Brownlee School

Located about two miles north-east of Temperance Hall School

Brownlee School was located near a very old "grave yard" which is about two miles north-east of another little school which was called Temperance Hall. In those days it was customary to build schools two miles apart in order that all the children could have access to an education which schools of that day afforded. The land on which the school was built was donated by Mr. Fayette Brownlee.

Some of the teachers who taught there in the early years of its existence were as follows: Liza Haley, Mrs. Matt Lyon, Miss Darcus Montgomery (later Mrs. Lyles).

Some of the pupils during that time were: Jim Henry Cathey, Sallie Cathey, Will Cathey, Thomas Rastus, Matt Cathey, Anna May Cathey, Tom Brownlee, George Brownlee, Arthur Cox, Molly Cox, Henry Cox, Allie Cox, Sam Cox, Lee Cox, and a Mr. Oliphant.

Some of the patrons of that time were: Dick and Lucy Cathey, Tom Brownlee, Fayette Brownlee, Eli Oliphant, and Sam Cox.

The building was a small one room, crudely built building, with a "stick and mud" chimney which was built during the Civil War.


When this school ceased to exist in later years, the children were sent to House Chapel School at Barr. Some of the children at that time had to walk two and three miles to attend there.

(Source of information Ed Strudivant)

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