Cruick Shank School

Located two miles north of Sarah on a big hill

From WPA Records

Cruick Shank School was located two miles north of Sarah on a big hill. The Children from the Sarah Community had such a long distance to go to school to Trusselo (Truslow) it was divided and half sent to the school organized at Cruick Shank in 1895. The land was donated by Mr. Henry Moody to be used as long as there was a school on it.

The first teacher was Miss. Pauline Puryear. The other teachers were: Miss. Waldrop, Mrs. Lockett Pack, Miss Graham, Miss. Bertha Henshaw, and Miss Lea Lewers.

The families who sent children to school here were: Lights, Fraziers, Scoggins, Coxes, Frances, Kings Garrets, Hollomans, and Jones. There were ninety pupils enrolled in 1896. In 1901 the railroad was put through Sarah and the school house was moved a mile south.

The first building was made of logs and was a typical one of that time.

(Source of information Mrs. Locket Pack)

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