)

Matts Chapel School, (Black), 1874 in District 5, (defunct)

McCain School, 1876, (defunct)

McFadden School, District 2, (defunct)

McGraw School, 3 mi. W of Antioch, (defunct)

Meriweather School, 1873 in beat 4, (defunct)

Miami School, 1880 on Tate/Panola county line, (defunct)

Mid South Christian College, abt. 10 mi. W of Senatobia, (moved to Memphis, TN)

Midway School, 1 1/2 mi. N of Woolfolk (Newtown), (defunct)

Moore’s School, near Mt Manna Baptist church, NE of Coldwater, (defunct)

Mount Allen School, (Black), in operation in 1876, (defunct)

Mount Moriah School, (Black) 7 mi. E of Coldwater, (defunct)

Mount Paren School, in operation in 1880, (defunct)

Mount Patient School, (Black), in District 5, Independence area, (defunct)

Mount Pleasant School, (Black), (defunct)

Mount Vernon School, Looxahoma/Tyro area, (defunct)

Mullins School (historical), Wyatte

Mt. Zion School, (Black), 6 mi. W of Senatobia, (defunct)

Nelson School, in operation 1876, (defunct)

New Bethany School, (Black), in existence in 1880, (defunct)

New Bethany School, in existence 1889-1895, (defunct)

New Garden School, S of Wakefield, (defunct)

New Garden School, (Black) in operation 1890, (defunct)

New Hope School, in existence 1858, (defunct)

New Salem School, (Black), (defunct)

Northwest Academy, Arkabutla, (defunct)

Northwest Community College, Senatobia

Oak Hill School (historical), Arkabutla East

Oak Grove School, 1874 in District 2, (defunct)

Oakland School, in existence in 1890-91, (defunct)

Palestine School, Palestine, abt. 7 mi. NE of Coldwater on Palestine Road, (defunct)

Paradise School, (Black), abt 2 1/2 mi. SW of Senatobia 1884, (defunct)

Pate White School, (Black), 1876, (defunct)

Perry School, 1876 in District 5, (defunct)

Phillips School (historical), Wyatte

Pilgrim’s Rest School, (Black), E of Looxahoma, in operation in 1890, (defunct)

Piney Grove School, 1878 Tate/Panola county line, (defunct)

Poagville School, Poagville, (defunct)

Poplar School, in existence in 1889-90, (defunct)

Powell School, (defunct)

Powers School, (Black), Wakefield, formerly Lee School, (defunct)

Prichard School, 1879, (defunct)

Rising Star School, also known as Bobo, (defunct)

Rock Hill School No 2, near Tyro, (defunct)

Rock Hill School, est. 1902 on Memphis-Oxford Road abt 1 mi. S of Desoto County line, (defunct)

Rockhill School, (Black), in operation in 1876, (defunct)

Rosewall School, Senatobia

Rowland Grove School, 1876, (defunct)

Rush School, (Black), SW of Tyro, (defunct)

Salem School, 1878-1890, (defunct)

Saint Josephs School (historical), Wyatte

Sanders Chapel School, (Black), 14 mi. SW of Senatobia, (defunct)

Sarah School, Sarah, (defunct)

Scotland School, abt. 6 mi. from Coldwater on Coldwater/Scotland Road, (defunct)

Scott’s School, (Black), 1876, (defunct)

Senatobia School, Senatobia

Senatobia City High School, Senatobia

Senatobia Elementary School, Senatobia

Senatobia Middle School, Senatobia

Shady Grove School, (Black) abt. 2 mi. SE of Senatobia in District 2, Beat 2, (defunct)

Shand’s School, 1876, (defunct)

Sharpe School, (Black), 3 1/2 mi NW of Wyatte, (defunct)

Shepherd School, (defunct)

Singleton Springs School, (defunct)

Sloan’s School, a county line school in 1900, (defunct)

Spout Springs School, 1 mi. W of Marshall county line, (defunct)

Spring Hill School, (Black), 1 mi. S of Strayhorn, (defunct)

Springfield School, (Black), E of Senatobia, (defunct)

St. Andrews School, (Black), 4 mi. W of Arkabutla (defunct)

St. Paul School, abt 1/4 mi. N of Senatobia, (defunct)

St. Peters School, (Black), 4 mi. SW of Crockett, (defunct)

Stone Wall School, (defunct)

Strayhorn Elementary School, Strayhorn

Studdard School, (Black), (defunct)

Sullivan School, 3 mi. S of Arkabutla, (defunct)

Sweeten School, (Black), (defunct)

Tate County Agricultural High School, Senatobia, (moved to Coldwater in 1952?)

Taylorsville School, (defunct)

Temperance Hall School, abt 2 mi. NE of Looxahoma, (defunct)

Thompson School, (Black), (defunct)

Thyatira High School, Thyatira, (defunct)

Thyatira School, one forth mile north of Thyatira, (defunct)

Thyatira School, (Black) in existence in 1878, (defunct)

Truslow School, abt. 1 mi. N of the Truslow Methodist Church at Goode, (defunct)

Tyro School, Tyro, (defunct)

Union Academy, abt. 1 and 1/4 mi. SE of Thyatira, (defunct)

Union School, in existence by 1878, (defunct)

Wade’s Mill School, 1879, (defunct)

Wakefield Grammar School, abt 3 mi. from Independence, (defunct)

Wall Hill School, Tate/Marshall county line, (defunct)

Warrior School, (Black), Thyatira, (defunct)

West Antioch School, (Black), est. 1876 still operating in 1936, 6 mi. W of Senatobia, (defunct)

West Senatobia School, Senatobia, (defunct)

West Tate Elementary School, (Black), E of Arkabutla between Arkabutla & Coldwater, (defunct)

White School, (Black) 1 mi. S of Strayhorn, (defunct)

White Warrior School, abt 3 1/2 mi. NE of Thyatira, (defunct)

Whitsel School, (Black), (defunct)

Wilderness School, District 1, Beat 2, (defunct)

Williams School, near Arkabutla 1874, (defunct)

Wiseman School, 1874 District 3, Beat 1, (defunct)

Woolfolk School, Newtown, abt. 3 mi. E of Senatobia, (defunct)

Wyatte School, Wyatte, (defunct)

Zion Hill School, Senatobia, (defunct)


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