Moore's School

Moore's School was located northeast of Coldwater on the Palestine-Coldwater Road.

From WPA Records

Some of the early teachers were: Joe Smart, Mrs. Addie Moncrief, Wade Thompson, Harvey Wallace, Morris Wells, Robert Jackson, and Cora Greer.

Some of the prominent patrons were: Polk Thompson, Mrs. L. E. Stevens, Robert Ferguson, James Busby, L.P. Bailey, Clint Drake (Droke), F. M. Embry (Embrey), H. P. Embry (Embrey), W. F. Embry (Embrey), and J. E. Hudson.

In the year 1925 Moore's, Palestine, and Rock Hill Schools were consolidated and was called Greenleaf. This was the first school in the county by that name.

All the above mentioned families had children who attended school there. Some of the most outstanding were: Will Busby who became a very prominent teacher; Milton Thompson was a lawyer and an early attendant of this school. Wade and Chester Thompson became doctors. Reed Thompson was a bookkeeper for a large firm in Memphis.

(Source of information Homer Scott)

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Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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