1/2 Mr. B.F. Trayhorn & Mr. J.T. Nabors came here today & Stayed until 11 ocl at night,
 the first visit of either

1/14 Went to meeting at Hopwell.  Mr. J.T. Beck  Misses Darthula  Phredonia & Morning    were there also  Mr. Ed Rieves & Lady  Mr. RM & G.M. Bostwicks  Newt Hix  Fanie &  Hesekiah Spencer  Mys M.J.,  L.A. & N. Nooners were there

1/21 Went to meeting to Mr. Pisgah a Temperance meeting also was to have been given  there but it was to cold for anything.  I started home with N. Hicks but got no farther  than Mr. Lax were we stayed till evening then home.

 1/23 A snow fell the depth of 1-1/2 inches last night. whos stay was short. Francis Nooner  Stayed here last night & him & bro Chas whent to Lagrange today for sash for Hopewell  Church

1/26 An awful gust of snow came with a few fast clouds from N.N.West - Clear & beautiful  evening

1/27 I went to a logrolling at Uncle N. Nabor's late in the eve  I went home & stayed the  night with Mr. Nabors

1/28 A light snow fell last night   cloudy   cold   north=wind today with a few drifts of snow  now and then

1/29 Charles & Eliza started to Lipford's school  Cloudy..cold, bitter wind from N.N.West with  dashes of snow now & then - Cleared off after sunset  Silvery moonshine night

1/30 Clear & Cold.  I finished stocking a cast plow & then sharpened some new railings

1/31 Clear & cold - I went to Mr. Beck's this morning with little Orrin to see some hoggs # I  did not go in  came back & then when with Ma to see J.C. Williams in Salem

2/1 Clear & warmer;   I am repairing our garden  Uncle N. Nabors & wife spent the day  with J.C. W & brought Ma home

2/2 Clear. - frozen verry hard yet I am working on the garden yet, at Sundown we - Sallie,  Eliz,  Charlie,  Billie are going to an exhibition given at the mixed school of Mr.   Bartlett's in Salem

2/3 we went to the todo last night were they tried to get up a dance but failed   Mys  Mary M., Mys Brocks & Fannie Wheatly were there  Fannie was so Pretty Oh  Stayed   J.C. Williams

2/4 Our folks all went to Salem to hear Mr. White preach.  Smokey windy weather cold  clear day  - No body here today I went Hopwell where I seen no one except a few -   hoggs.

2/6 Two great weddings at the residence of Mr. Leak  Misses Mag & Hatchie are the brides           I am resetting the west lane fence   B,D,M,B,C were at the wedding
2/7 Warm with a light rain from the west - cleared off cold at night

2/8 I & Squire went to a gin house raising at Mr. Wall's.  Uncle Nimrod Newton Hicks,  J.T. Beck & old Mr. Beck & the Coxs were there verry heavy raising.  -  Cold clear with a  great many stars visible tonight

2/10  went again to the raising at Mr. Wall's the same persons were there that were there  before  N. Hix was verry funny with the strinata  Smoky & verry gloomy for clear  weather

2/11 Rather cold Smoky with dull mudy skies  I & all the rest of the present relatives went to  preaching at Hopewell  Misses PA & MC Becks & all the rest of the family were there  except Miss D. -  G.W. Williams & lady all the Nooners & Bostwick boys all the Spencers   Wm Berry  Wm Bunn  Joe Smokey  L. Mcdonald  J.W. Courts were at preaching  N. Hix  was there night.  J.W. Courds & G.M. Bostwick took dinner with us today - also R.M.B.  was here late in the evening  I & Sallie went late in the evenng to J.C. Williams    G.M.Bostwick accompaning us - at night at home   warm & hazey & very dark night

2/13 Started to Memphis via Lagrange

2/14    went from La. to Mem. on the cars  Stayed two nights in Memphis & left early Friday  morning for Lagrange

2/17 Stayed last night in Wolf bottom near Davis Mills arrived at home about 12 ocl today

2/18 I & Eliza went to a Temperance meeting at Nabor's church  B. Sharp was in a buggy  with a lady - gay  Mr. J.N.Dickerson  Mr. J.E. Beck & the old gentlemen was there  F.  Toombs also the three Miss Nooners & three Miss Becks were there = came home to  find Ed. Rieves & lady here

2/19 J. Craft spent the night with us last night = I went to Mr. Furmans  Mr. Adkins & took  dinner at Mr. Spencers today & then went to Salem = I am fixing to pay our tax

2/23 A verry cold rain from the N=East.  Working on the road

2/25 cloudy windy & verry cold  we all stayed at home all day today

2/26 Wind from the North with a few fast flimsy clouds.  coldest morning this year

2/28 Snow from the north 3 inches deep, this snow began to fall at 2 ocl P.M. & ceased at 6  ocl the same evening  very cold

3/3 all the Snow gone but it sleeted some little yesterday & last night day before yesterday  (March 1st)  I started to Ripley & got as for as mile  Chas Davenports were I stayed all  night then went to Ripley & Paid Tax for 1854 & Come home in Co. With A. Mcdonald  got home about half past 7 ocl at night

3/3 Mr. Sand, Nesbitt & Mrs. Sue Berry came by this morning on their way to Ripley  they  spent the night at Uncle N. Nabors last night - Quarterly meeting of the Methodist in  Salem today.  Ma & Sallie, Uncle Nabors' are going.  I sent bro Wm for  oats seed to Mrs.  Casey's (16 bush) today = We are cuting up old logs & cleaning out the orchard today -   Warm & cloudy & still today

3/4 went to preaching at Salem & at night by the older  & Rev Grover a great many there  from every direction  Beautiful day

3/5 began to sow Oats  warm & windy rather  two young preachers took dinner here today
 1 hr before sun-down Mr. Samuel Nesbitt came here from Ripley  Stayed the night with  us.

3/6 S. Nesbitt left here for home.  warm cloudy windy day

3/7 heard the first cooing of a dove & seen the first snake & killed it  very warm hasy  (cloudy rther)  Sowing oats.  with clovers & Timothy grass next to the spring.

3/8 Wrm smokey & dry

3/10 First peach bloom  cool weather.  Seen the first Lizzard  hauling manure in the orchard  & fixing the fence  A circus Show in Salem today   Charles went very few there.  beded  sweet Potatoes bed in the garden today.

3/11 was at preaching at Hopewell today not many there  Uncle Wit' was there with the  fancy carriage  warm cloudy obscure & wind from the south  some sprinkles now & then

3/12 windy cloudy warm spring morning, planated Peach seed & Cedar seed in garden &  grafted Apple trees  Marked 10 ram lambs & 12 ewes leams today went to Salem &  stayed all night  A storm at night & hail in the eveing

3/13 G.W. Williams & lady started to Texas via Lagrange, windy with a few light clouds from  NorWest, cool.  Sweet music by Burt James  Mr. Bartlett on violin & guitar last night in  Mr. B.N. Henry's store

3/16 Preaching in our old school house last night by Mr. Freeman  very dark cloudy cool night   & great many thunder clouds from the west  cloudy still  the greatest gang of wild  geese come over today going north I ever saw

3/17 went to Salem  Becks & Mathewses menacing  war but no blood shed,  cold  cloudy

3/18 went to Salem to Preaching by Rev Glover SR  not many there, took dinner at J.C. W.'s   Mr. Wall & family were there  Sallie stayed at John;s & Nancy came to see us next day  & I took her home in the evening  cold sunshiney day

3/19 cold day hard freeze & frost last night   rolling logs today

3/20 cold clody & windy from the north   hillside ditching

3/21 Cold cloudy windy bleak morning.  began to ridge-up cotton ground

3/22 Cold windy ground freezes at night & frost.  B.F. Traynham & Sis came to Uncle Nab's

3/23 frost & freeze last night  cold bleak morning,  West to comppition reading at Mr.  Lipfords school with B.F. Traynham,  Irvin & Lydia  Sallie & stayed a while at M.J.  Nooners

3/24   Finished ridging cotton ground & in the evening I went to Jas. L. Mechans to get flowers  for Mrs. Brown.  Clear cold frost & freezing at night yet

3/25 All went to Preaching at Nabor's church also a Temperance meeting at which   Mr.Osborne made his briliant defense;.  not many out.  tonight a croud at our house,  the gin seller here set up till midnight.

