Truslow School

Located one mile north of the present (1936) Truslow Methodist Church

From WPA Records

Truslow School was first established about one mile north of the present (1936) Truslow Methodist Church. Information about teachers and pupils of this time is unavailable.

The Methodist Church was built in 1870. The school was taught in this building.

Mr. Woolfolk was the first teacher of this school. Other teachers were Mr. Ben Jako, Miss. Cappy Sanders, Mr. Banks Meacham, Mr. Wallace, Miss Manny Love, Mrs. Lockett Lewers, Miss Alice Irby, Miss. Patty Lewers, and Mr. Joe Moore.

Some of the pupils were: Jones, Diffee, Floyds, Whitsell, Frasiers, Scoggins, Kings, Hollomans, Garrotts, Lights, Coxes, and Frances.

The trustees were: Mr. Major Jones, Floy and Wyley Whitsell.

The first school building was a one roon log hut. The second was a frame building about one mile south of the first.

It was consolidated with Sarah in 1918.

(Source of information Mrs. Lockett Pack).

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