Thyatira School

Located about one forth mile north of Thyatira

Thyatira School was located about one forth mile north of the little village of Thyatira. It was built before the Civil War and was in existence for many years afterward.

It originated and was organized by the following citizens who were most interested in further knowledge and development of the community: Bob Locke, Alec Cathey, Tom Cathey, Alfred Lea, Frank Locke, Andy Clark, Milton Johnson, who were patrons of the school at that time. The above list of people were the main contributors to the school fund.

The building was originally a crude structure of a story and a half high. This was a two or three teacher school and during the teaching period they occupied a part of the building for their home.

Students who desired to go to this school, who were not living in the immediate community, were privileged to board in homes in the community and attend.

Some of the pupils were: Nannie Cathey, Ed Cathey, Molly Cathey, Janie Locke, Nellie Locke, Matt Locke, Lucas Johnson, Fayette Johnson, Jim Lea, John Lea, Adelia Lea, Sarah Lea, Liza Lea, and Goodman Clark.

Common subjects as reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling, etc. were taught. This school was later consolidated with several surrounding smaller schools and its location change nearer its center.

(Source of information Mrs. N L Lewers)

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