Senatobia School

Located in Senatobia

If schools are to be judged by the success of their pupils, the old frame school building of Senatobia would stand out as one of the most famous institutions of the State of Mississippi, but it is not buildings that make men and build character. It is the inspiration, that makes the successful school.

Among the early teachers of Senatobia were Captain Youngblood, Donald Smith, W. B. Roseborough, whose rule and teaching gave the inspiration for success. The first named Captain Youngblood, was assisted by his wife whose teaching possibly did more to encourage and inspire the children under her instruction than did that of her husband.

Donald Smith, who served as County Superintendent of Eduication at the same time was a teacher whose ideas and methods were in advance of his time. He was a natural teacher. His services were however of short duration as he died while a young man.

The man who did most for the early boys and girls was Prof. W. B. Roseborough, who served several years as Superintindent of the school and under him were educated the most outstanding men educated from this old building.

Among the Ministers of the Gospel turned out from this school were: Rev. William Caldwell, DD of Ft. Worth, Texas, one of the most scolarly and brilliant of the south; a great scholar and eloquent preacher, Rev. Walter Caldwell, DD of Nashville, Tenn. Rev. W. W. Wollard, and able preacher of the NOrth Miss. Conference; Rev. Alva Wilderson, DD of the Baptist Church and also a college professor of Baptist College, Hattisburg, is an outstanding preacher and teacher; Rev. Clyde Johnson is in Florida.

In law, A. W. Shands of Cleveland, Miss. was regarded as one of the most able in the state. Elbert Johnson of Indionola was as able and conscientious lawyer. Harper Johnson, Senatobia, Miss. town clerk, ex-mayor, and prominent citizen. W. J. McKay, Vicksburg, Miss. is a leading attorney of that city.

Among Physicians; H. R. Shands of Jackson, Miss. is a leader in his profession, Dr. J. A. Williams of Senatobia, Miss. and T. C. Wynne of Holly Springs, Miss.

In the business world, Dr. P. H. Sanders of New York is one of the outst6anding financiers of the United States. His ability as a financier is recognized by bankers and public officials over the entire nation including the President of the United States. Ira D. Oglesby of Fort Smith, Ark., who is dead, was interested in public utility corporations. W. G. Cocke, President of Senatobia Bank, Claude vEazey, successful merchant, Ellis woolfolk, merchant, planter, and State Senator, Tunica, Miss., Ernest Woolfolk, merchant, planter, and ex-sheriff of Tunica County.

In the teaching profession, P. H. Sanders, served as professor of Greek for a number of years before entering business. H. A. Shands was professor of English for a time in Georgetown, Texas.

(Source of information Ira G Allen)

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