3/26 Ma took sick.  I finished sowing Oats & went to Salem - brought Sis Nancy out & bro  Will took her back at night  Mrs. Brown & B.F. Traynhamn started home.  cold.. cold

3/27 Plowed all day beding corn ground.  Just before I left the field at dark I heard the first  WhippoorWill.  B.F. Traynham got back with Uncle Nabor's horse that he borrowed   Clear cold & with ice yet

3/28 Cold clear windy morning breaking up corn ground in the briar field

3/29 Mr. Carson I.B. Portor & Misses Martha & Lucy Nooners were here today   Preaching at  our church tonight by A. Freeman  him & Parson White are here now  some warmer.  a  dull time & few met

3/30 cloudy & moderating  beding corn ground.  Fire in Salem lsst night  9 houses burned to  ashes  including two groceries, 1 dry good store, `1 drugstore, 2 Dr. shops, 1 Tailors  shop.  The fire originated about half-past 11 ocl at night in Williams & Redus' Grocery

3/31 warm & dry smokey  John & Nancy stayed all night with us last night

4/1 We all went to preaching at Salem  Miss-------- was there pretier than ever  Came home  to see Miss Eugenia Spencer & Miss Sallie John Ayres up to see us we passed the  evening delightfuly  They went home at sundown.  this a beautiful spring day. but  smokey

4/2 went to Goodrich's Saw Mill today for J.C. Williams also with Uncle Nabor's waggon &  John  a light rain last night   warm & sweet day

4/3 Again to Steam saw Mill for the burnt Town & in the eve hauled two sills to Salem for  the same  beautiful day

4/4 rain this morning fromWest  Showery day  A butcher came to buy sheep

4/5  Dark morning with constant rain untill noon  cloudy but some cooler  I am fixing Turnip  patch   birds are singing

4/6 rather cool damp cloudy morning making gate & hauling wood   showery

4/7 Clear.  fencing Turnip patch

4/8 Clear & Warm.  Sallie & I went to Hopewell Preaching today a good many out Wm Casey
 Robert Bostwick, Ed Rieves & wife here today for dinner.  W. Ayres went today   to see Betty

4/9 warm clear day in the evening   I began to plant corn

4/10 rather cool north-wind  Planting corn still  W.D. Bunn & B.H. Henry got the seine.

4/12 Stoped planting corn today at 4 ocl have 25 acres planted  Clear bright & rather Cool

4/13 Warm & blustrious eve    bedding corn ground & making a hillside ditch  Sis Sallie went  to Miss M.J. Nooners to spend the day.  I am going to Salem this evening  I went & Saw  Horraie Toombs & got a letter from John Terry

4/14 We all boys went with Nabor's boys fishing to Polk's mills.  caught a few   Thunder &  rain today untill noon then clear  We also came by Richmond's old mill in the eve

4/15 Sunshine & cloud mutering thunder in the distance.  worm dying Zephers   I   stayed at home today   Ma went to hear Glover at Salem   Fayette, N, was here in the  evening  A few light showers before noon.  reading today   The oaks are in full bloom &  Hickory are budding

4/16 Clear & warm the wind is sighing through the zinna leaves & blooms  Martins & young  chickens are diverting themselves with their twitering mouths -  Beding corn land &  staking young apples trees - Our wheat is refreshing to the eye & promising to the  palate, it is generaly in the boot',  Tranplanted first cabbage-plants  Fine nigth for  sitting & rolling on the growing grass after sunset  quite warm

4/17 Very warm, laying off & bedding corn ground

4/18 very warm  Sired ten pigs and planated some corn with a subsoil plow the atmosphere  looks uncommonly clear,  Venus & Moon are very close togather tonight.  bugs are thick  around me

4/19 very warm   laying of corn finished & in the eve stocked a plow, indications of rain

4/20 I went Salem this morning & got straw hats  saw H & A Toombs  saw Mrs. Redus Mrs.  Spivy at I.C.W's in the eve  Sallie Bitty & I went by M.J.N's to a declamation of Lipford's  students  Mr  Mrs & Miss Spencers &  Mrs. Adkins  Miss Nooners & Mrs Lax were there  also Mrs & Mr Osborne were there  We came home by Mr Laxs & wrote a letter to  W.L.Phifer at night  Quite cool for the season   a fire feels very comfortable

4/21 Rather cool but clear  I planted some corn before noon  Ed Rieves & wife & R.M.   Bostwick came & Sallie went with them to Mr. Osborne's Mill fishing  Charles went  Salem & Wm & George went Uncle Davenport's & I write a letter to J.S. Terry.

4/22 Dim sunshine & gentle breeze from the west, cool but joyous morning.  The notes of  the Patridge may be hear ad he is perched on some stump among the wheat heads  saying Bob-white'  The first roses bloomed the last week  We all went to Mt Pisgah   Bostwick came to dinner with us   Sallie went home with Tieves & wife & April 23  Monday come home

4/23  Planting corn   warm & dry

4/24 Fine dry day   I finished planting corn today also planted beans  Peas & water mellons &  beded up Potatoe lands finished hill-side ditches  looked at corn  nearly half of corn up  just have tolerable good stand of winter oats, wheat, earliest is heading  Powerful  grothe of leaves on all kinds of forest grothe  Uncle N.N. started to Bythania

4/25 the first yellow rose bloomed today   I went to Salem Rosa Borealis' rage there,  received a letter from J.W. Shivers & began to bed up cotton ground.   our seine was  finished

4/26 I began to plant cotton  Some have cotton worked after, Dim sunshine  some cool  breezes warm with indications of rain, birds are singing with a rich spring-melody,  bloomin beauties in the garden  Preaching at the Chapple, tonight a good many out,
 Warm, moonshine night with some clouds, Nancy Nooner here tonight   fire in the  woods north east here

4/27 Some clouds with cold north wind.  finished beding cotton land this eve warm again
 Calm night whippoorwills are hear in every hollow with their plainative notes echoing  lonely enlivened by the merry songs of Myraid Crickets, I have a verry sore eye

4/28 Cool & dry  MC & Uncle's boys went a seining to Tippah caught 52 fish  we allmost  froze

4/29  Mother's negro died last night  warm & dry.  We went to Salem preaching by F.White.   few there came home & read Harper' til night  dim sunshine

4/30  Uncle N.N from N's last night  Warm & dry windy some clouds finished planting cotton  today & began to shear sheep & replant corn

5/1 beautiful morning  clouds here & there  finished Shearing Sheep (40) geting 99 lbs of  unwashed wool & in the eve late began to plow corn

5/2 Thunder & rain from S-W, running round corn - Sweetest night ever know.  Total eclipse  of the moon last night  Uncle N.N. & Irvin went to Lagrange today.

