Hickory Grove School

Located eight miles northeast of Senatobia on the Senatobia-Independence Road

From WPA Records


Hickory Grove was located eight miles northeast of Senatobia on the Senatobia-Independence Road.

It was organized by the parents of the community in 1866 (while still in Desoto County) with teachers being hired and paid by the parents.

Capt. J.M. LOVE was the first and only teacher of the school during the time it was taught in the first building.

This first building was a one room log cabin with punchedon seats, windows that let down and made a table and had a chimney made of dirt and sticks.

Some of the families attending were WALLACE, POAG, McPHERSON, DEAN, GRAHAM, CRAWFORD, DeSHAZO, THORNTON and BOONE.

When the Hickory Grove Church was built, it was used for a school as well until the consolidating with Greenleaft in 1917.

The new school/church building was still standing in 1936, but the log room had been torn away in 1876.

Two outstanding people who attended school there were: Frank DEAN and Edgar CRAWFORD. Mr. Dean was a teacher, County Superintendent of Education, and was in 1936 one of Tate County's outstanding lawyers. Mr. Crawford was on of Tate County's best equipped teachers during the time he was teaching.

In the 1889-90 school year, teachers were A.B.F. CRAWFORD, J.C. McNEELY while the trustees were G.C. FARRIS, J.M. DEAN, J.U. POAG, J.H. POAG, George McPETERS, W.L. DEAN, E.E.DeSHAZO, L.J. HENDESON and J.W. CRAWFORD.

Some students over the years were Minier DEAN, Gerter McCANTS, Clyde DEAN, Nannie McPHERSON, Mary POAG, Daisy Mae HOLCOMB, Bonnie CRAWFORD, Ruth McPHERSON, Hugh HOLCOMB, Bob HARRIS, Maurice DeSHAZO, Joe CRAWFORD, Ben HARRIS, Newte DEAN, Frank EDGETON, Tom HARRIS, Welborn HARRIS, Hoyte McCANTS, Gertie McCANTS, Emma CRAWFORD, Agnes McPHERSON, Mattie CRENSHAW, Maude HARRIS, Elton HENDERSON, Lee DEAN, Lonnie WALLACE, Leonard HENDERSON, Annie Mae HARRIS, Floy McPHERSON, Lilliam POWELL, Vannie POAG, Gladys CRAWFORD, Wet GARRIS, Bartie CENTWELL, Connie SCOTT, Cleveland McPHERSON, and Marlin CHANCE.

(Source of this information was Mrs. Locket Pack)

(Some information gathered by Rebecca Haas Smith)

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Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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