Mt. Vernon School

Located south east of Mr. Vernon Methodist Church

Mt. Vernon School was located in the extreme south east of Mr. Vernon Methodist Church. It was later moved about one mile north of the Tyro Road. It was in existence long before the public school system. The building was a small log building with puncheon seats made of split logs with peg legs and no backs at all. The desks were planks nailed to the side of the wall slanting toward the front. This was used for writing.

Many of the Confederate Soldiers got all the education they ever received in this school. Schools at this time were maintained by private subscription wand were called "Subscription Schools."

Among the early teachers were: Capt. James Love, and later Miss. Sally Lyon.

Those who were most interested in the school before it became a public school were: William Sturdivant Sr., Billy Meek, Thomas Jackson, Jack Atkin, Ben Walker, and Powhatan Crocket.

"The rule of three" - Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmatic" were the main subjects which were taught then. However, other subjects were taught according to the ability of the teacher and pupils.

This school is extinct today by consolidation with Tyro School.

The purpose of a school is to educate the children and develop them mentally, physically, and morally.

(Source of information Ed Sturdivant)

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