Hamm School

Located three miles northeast of Crockett

From WPA Records

Hamm School was erected about three miles north-east of Crockett in 1880. It was organized by the parents of the community.

The first teacher was Mr. Edward Bucy. Some of the students were: George, Vinnie, and Ella McGinis; Pin and Estelle Pickle; Missie Hamm; and Dora Smith

The school building was a one room log hut with a stick and dirt chimney. It was also used for a church.

Reading, writing, and arithmetic were taught and the dictionary was the last class in the afternoon. It was taught to the small children as well as the large. They stood up around the room and lesson was conducted similar to our spelling "Matches" of today (1936)

A few years later the school was moved about three miles south in what was called the "Hard-Shelles" Baptist Church.

Mr. Donald Smith was the teacher of this school. Some of the pupils were: Patty Hubbard, Hugh and Cash Caldwell, Joe Simpson, Uddie and Sally Stovall, Robert and William Smith. William and Thomas Bray, four McGee children, Missie Vine, Alice Hamm, Doxie, Mary and Lula Hackson, Dora and William Brewer.

This School was consolidated with Crockett in 1918.

(Source of information was Mrs. J. M. Powell)

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