Spout Springs School

Located one mile west of Marshall County line

From WPA Records

In the eastern part of Tate County, one mile west of Marshall County line, Spout Springs School was organized by Walter Poag, R. Byrd, R. M. Freeman, and G. W. Hataway.

Some of the people interested in and connected with the school were: The Byrds, Freemans, Eoffs, Caseys, and Poags.

Some of the names of teachers were: Lizzie Lewers, Annie Mitchell, Eunice Puryear, Sarah Puryear, Love Miner, Maggie Hicks, Effie Meredith, and Lou Richardson.

Pupils attending the School were: Jewell Eoff, Sadie Eoff, Homer Eoff, Irene Smith, Rufus Byrd, Massie Smith, Annie Byrd, Eva Smart, Willie Byrd, and William Casey.

A simple description ot the building may be given as a one room log house.

The type work done would be considered rather old fashioned when compared to methods used in present day (1936) schools.

The school does not exist at the present time (1936).

(Source of information Miss. Maggie Hicks)

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Tate County Coordinators: Syble Embrey & Marie Carlton

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