5/3 Cool wind & clouds from the north.  Irvin's 21.  I am plowing corn today  Sallie & bud  went & spent the day at H.G. Spencer's I sent a beautiful boquet to Miss Eugenia

5/4   Cool gentle breezes from N. W. & densily cloudy  plowing corn & replanting

5/5 Cool & clear  Chas & I went to a press raising at T.C.H. Walls this morning  W.A. Berry
 W.AS. Bunn  I.M Robenson  Hixes & Cox's were there went to Salem in the evening &  heard some music by J.C. Roberson  plowing out corn - cotton just begining to come up  today

5/6 Cool nights & clear days  Ma took sick yesterday with severe chill.  We all at home  today  John & Nancy stayed with us last night & took dinner at Uncle N.N.'s today.  A  carriage & a buggy come by here today going to Preaching at Bethlehem.  Miss Eugenia  went also.  We all took a ride at sunset.  rather cloudy.  I am not well

5/7 7 ocl A.M.  Planted the first drawing of potatoes slips.  Clear cool morning indicative of
 rain.  1 ocl PM Hail storm from N.W. covered the ground in a minute or two  heavy rain  with it.  Cut-worms are doing great damage to every thing & every where.  I have corn  to plant over on their work

5/8 Cool north wind  dim sunshine very cool for the time.  Fanny quit Lydia's school   yesterday.  I am running round corn,  Ma is geting well.  Wheat is in full bloom.

5/9   Last night cold as winter.  Cool today but very little wind   Planting corn over today.  I  plowed 12 miles against  noon
5/10 Cool & clear, planting corn & beans  1 ocl P.M.  went to Jasper, Hicks for seed beans   saw N. Hicks hunting a cow, came home & went to Mr. W. Casey's just at dark.    Mc Nabors came home with Chas & stayed all night

5/11 Rather cool clear beautiful morning light breezes are gently rustling the soft green  leaves  bright golden clouds of angelic beauty are floating over the calm blue sky to  meet the rising king of day  Many birds are tuning their throats of melody for the sweet  days joy & every bush & tree top is filled with their merry music

5/11 P.M.  We all went to the theatrical acting of the scholars of Mr. Lipford's school - Misses  Mag. Scott, Eliza Ayres & Eugenia Spencer were there.Came & went over to Uncle  Nabors untill bed time.  beautifully & calm the night of my 21st birthday is sliping  away.  How like my years departing rapidly into the bright ocean of the past.  The  world will expect something of me now & Oh what will it be?  what ought it to be?  noble deeds & kind actions to all should ever be kept in sight & to make all the happy  hearts I can, by so doing, I will rob death of his sting.

5/12 Pleasant clear day.  I went to S. Simpson's to buy some lambs but did not get them  I  came by Hopewell church finding Beasley there.  Preaching by Rev. H.G. Spencer   I  went home witih N. Hicks  took & sung to him & started to night preaching at Hopewell  on the creek we saw Miss Euginia S  Eliza, A Mag, Scott   Samuel Asbury & H Spencer  fishing then preaching by H.E,  Spencer & left for home without supper  got after they  were all sound asleep

5/13 Warm, clouds & sunshine delightful day.  Chas  Sallie, Eliza & Martha & myself to  preaching at Hopewell by Rev. Aikin.  debate in church about the rules & regulations.   Came & took diner at 2 ocl. P.M. no one here.  then back to Hope at 5 ocl another  sermon by Aikin  Started home near sun set.  near the church Miss Mags & Euginia are  knocked off of their horse, not hurt.  They were taking a pleasure ride.  got home about  dark, our cousins were with us  Charles Daukins rode home with Miss Fannie Nabors  this evening.  I guess they are a match, or will be shortly

5/21 Rather cool for the season; a pleasant wind is blowing from So.East, slow high clouds  here & there from the west.  Once & while the low hollow sound of the seven year  locust may be heard.  My Last planting of corn is up, but the cutworms are eating it  down again.  1:00 P.M.  Ma & I started to Ripley & got as far as Uncle C. Davenports &  stayed wall night.  Warm sultry evening.  Democratic convention is Ripley today.  Know  nothings are producing great excitement.

5/22 Warm, bright, glowing clouds mingling in contrast with the refrilgent sunbeams.   We started to & got to Ripley 10 ocl. A.M.  Met neighbors.  Machen Spencer & family  A. McDonald, Rhodes, Wm. Ayres, Vaughn Maxwell & W. D. Beck.  Mr. Gus Berry & Sue  left today for PoÓs D. Nesbitt's Desoto City.  Paid 40 cts. for mending, earring & breast  pin  & 50 cts for horses feed.  Started home 1:30 P.M.  Rested twice & got home at dark.   Finished harowing cotton; first it has from 2 to 5 leaves on it & began to thin corn.

5/23 Very warm morning scatering clouds.  Began to plow corn the second time; mowing  with a tomgare plow & breaking out with corn shovel.  It is over knee high.  Cous  Lydia, Sallie & myself went to J.C. Williams & stayed all day, very warm; at sunset a  thunder cloud came up from north; blowed over & no rain.  Lydia & Sallie stayed all  night; I came home.  I went to Salem to have some of the negroe's appraised, but did  not, because some objected.  Great excitement over the country about know-nothing-  ism.
5/24 Very warm,, Thermometer stands 91 degrees.  I plowed corn untill near night then went  to Uncle N.N's took supper & took sis Nancy home on Polk.  Dark when I got to Salem.   came right back went in & washed at the ford of the creek when the moon was   shineing bright; got home at 8 ocl P.M.; all gone to preaching at the Chappel by Rev  White.  I can hear them as I sit at the table reading the Post.  Oh!  what a silvery  moonshine, calm night; how memory is picturing the past to me now.  One picture  dearer than all.  Yes,  she was just entering sweet-sixteen then -  she is beautiful yet,  more womanly - but I love to think of her just as she was then - I wonder does she ever  hink of those happy moments? ----- Cousin Lydia N. professed religeon tonight - Caroline  & Polly as mourners they say they had a splendid meeting.  Rev W. Freeman went to Mr  W. Casey's tonight.

5/25 Still hot! hot! & clear - Great ball, party & dedication of the masonic hall in Holly Springs  today; the ball & paty comes off tonight.  I am plowing corn today.  Some indications of  rain; finished thining my earliest corn today.  Some talk of a hatchit being stole.  One  seen rouges are about

5/26 Obsure sky; very warm.  Rev Mr. White stayed with us last night.  Plowing corn.  Wm &  George went to B. Lax last night to get home with a sheep; but they did not get it.   Mr. Lax & the Nooner boy's went a seining to Tippah & cought lots.  I plowed till night  near sunset; the clouds collected in the north; thundered, lightening & wind; blowed &  rain just north of us but none here.  It was & a mormon hot evening untill the cloud  came up then cool & breezy till dark.  Chas went Salem & brought the cradle home

5/27 Light breezes are stiring the green leaves; light fleecy clouds are floating slowly to the
 east here & there, amid the ether blue.  Blast the flys, how they pester me!  John  Williams came to see us this morning.  B.F. Traynham at Mr. L. Nabor's from Pontotoc.   We all went to Salem preaching by White.  Mathews, Bairds, Harners, Brocks were
 there; not many out.  Preaching today at Elliotts.  This evening at Nabor's.  Uncle N's &  B.F.T. went to Nabors this eve.  Dankins with Fannie, Bob Owens is verry mutch  talking on about Fannie Spencer.  A cloud with thunder & lightening but no rain here.   R.M. Bostwick stayed till bed time with us tonight.  B.F. Traynham all night & it is highly  probable he told his buisness this morn & then he started home.

5/28 Plowing oldest corn over the second time.  Clear with a few slow clouds moderatly
 warm.  Some of the best of my corn is shoulder high.

