Brooks Chapel School

Located four and 1/2 miles southwest of Coldwater

From WPA Records

Brooks Chapel was another one room, small frame building established about the year of 1888. It was located four and 1/2 miles southwest of Coldwater.

There was an iron stove in each end of the room to heat the building in the winter. These stoves burned wood that was frunished by the patrons. It was customary, or an agreement, for parents to furnish a load of wood for each child that he had attending school.

The school was equipped with very nice hand made seats large enough for two pupils to each seat.

J. A. Moore gave the lot for the school with the understanding that the lot came back to him if the school ever moved.

Teachers were: Ira G. Allen, Mrs. Willie Bailey, Lily Coleman, Willie Saunders, Callie Boyd, Bob McCain, and Lorena Barris, who later married a Presbyterian Minister and they went across the waters as missionaries.

There were about fifty-five pupils, some of who were: Rufus, Alex, and Walker Hall; Will, Eliza, and Alice Smith; Bob and Jim Moore; Will and Tom Veazey; Susie and Mary Haynes; Jim Gann; Alice, Edd, and Tom Meek; Robert E. Embry (Embrey); Sidney and Mary Wilson.

So many of the white people moved from this community that the school was moved about two miles east of the first location, and about thirteen years ago, (about 1923) it was consolidated with Coldwater High School.

(Source of information Mr. Robert Embry (Embrey) )

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