Cypress Corner School

Located near the Tate and Panola County line

From WPA Records


Cypress Corner School was a little box house built in the weeds near the Tate and Panola County line. The first school was in 1891 with Miss. Fanny Alexander as the teacher. She boarded three miles from the school house but never missed a day. Some of the first pupils were: Alice Mabry, Willie McGaha, John Lawsen, Ida Turney, Ollie and Kiris Mabry, Getts Allen, Lonnie White, and Ruth Allen.

One doctor and one preacher received their education at this little school. They were: Dr. Getts Allen, and Rev. Robert Wells.

This school was used until a few yers ago (before 1936). The children were transferred to the Longtown School in Panola County.

(Source of informatin Mrs. I. M. Gann and S. B. Gann)


Updated February 29, 2012


Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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