Center Hill School

Located two miles northwest of the town of Strayhorn

From WPA Records

Center Hill School was located two miles northwest of the little town of Strayhorn. It was extablished in the year of 1883 and was a one room, log building about 20 X 30 feet, made of hewed poplar logs three feet in diameter. Timber was donated by citizens and they met and constructed the building. The land for the school was deeded by Captain Tom Leonard. The seats were split logs placed on pegs. The building had two windows, one of which was glass and the other was shuttered to be used for fresh air and light on suitable days. The room was heated with a fireplace with a stick and dirt chimney.

The first teacher was Mr. Ira G Allen who taught there three years. The school was later taught by the following:

Mr. F. C. Pace one year
Mr. S. T. Clayton four years
Mr. C. G. Jones two years
Mr. F. M. Bizzell three years.

Other teachers were Miss. Ora Bizzell, Miss. Sharp, Miss. Winnie Clayton, Miss. Belle Clayton, Miss Lena Miller, Mrs. Locket Pack, and others.

Some of the pupils were: Rev. J. H. Holder, who was a pastor of Cleveland Methodist Church in 1936; Dr. T. E. Presley, owner and operator of a hospital in New Mexico in 1936; Sam Presley; the Carlisle children; Tom, J. R. and Solomon Morris; Rigsbey girl; Ben and Fuller Harding, who later became Supervisor of Tate County.

In the year of 1918 Center Hill School was consolidated with the Strayhorn School and the children were trucked into Strayhorn.

(Source of information Ira G. Allen)

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Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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