House Chapel School

Located about one forth mile north of Barr

House Chapel School was located in east Tate County, about one forth mile north of the little town of Barr. The school was founded by the early settlers there who were Henderson House, Mathew Cathey, William Poag, Sam Crockett Sr., Buck Crockett, and Alfred Lea.

The teachers were paid by private subscription by the patrons of the school who were sending their children there. Some of the teachers were Riley McFerrin, James Love, John Puryear, Rosa Brown.

The building was a 40 by 30 feet box house of rough lumber and puncheon seats or benches as they were called.

They taught spelling, history, English composition. Some of the students were Billy Cathey, Tom House, W B Poag, Sam Buck Crockett, Jim Johnson, Sam Johnson, Jim Womack, and Annie Womack.

It is now extinct because of consolidation with Thyatira and Wyatte in the year of 1920.

This school as all good schools prepared the students for the different vocations of life each of his choice or talent to serve his community, county, state or nation.

(Source of information Mrs. N L Lewers)

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Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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