5/29 finished plowing the oldest corn the second time.  Thunder & lightening & powerful  storm; hail a few miles east of us; none here.  John began to cut wheat today.

5/30 I began to cut wheat.  It is very blown down.  2 hrs by sun a fine season from the south.   I wrote David Gordon a letter this evening.  had potatoes & cabbage plants set out this  evening.

5/31 Had the first mess beans.  Thinning & riming round corn.  Moderate weather.  I & Uncle  went over the crops.

6/1 Hired Dick from Uncle N & cut wheat with two cradle today; cut 125 doz.  Cool for  season.                                 I unterlined this in my 59th year 1893

6/2 All hands plowing & thinning our youngest corn the first time.  Chas plowed today.  last  night was cold.  I have suffered with cold today, wind & clouds from north.  Had beans  today for dinner.

6/3 Cool, clear day.  Sallie & myself are going to footwashing at Green-thorn.  Unlucky day;  the Preacher didn't come, then we went to B. Lax's but the girls were at Bethlehem &  we came home & After dinner started to prayer meeting at Mr. Nabor's church, but met  the people & we turned back to L. Nabors.  Mr. Willis & wife & Chas.  Daukins were  there; took supper at dusk & went home.

6/4 Cloudy, cool & sprinkles of rain now & then.  Plowing young corn & in the evening  plowed the peach orchard corn.  Rainbow in the eve; cold keen wind from the east;  dark high clouds from the n-west; curious eve.  I started a letter to D.M. Gordon today.   lightening & thunder at night.

6/5 Moderating, Thundering all around this morning.  A light rain got warm again.  Working  on thrasher.  John is cuting wheat.  I began to scrape; cotton has squares on it.  J.T.  Beck hunting sheep.  W.D. B. came from the know nothing speeches  pro  & con in  Ripley.

6/6 Warm & clear.  Sallie & Eliza stayed at John's last night.  I am cuting wheat today again.   Dick & Cos Irvin helping me

6/7 Cool; Rain unceasing untill 12 ocl.  Mcdaniel the sheep man stayed here last night.  He  got 13 sheep from us & left after dinner.  I & Chas have worked at the thrasher untill  dinner then planted Cabbage & Slips. this rain was a fine season.  youngest corn knee  high & oldest corn high as my head.  Cabbage headed.  Mandy had a baby last night.   Chas & Eliza at home

6/8 Clear, warm, still day; beautiful indeed.  I & Squire are cutting the valley wheat; the  rest hoened Cotton till dinner then Nan plowed out middle in young corn.

6/9   Warm clear breezy day.  Chas & I, Dick & Squire cut 148 doz & shocked them in the uper  field.  Billy went to Salem.  Nan plowed corn.  Ed Reeves & lady and Asbury Freeman  stayed here tonight.  I am very tired.

6/10 Charming morn.  Oh how softly the balmy western breeze floats in on my cheeks.   playing with the lose locks of hair.  My hands are swolen & sore from tieing wheat  yesterday.  tis a verry verry pleasent morning; sunshine & shade from a beautiful  contrast on the rich grass beneath the dense foiliage of the surrounding grothe.  What  makes them all look at the pictures in Harpers'   We went & heard Glover preach in
 Salem.  Miss Mary M Was there with a white swiss & short sleeve.  Chas went to  Hopewell.  Miss Darthula was there.  Eugenie is at Widow J. Spencer's.  Bob Daniel here  this eve.  Mr. Louis Nabors & wife also Uncle N.N. talk of helping me hoe cotton.   Rather cool.

6/11 Finished cuting wheat  Alex to Mr. Becks, made about 600 doz.  we have some flat  down  to cut yet.   Chas stayed from school and helped me to day -  Miss M.J. Nooner is  sick.  Our well has given out.  Cool nights & pleasant days.

6/12 Cool, clear, bright morn.  Finished shocking wheat & to scraping cotton.  We kept up our  hogs last night from the wheat field.  Cool north breeze from 9 ocl to 12 ocl & has been  for several days.  Sallie went to Salem for liniment for Mandy's breast.  Cous Lydia  went with her.

6/13 Moderately warm with clouds scatering.  Finished scraping cotton & began to plow it.   Also finished plowing young corn the first time.   Mrs L. Nabors & Mrs. F. Dickerson (old  lady) spent the day with Ma.  Scraping  times among the people for some thing to eat.   Barney's aground,  Miss M.J. Nooner has got well & sends for Sallie.  T.B. Toombs  has bought the horse Lewis for $125.  This is as pleasant as ever pleasant can be for  fine weather.

6/14 Hauled wheat to gin - 6 loads.  F.M. Nooner stayed with us last night.  Warmer, Clear.

6/15 Plowing cotton myself.  Squire cuting the last wheat.  John C.W. lost his large mule in  Wolf bottom last night & borrowed one of our mules to go to Lagrange, will be back  tomorrow.  We eat the first new flour today, in blackberry & Rasberry pies.  We are  keeping up our hogs from wheat field.  Light bugs & Whippoorwills beautify & enliven  these starlight nights.  Our yard is all most taken by Dog and hog weeds - fennel.
6/16 Warm & sunshing.  We thrashed ten bushels of wheat this morning & then plowing the  peach Orchard corn.  Chas & Wm finished hoeing cotton the first.  I plowed Cotton untill  3 ocl then we all went to the mill with a two bush wheat,  to bathe, got 35 lbs flour to  bush.

6/17 Warmer with a light rain.  F.M. & L. Nooner came by & stoped a while going to hear Mr.  Spencer in Salem.  I went,  few there.  they came back & took here then I went with  them to Hopewell Bible class, which I joined.  few there owing to preaching at Nabor's  church.  R.M.B. was here this eveing.  I took supper at Mr. Lax's & conversed awhile &  came home.  Ma & Uncle N.N. went to C. Davenports on their way to Ripley.

6/18 Very warm, heavy rains around & light one here.  I & Squire plowing cotton; Nan  bedding potatoe land.  Billie & the chaps thining the last young corn.  Ma got a   permission from court yesterday to devide our property.  She took dinner at Mr. A.  Berry's & saw Mr. Waler,  McElroys & the pretty girl.  Mrs. Sue Berry has got well from 3  months gone.

6/19 Warm, Heavy rain & great wind here;  blowed down all our oats & corn flat but there  was no wind at the school house.  Set out potatoes & cabbage.  Plowed cotton & corn  untill dinner.  Irvin took sick yesterday; we dont think the oats will ever rise but are  not near ripe.  Uncle N.N. speaks of seting up his corn in the small piece next to us.   Great preperation for a wedding at Miss G. Spencer's tomorrow night.  Mr. B. Wofford
 and Miss E. Ayrese the waiters are Eugenie S, Mag Scott, Ophelia Wilcox, Mary   Machen, Harriett Ayres & Miss Crafford.  Some say they are trying to marry Wm Ayres  & E. Spence.  Their parents would be so well pleased if the match could be brought  about.  He has ten negroes;  they say Will is a candidate for curcuit clerk for Tippah.   Uncle Wit Berry is going to see Miss Darthula Beck but it is useless.  He was there last  Sunday a week ago.  I got a letter from Phifer yesterday.  He speaks of scarce times  there in the  way of food & money.

