Gordon School

Located Near Looxahoma

Gordon School was located in the southern part of Tate County near Looxahoma. It was a small crudely built one room structure. The seats were made of rough lumber without backs and were very uncomfortable.

This school was maintained by subscription from each parent.

The people who were the most interested in the progress of the school were: The Gordons, Murphys, Lewers, Lyles, Loves, Sturdivants, Walkers. All these families sent children to school there and contributed to the school fund.

This was a fine old school which turned out people who developed into teachers, preachers, lawyers, doctors, and homemakers.

The subjects which were taught here were thorough. The school has been extinct now for many years. It was consolidated with Looxahoma.

(Source of information Mrs. C. S. Pack)

Updated March 8, 2012


Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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