Flat Woods School

Located about three or four miles northeast of Coldwater

From WPA Records

Flat Woods School was located about three or four miles northeast of Coldwater. It was organized or founded by Dr. W. N. McCain to accomodate the children who lived too far to conviently attend Coldwater or Palestine School. It was located between the two schools.

The building was a small one room building made of rough lumber. The seats were split logs with pegs in each end and without backs. The windows were made of wood and then let down and propped, served as a writing table for the children.

The type of work done mostly included reading, writing, spelling, and arithmetic. But in those days, the teacher taught the books the pupils brought with them to shcool. They didn't have a standard course of study.

This school lasted for just a short time, about five years. It was then consolidated with Coldwater and Palestine, the children attended schools which were nearer them.

(Source of information Frank Dean)

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