6/20 Warm dull misty thick cloudy morning but every thing appears happy.  Birds of all kinds  are tuneing their voices joyly.  How wet every thing is; the weeds high & thick;   bushes thick & dark; the grand high old trees with emense dark green tops are all  loaded with silvery rain-drops.  We are expecting Mrs. M. Nesbitt & son today; what  traveling they will have mud, mud.  Fixed up a gate to the calf lot next to the valey.   Mrs. Nesbitt & son came about 3 ocl P.M.  I was hoeing the garden.  I took John. N. in  the buggy to Salem to get his harness repaired.  All the boys are fixing up for the  wedding at Mrs. Spencer's.  fine boots shining, black pants, standing collars & thin  white coats is the wedding garment.  Some are happy & some lazy.  Uncle & Aunt  stayed till bed time talking.  John N. looks unhappy; talks very lazy but a great deal, he  is an invalid.  Poor boy, he has been crossed in love I guess he is near 27 years old.   Hauled wood & heard of the first cotton bloom at W.C. Ayrs' the 18th.  I sent a letter to  cousin S.A.T. beautiful moonshine with scattering clouds.

6/21 Hot morning with watery dark clouds floating over the sky.  Started to plow cotton but  it was too wet.  John N. showed me how to "budÓ fruit trees, some thing rediculous was  done.  They left after begging us to come to see them soon.  Aunt Kizzy & Ma went as  far as John with them.  I began to lay by' corn but was driven in by a heavy rain; cant  plow the oldest corn untill it is straihened up.  One cloud after another from the so  west; what muggled dark monsters they are winding slow like some huge snake up  above the trees amid the uper deep.  I love to stand and gaze at their mighty rollings  till I fall a revery and am lost to every thing else.  What thoughts.  What ideas fill my  brain but I cant word nor write How thick & dark the clouds how the wind blows & rain  pours.

6/22  Rain. Rain.
& 23

6/24 Beautiful bright day, quite a contrast with the past week.  Read & walked about untill  evening,.  Then several of us went to the Bible class.  Mr. Spencer acting Suprintendent.   few girls out.  I like it finely stayed till Supper at Mr. B. Lax.  Mr. T.E. Beck gallented  Miss Lucy N.; I think they'll marry.  He comes in the week.  Mr. Lipford's school was out  last Friday.  Zack Smith came up.

6/25 Bright warm day.  Thrashed wheat.  John hauled in 4 loads to the gin.  Chas & Sallie  fixing to go to Byhalia; also Irvin & Lydia but Uncle N wants them to wait till Saturday  when half of the examination will (be) through,   Aunt & He are over to night.  What an  argument we had all against Him.

6/26 Clear warm day.  Four plows staying by corn today.  John hauling wheat.  Cos Irvin &  Lydia have got the consent of Uncle Nimrod to go to Byhalia next Thursday.  Clouds  from the south here & there.  Hot!  It is thought Wm. L. Roberson has the choleria in  Salem.  I & Charles running round corn with cast plows & Squire & Nan breaking midles  by running three ferrows with corn shovel.  Corn is silking & tasseling out.

6/27 Clear & Hot.  Plowing corn.  The Sheriff took Wm. Anderson after running him into one  of the bluff gullys for gambling.  He give security for his appearence at court.  Heavy  thunder shower south 2 miles.  How silvery bright the full fair moon; looks calmly down  on the world tonight.

6/28 Clear & Hot some indication of rain.  A company of visitors started to Byhalia consisting  of cous Irvin & Lydia, bro Charles & sis Sallie in two buggys; two great examinations &  a barbacue are to come off there soon.  They were in fine Spirits & looked verry well.   Clouds rise about 10 ocl & get thicker untill twelve ocl then thunder & they collect &  rain some where.  Very cool fresh wind is plowing plowing corn.  My shirt is wet with  sweat day and night.  This is a calm sweet night, full moon, heard first "cha, chaÓ on  the locust next to the garden.

6/29 Hot, Clear.  Plowing oldest corn.

6/30 Hot rather cloudy morning; began to plow young corn about ten ocl today; it is nearly  waist high in grass; awfull plowing, oats nearly ripe.  Rain on every side; only a   sprinkle here.  plowed verry hard untill night verry tired & dirty, I took a wash after  supper in a tub behind the cedar.  Conversed a while & went to bed to dream bad.

7/1 Warm breezy & nearly clear; had a hard shower before day.  We got up late & eat  breakfast late.  turned the mules in grass lot & started to reading.  when Aunt & Uncle  came over; they stayed till half past 10 ocl & Eliza went home with them.  I went alone  to the Bible class; few there; dismissed for two weeks.  Five young men to see the Miss  Nooner's', three at Mr. Spencer's & three to see the Miss Beck's.  Mr. Rieves & lady  were over awhile.

7/2 Cooler, verry clear all day.  Plowing young corn; it is verry grassey; done a big days  work; sent for Vandergriff to cut oats.  July flys in abundance after dark.

7/3 cool, clear & dry; plowing corn, started to cuting oats but they were too green.  Ed  Rieves wants to get the Jordan house to live in.  Uncle N.N. got his well cleaned out.

7/4 Warmer, Clear & dry morn.  Barbacue in Ripley to day.  A great many going also one in  Byhalia.  Marshall county.  12 ocl heard a cannon Nor'West.   Hot again, heavy rain to
 N-west; looks like rain; musketoes & flys lots Flu in this county.  watery clouds   mingled with bright sun shine, A gentle wind sways the leaves to & fro.  This a great  aniversary to Americans Independence 78 yrs ago  I wrote a piece of poetry to H.K.  Nabors tonight one continual flash of lighting.  Thunder in the S.W.

 7/5     Hot, sunshine & clouds; Heavy cloud arose in the nor-west about 12 ocl; wind plowed  very hard; very little rain here; passed sound north; constant thunder.  Plowing corn the  last time.

7/6 Dark angry cloud came up from the N-west about sun up & rained untill 12 ocl nearly  clear.  I thrashed wheat till after dinner.  Set out potatoe slips & Cabbage untill night.   Went over to Uncle N.N.'s

7/7 Warm cloudy & sunshine day.  I went & worked the road two hours & went to Salem got  a letter for Sallie took Graydon with me.  We are looking for our visitors home this  evening.  Two days meeting begins at Hopewell today.  I buded some apple, Peach &  roses.  Ed Rieves & lady came to stay the night.  Sallie & Chas come home from Byhalia  about Supper time.  Had a splendid time while they were gone.  Irvin s in love Miss  Lou.

7/8 The same as yesterday.  I went alone to Hopewell for 1st sermon by Aikin ; a great  many out.  Some of the prettiest girls can be gotten up.  Came home took diner.  Mr.  R.H. & Thomas Daniels were here in buggy.  They took both my acordions to mend.  I &  Sallie went on Kit & Duck to Hopewell & stayed till sunset.  Miss Darthula on a small  horse & Manning on a large one.  G.M.B. caught D for a beau; how gaily & beautiful they  look in the green lawne when the sun had just bid adieu to us & was throwing his last  most gorgeous & mellow tints on the tranquil cloud moving slowly about the western  horizon so happly like spirits in that better land.

7/9 Warm still & clear.  finished laying by corn; began to cut oats two cradles cut 127 doz.

7/10 Warm & dry.  hauling wheal & oasts; plowing peach orchard corn; hoeing potatoes &  peas.  Thrashed wheat in the evening.  Chas went to Salem to take Sissy home.  Wm  Roberson died this evening about 4 ocl.  Uncle N.N. & Aunt came over & stayed untill  after supper.  Some what cloudy  Hot!

7/11 Clouds & sunshine hard wind from the north, cooler, finished hauling wheat from the  valey & hauled all the oasts from that field (108 doz); horned our hogs in; crab grass 6  inches high all over.  Plowing in peach orvchard finished hoeing potatoes; hoeing peas.

