Woolfolk School

Located about two or three miles east of Senatobia on the Looxahoma-Senatobia Road

From WPA Records

Woolfolk School was located about two or three miles east of Senatobia on the Looxahoma-Senatobia Road.

Old Professor Woolfolk, for whom the school was named, came to Mississippi from Virginia during the Civil War and settled in that community. He was an educated man and was interested in the promotion of education. So for many yuears the school was taught by Professor Woolfolk. Some of those who followed him as teachers were: Miss. Darcus Montgomery, Helen Howard, Mrs. Lockett Lewers, and Miss Annie Kytchell. Some of the ourstanding later teachers were: Miss. Roseborough and Charlie Barber.

The permanent citizens who had children who attended school there were: the Billingsleys, Diffees, Wynnes, Woolfolks, and Henshaws.

The original building still stood in 1936. It was a one room frame building made of rough lumber. It was only a one teacher school and was tsught by Mrs. Bob Harris in the years 1935 and 1936.

An outstanding citizen who received his early education there was Nicholas Billingsley who later became a Baptist Preacher.

Prof. Woolfolk's influence and teachings in the community in general was very beneficial in promoting better citizens and further knowledge..

(Source of information Mrs. Locket Pack)

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