Chesnut Ridge School

Located on W. B. Hall's place five miles northeast of Senatobia

From WPA Records

Chesnut Ridge School was a small school located on W. B. Hall's place which is five miles northeast of Senatobia.

One of the most outstanding early teachers who taught there in the early existance of the school was Mr. Frank Dean who later became a very prominant lawyer in Senatobia.

The permanent partons were the Meachams, Halls, McMaster, McCalls, Banks, and Thorntons. These families sent their children to this school as long as it was in existance.

The building was a small one room frame building made of rough lumber which was poorly equipped in comparrison to the modern schools we have today (1936).

Reading, writing, arithmetic, history, georgaphy, and spelling were the subjects which were chiefly taught.

There were several students who attended this wschool who later became outstanding citizens. One of the Banks boys became adoctor and built a sanatarium in Ashville, N. C. Clay Meacham furthered his education and became an outstanding merchant and business man in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. He also served as the mayor of that city for a number of years.

The school was consolidated with Poagville about the year 1917. It's service to the community in which it was so long a small school, was greatly needed and helpful. It not only taught the text books they had then but all the attendants were taught the importance of good citizenship.

(Source Mr. Frank Dean)

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