7/12 Dark cloud from the west, a little rain early in the morning.  Finished plowing fodder  corn in the orchard, cleaning out the flower garden.  Hot! hot!! about 11 ocl till;   continual thundering in the nor-east with no cloud visible.  After dinner began to hoe &  plow cotton; some of it waist high

7/13 Two cradles cuting oats, Clear & Warm till 12 ocl; clouds from west.  Chas is plowing  cotton for Uncle N.N. for Dick.  N.N.  & Tommy took sick this morning with dysentery.   Sallie went to Vandygriff with E.R. & wife.  John, Williams speaks of starting to Ark for  Mrs. Shivers & wants Chas or I to accompany him.  Lipford's school was put off to  Monday two weeks making room for the great protracted meeting to come off at  Hopewell.

7/14 Very hot & still, rain & thunder near; cut oats untill dinner; then Cous Nabors's boys &  we went a bathing to Green's mill.  Cooler.

7/15 Hot but breezy, clouds seating.  I stayed at Uncle N.N.'s last night.  I & Canada, Chas &  Wm went to Salem to hear Rev. H.G. Spencer. few out; came home.  B.M. Bostwick  here.  I  & Ma went up to see Mr. Hannis & found him a corps.  He died about 1 ocl P.M.   I helped to dress him, the first dead man I ever helped to dress!  Awful feeling.  Late in  the evening while there , Mandy's Aaron died.  By the request of the family I & Sallie  went to set up with the corps at Mrs. Hannis'.  Mary Machen was all the girl beside  Sallie there.  Six or seven young men there; done very well.  I & Mc Nabors set up all  night came home next morning.  Some signs of a wedding at Mr. Lax soon.    L.A.N.R.M.B.  thinks I don't like him.  A mistake in him.

7/16 Hot dusty breezy & scattering clouds.  Rain on all sides but none here.  I & Sallie after  coming home 8 ocl went with the little baby corps to Alex Williams' to bury it near the  kin.  Uncle N.N.'s five girls went with us.  Ed Rieves I & Sam dug the grave & buried  it about 11 ocl A.M.  Came home about 12 ocl eat dinner; I & Sallie rode horse back to  Mr. Hannis; a great many there; the Masons, about 75 followed in a solomn procession  the corps to its last place on earth; they performed the last respects smoothely to their  dead brother, first saw Miss Nick Pool dressed in sky blue & charming leghorn hat, her  name should be Kate. Miss Martha Brock was brought in a buggy politely by Mr. Flecher  Asbury, I mean to the burying, Sallie went home went to Salem with Mr. Lax; got the  Post & Home Circle.  O how sleepy I am!  Will she marry?  I heard so today,   circumstanial evidence to confirm the report.

7/17 Hot breezy - clouds; the same as yesterday.  I, Chas, William & Squire are plowing out  our grassy cotton,  Some is shoulder high.  Eliza is staying with Sis Nancy & were she  has been since Sunday morn last.  W.D. Bunn is going to see Mary Machen.  Ma is  talking of going to Aunt Rachel Mayhon's.  Some # water melons are thick here.

7/18 Hoter & dry, clouds here & there, no prospects of rain, which we are needing badly.  We  are cuting our winter oats.  Mr. Vandygriff cutting; very hard work.  We think we will  finish this evening.  Sis came out to stay a few days.  Eliza came home; Uncle N.N.  went to Mr. Adkins' this morning & to look at Mr. A. Emsys'  land.  Ma has given going  Aunt Rachel's, tis too hot.  Two cradles cut 114 doz oats today.  Uncle N.N. finished  plowing 12 ocl.

7/19 Hot & dry; clouds here and there.   Plowing cotton & finishing cuting oats.  Yesterday  evening was a brilliant sunset; clouds in all colours & shapes the vivid lighting glowing  & mutering of distant thunder.  Words cannot give my feelings.  Sunset the emblem of  the death of some great & good man; how fit too; the last rays are the pretiest of all;  his fall too can then be look on with pleasure by all.  12 ocl finished cuting oats; made  463 doz.  Sister Nancy & her children are here.  Uncle N.N. came up to the field to see  that I killed a little beef next Sat.  I wrote a letter to J.G. Terry.  Very hot.  Sallie &  Nancy stayed at Uncle N.N's last night.  Nancy went home this evening.  Sally & E.  Rieves & wife went with her.  Ed wants to board here but we don't .  Our corn is  suffering for rain dreadfully; some burnt up to the ear.

7/20 Hot & dry; clouds here & there.  We finished plowing & thrashed our long wheat till near
 night then Sallie, Eliza, Chas & myself went to Pisgah to hear Montgomry preach; few  out, beautiful moon & star light night with clouds dark & envious mingled in silent  sublimity for through uper blue; such signs bring the heavenly feelings of angels to us  poor mortals; a pleasure & sweetness that we can't describe, but feel.

7/21 Warm & dry; breezy with clouds not mutch prospects of rain yet.  I killed a sucking calf  weighing 46 lbs to the quarter; let Uncle N.N.,  Louis Nabors & Rob Willis have a qr.  apiece.  Chas & Wm & I are forming wheat over the first time; got done by dinner.  Mr.  E. Rodgers & lady came home with Ma & stayed till night, all we boys went to the pond  to bathe.   A shower fell & settled the dust.  Five of the Nabors' & four of us went to  Pisgah at night to hear Johnson preach the lady shouted mightly.  Ed Rieves & wife  were here this evening; they went to old Robt Mcdonalds I think after preaching.  Thos  Williams got back from Ark tonight bringin Mrs. Shivers & family.
7/22 Warm with mingled brightness & cloud.  Feels like rain.  9 children of us went to Pisgah  & heard Montgomery preach.  Uncle Whit Berry & Mary went home with the Mr. Becks &  came back at night.  Berry with Darthula, I.T.Beck with Mary.  It is thought Mr. T.E.  Beck & Miss Lucy Nooner will marry in a short time.  We all went at night again.  Miss  Lucy Garrett came home with us.  John Williams got home sick from Ark., fever.

7/23 I went to Salem after barrels & boxes.  It rained a good season about 12 ocl; finishing a  drouth of 17 days.  Sallie & Eliza went to Preaching today - Pisgah.  Chas & I finished  wheat till sunset then I & billie & the girls went to night preaching - Happy meeting;  two conversions.  Silvery moonshine with light fleecy clouds mooving softly by.

7/24 Warm; another hard shower at 12.  Ma & Sallie went to preaching at Pisgah the last  sermon tonight.  Mr. E Beck & Miss Lucy Nooner was married at 6 ocl this morning by  Rev H.G. Spencer; had no wedding; no person there but Misses PA & MC Becks, I.T. Beck  & T.B. Toombs.  The happy couple started soon after breakfast in W.D.'s buggy to see  her relatives in Tenn.  It was verry unexpected by most every body - Some tears shed.   That is a wedding I wanted to take place long, long ago.  We thrashed Uncle N.N.'s  wheat today & he took 21 bushels home.  B.F. Troynham is up again at N.N.'.

7/25 Warm cloudy morning.  All thrashing Johns wheat.  Uncle N.N. made 55-1/2 bushels  from 3.  Ma & Sallie went to see John & stayed till night.  He is better.  Emesy & Lucy  went by their fathers & he gave them a negro boy; George.  1 hr by sun there come up a  thunder cloud & rained till in the night.  Splendid sunset; vivid lightning.

7/26 Cloudy morning.  Hoeing cotton.  B.F. Troynham, H.R. Nabors & John Nabors started to  Pontotoc.  Chas, Wm, George & I went to Salem & heard 6 hours of political speaking by  two aspirants for the office of governor.  Chas P. Fountain, N.N. Gov. Mesea . Until they  lifted a foreinor out of the house quicker.

