Independence School

Located three-fourths mile south of Independence

Independence School was located three-fourths mile south of Independence where the Baptists (church) now stands. (in 1937) It was a one room barn like structure made of rough lumber which was used for a church and school both.

Some of the older citizens who were interested in the advancement of the community and children subscribed enough money from each patron to pay the teachers.

Some of the outstanding teachers were Mr. John W. Lipsey, John T. Harry, Major Partee, and a Mr. Mottley (Motley).

The patrons who sent children were: The Sandidges, Jones, Wallaces, Hawkins, Cravens, Hancocks, McKinnons, Russworms, and McCrackins.

One especially outstanding citizen who attended school there in his early days was Dr. Russworm now (in 1937) of Helena, Ark.

This school still exists (in 1936/37) and has been consolidated with several smaller schools, thus making it one of the largest and best high schools in the county. The location was moved to the little town of Independence when it was consolidated, and still holds its original name.

(Source of information M. A. McKinnon)

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