7/28 Clouds & sunshine.  We hauled a load of wheat before breakfast.  Turned our sheep in  the pasture yesterday (47); Finished hauling wheat & all went to the pond.  I bathed 3  hours, come home eat super & went to Hopewell preaching by Rev. Mr. Lipford.   Surmises of a runaway marriage a Mr. H. Mury to a Mis Tucker.  Misses Becks were  there.  We rode & talked together very delightfully.  Miss Darthula, as my beau; how  friendly they are.  A full moon, splendid.

7/29 Hot morning; Clouds in spots.  I had sweet dreams last night!  Pleasant.  We all went to  Hopewell & hear Wm. Thomas a great many there.  A light shower near 4 ocl..  Thunder  & lightning near night.  Then we went to night preaching by White.  two rainbos &  briliant clouds, Subline beyond description.  Cold, colder, coldest meeting I ever saw.

7/30 Warm morning, clouds in spots.  We all went to preaching to Hopewell Cold meeting;  Dathula asked  me for a rosebud, I went by myself to J. Mcdonalds; spent the evening  so happily.  The little girls presented me with a beautiful boquet, got & buded Moss  rose.  We all went to Preaching tonight.  One morner, Orin Beck.  She was there,  Traynham & Nabors came up.

7/31 Clouds & sunshine.  All Went to preaching today; had a happy meeting; 10 or 12   morners - George Poff, Orin Beck, Fayette Nooner, Hezy Spencer's were there + John W  & Robt Boswick took dinner with us.

8/1 Clouds & sunshine, rain near.  Every body at Hopewell today; I.E. Beck & lady were  there;  bright moonlight night.  Hap Hamette & James Nabors went with us to preaching  at night.  James went home with Mc, Nabors.  Had splinded sermon by a Prof     & 8  mourners.  Finished hoeing cotton.  I saw her tonight so sweet.

8/2 Clouds and sunshine - Uncle N.N. & Aunt started to Byhalia.  Rather still, ominous morn.  Every body went to preaching except myself.  We all went tonight to hear Thomas; 6  mourners; house full.  She has a beautiful beau.

8/3 Clouds & sunshine.  We are thrashing wheat.  Hopewell meeting still going on.  Hope  defered makes the heart sick.  Thrased wheat all day.  Sallie went to John's.

8/4 Clouds & sunshine.  The Nabors started home today.  Thrashed wheat & finished John's.   We all went to preaching at Salem by Glover; beautiful night; 4 mourners.  Had a gentle  shower.

8/5 Cluds & sunshine, gentle breeze.   We all went to Salem preaching by Glover; house  was full; took dinner at Johns & went home directly after.  Mr B, Mr. Bostwick & R.  Tharpe spent the evening & we all went back to preaching togather; dark clouds, wind,  lightning & heavy thunder.  Splendid short sermon by Glover; 7 morners - Eugenie &  Hezekiah had their mule to run away with their buggy & tore it all to pieces but  they  escaped unhurt + great preperation in about Salem about the democratic mass meeting  & procession in Ripley - next Wednesday; every body going.

8/6 Gentle breezes & dim shunshine.  preaching in Salem today - we are faning John's  wheat.  Went to preaching tonight had 10 mourners & 1 decision.  Flecher gallanted    Miss P.A. Beck from Mr. Porters.  Will Ayres, Mis Eugenia were there but Lewis   Mcdonald back; Sallie & Eliza at sis's

8/7 Dark, thick cloudy day; rain before day & at 12 ocl tolerable good season.    Tremendeous revival in Salem; 16 morners & 2 con.  All the prety girls were there.  I  wrote a letter to Harriet Terry - hauling straw in the orchard.

8/8 Dark, cloudy & warm.  I & Chas went to Ripley; a great procession.  Music, barbacue,  people & enthuszasm, political speaking & ball at night - 3,000 people there.  We come  home after dark with nothing to feed ourselves or our mules on; what a sleepy ride we  had.  Meeting increasing in Salem; 35 morners.

8/9 Cloudy, hot, windy, rain showering.  All went to preaching; great time.  John is sick.   & Darthula are morners Oh!  What a happy meeting; near in Salem for 10 or 14   years.  Irvin & Kanedy professed religion.  I slept with W.D. Bunn tonight.

8/10 Clouds, sunshine & wind.  All going to preaching.  Hauling oats & wood.

8/11 Warm, sunshine; few clouds; fall winds are blowng.  Ma & Sallie gone to meeting; going  to stay till tomorrow evening.  I am plowing up & sowing turnips & thrashing wheat.   John got his last wheat away yesterday - 113 bushels;  made 175 bushels from 7.

8/12 Verry hot.  All went to preaching early, happy meeting.  I took dinner at Mr. Daniels;  five of the boys went to John Williams & then to J. Machens; lots of boys up there.   Great meeting at night.  Mrs. Rieves professed, Joe Hamer & J.C. Roberson came up as  mourners.

8/13 Verry hot.  baptising in Salem today.  We began to pull fodder.  M.K. Nabors & I are  going to Byhalia today.  Chas starts to Lipfords school today.  Arrived at A. Arnolds  after supper where we met a warm reception by all their family.  A.A. Jr. showed us his  comic books with fhantastic pictures of beauties, french girls.  Anderson is wild bad  boy.  We all slept in the same room and laughed & had our own funn.  Julia's pretty.

8/14  Hot & dry.  We went to Uncle N. N.'s land & found no one there, beautiful place &  good land.  A. Arnold,, Jr went with us, Uncle D. Nesbitt has visitors.  We went to a  school house to see young Ellis.  Seen Miss Jeanette & then to Uncle Tommy Nesbitts;  first saw James, Desy Nesbitt.  Took dinner there.  I took the toothache; dreadful pain.   four of us went to Johnson's got five watermellons; took them to the wash hole in  Coldwater; bathed & went back to T. Nesbitts.  A. Arnold went there & I first saw  James, Alexander.   toothache & dreams awful.

8/15 Hot, dry & still - Ther.  99 degrees   K., Nabors, J.D. Nesbit & I went to Tommy    Nesbitts' talked to the girls first & got aquainted with Miss Travis, she is very smart.    took dinner then 6 of us went to bathe in the Mill pond 1-1/2 miles off; nasty warter.   came back late, listened to Miss Carrie & Julia play a few happy moments & told them  all goodbye & started to Mr. Ouery; stoped at Mr. Arnold, Goodbye again; cast one   lingering look behind & left the sweet place once more  James D. Nesbitt with, at  sunset we saw the Miss Rodgers, such butterflies.  Spent the night with Mr. Owens  &  his kind clever lady; very pleasently except a slight toothache.

8/16    parted again now for home; near Holly Springs met Traynham; stoped & eat snack  togather.  Stoped in H.S. got my Accordion for which I paid $2.00.  Very hot.  went in &  bathed at Chuwalor Mill; got to Salem by sunset. home; all gone to hear Mr. Spencer at  the Chapel.  Heard of the death of cousin Henry Mayhon - shot.
8/17 Cool wind & cloudy drops of rain.  A storm last night.  pulling foder.  I stayed in the  house all afternoon mending bridle.  Uncle N.N. & I went to Salem this evening.  John W.  sold his fine mule & horse.

8/18 Verry cool for the season.  Chas Graydon & I to Paulk's Mill for a load of slabs & as we  were coming across the bridge "GrimÓ our lead mule broke through & fell 14 feet into  the river; she was not hurt except being badly skined.  I was very mutch alarmed - We  have 8 sows with 60 pigs; the oldest pig only ten day old - Cold night.

8/19 Quite cool. FahÓ 65 degree Thir.  I went to Salem & heard Rev H.G. Spencer preach: few  there.  I helped two ladies out of their Car.  I took dinner at M. N. Nabors; also Fayette  Nooner, Paul Smith, Louis Nabors & wife - I & Sallie went to see Miss M.J. Nooner;  Emisy & Lucy were there.  Lucy eyes is circled with blue - They ride one horse; we  came home after supper - silvery moonshine.  Sad, & final news from my best boquet  20th of last May.  "Farewell - sweet eyes, whoes brightness, new life around me shedÓ -  Vain! Vain! are loves pure strugles
8/20 Warmer few quick eastern clouds.  Pulling fodder - Uncle N.Nabors & I went to Steam  saw-mill engaged well-curbin at $1.75 per 100, then to Uncle Davenports & got dinner;  then to James Young's engaged two spinning wheels & 6 chairs - I shot near sunset; I  killed 3 partridges at one shoot.

8/21 Warm, clear day.   I carried 26 bushels wheat to  ?? mill & Chas got 89 lbs of flour to the  bu.; the next Saturday.  Trimed I put up 28-1/2 bu. for seed.  Uncle N.N. & aunt came  over awhile this evening.

8/22 Ma & I in the buggy went to Aunt Rachel Mahen's today; long hard days drive - Hot &  dry - got there after dark.  Cousin Lizzie & Mr. Green & Miss Sallie Pickens more there -  A happy meeting & tears - I had some interesting conversation after super.

8/23 Hot dry & some clouds.  They did not bring cous Henr's remains now but will next  October.  I & John looked at their crop; very good - Then after dinner we went to the  Po. Of. Berry's store.  Began to read Uncle Tom's CabinÓ - Cousin Nannie is sweet &  kind.

8/24 Hot clear & dry.  We all went to Cous J.F. Green'; read, talke, eat peaches & set about  all day.  Cloud, Thunder & sprinkle rain.  First seen W. Green.  delightful moonshine.

8/25 Hot & dry - W.Green, Sallie Pickens, cousin Nannie & myself went to a Baptist church  near Waller's store - Saw lots of people - Miss Lou Coleman; the plastiest gall there.  I  went home with the Nabors late in the eve; cloud came up & rained untill after dark -  had a little talk with Miss Harriet after prayer (night)  I slept at Baches amid his million  biting bugs last night.

8/26 Clouds & sunshine.  The Nabors & I went back to the Baptist in meting I escorted Hallie  to her seat & left with a few more for Liberty -  3-1/2 miles off - great many there; good  meeting; first saw Miss Dix.  Nannie & Miss Dickens are here. Nannie out for a beau  Spent the evening - very pleasantly - A heavy firce cloud & rain came up near night - at  sunset;  Chas, John & I went to Aunt Rachel's - dark ride; Miss Eliza Mays was here  yesterday, she is a perfect lump of fat.

8/27 Cloudy & sprinkling rain.  We said adiew to all & started home; We met two wild fat  squint-eyed old ladys.  As the sun was giving the last flowing tuch to the clouds.   We passed Mr. Spence's we saw three beautifull girls standing on the doorsteps.  Got  home after dark where they all seemed glad to wellcome us back home again..

8/28 Cluds & sunshine.  I went to Salem.  John & his family are sick, I got some money to buy
 well curbing.  Auctioning off Hannis's goods 3 ocl P.M.  I went to old Mr. Williams with  a no's; conversed with Mrs. Shivers untill dark - poor woman

8/29 Martha had a chill today; a letter from J.G. Terry.  Cloudy until dinner the clear set our  folks to pulling fodder again; late corn.  Ma & I went to Salem.  I saw three gents take  dinner on peaches, then back to the auction - John Nabors & Fannie spent the night with  us.
8/30 Clear & Hot.  I and Uncle N. Nabors went to the stream mill got 600 feet  well curbing  & timber for a table.  I lacked $1.25 to paying for it.  We got some basket timber.  We  got home at two ocl P.M.  Uncle cut off my hair & then I went to Salem after Ma but she  did not come because Joh is worse.  Mr. Nabor & Samuel Asbury spent the night with us  tonight.

8/31 Cool, clear & windy today; had a slight wind & shower yesterday evening.  Mr. Poff  came & wanted to curb the well but I could not give $18.00 for it.  Ma is at John's yet.  I  worked on gates & in the garden.

9/1 Cloudy, warm & windy.  I & Cha' worked the road to the crick by noon went in   awashing; eat Kan & Train's dinner then Cha' went to brin Ma home.  I went home;  piled plank; stacked a stack of fodder; fed the horses with grain; corn-fed hogs.

9/2 Cool, windy & Clouds.  Preaching at Bethlehem & Salem today.  I will stop & go and turn  sows in the orchard & salt the sheep.  I & Cha' went to Salem & heard the noted Rev.  Mr. Fendar preach.  Not many out, saw Fannie Wheatley's high cold bloated face; so  marble like; how changed is the school girl Fannie.  Bettie Mathews with her great  dimpled fat arms was there, robust & full breasted like a ripe juicy peach.  I eat dinner  at Uncle N.Nabors today.

9/3 Rained all day; dark misty.  Miss Tandy & Poff came to engage in the fixing of our well.,  worked in the stable & made  jerky until noon.  Then thrashed & went to the mill.  Eliza  & Mary had a chill.

9/4 Dark clouds in the morning; no rain as yet - 8 ocl.  We killed a fat pig; sent one up to
 Uncle N.N. and one to J.G. Williams - the hide to Craft & Buck.  Began to thrash wheat.   Finished thrashing wheat for this year.

9/5 Cloudy & sunshine; moderately warm.  Poff & I met at the well.  I & George went to  Salem to get nails; the rest to hauling   wheat.  I got back just before night from Salem;  received a letter from H.F. Phifer; he has taken up religeen - got Harpers Magazine. 2  Nesbitts up.

9/6 Clouds & sunshine.  I plowed & sowed turnips again.  Alex Williams came here & stayed  awhile - Thunder in the south late in the evening.  I went Salem for nails.  Mr Casey run  a mile.  Preaching at the Chapple; 8 morners; good meeting - farewell sermon.  Mr.  Frieman stayed with us tonight.

9/7 Warm, cloudy - rain at 11 ocl.  I brought home the deformed cat.  Mr. Wall came over
 I helped pull out the well curb.  Then we put in the first new curb - the rain has ruined  my fodder again.  2,000 bus in all.  Old Mr. Adkins came by & helped to pull out the old  top curb out of the well.

9/8 Clouds, & sunshine.  I have the toothache bad.  I went by myself to the steam saw mill  for 8 planks; curbing.  People are doing big work picking cotton.  Great revival going on  at Carson's church; method revival at Bethlehem - Baptist.  I & Chas made & hung a  stable door, the rest are pulling fodder.  Robt B stays all night here tonight.

9/9 Cool nights, hot sunshine.  I spent a dredful night with the toothache.  I fixed up and  went to Hopewell with Candidy - good sermon by Mr. Lipford; few out; after preaching  we all went to the creek near Mr. Mire's to see Mrs. Ham baptized.  We eat musky  diner near & a tree fell on a boy while a large snake jumped into the baptist hole - she  yelled like an indian.  I came by a house & seen a beautiful girl among the green vines  & cedar in the portica.   Mr. Reives & lady came over & stayed awhile.  I, Sallie, Eliza  went & stayed till after supper at Uncle N.N.'s

9/10 Cool, Clouds & sunshine with low light showers.  Paup & Nandy  finished the the well; 2  ft. water.  Mr. Lipford dissmissed his school yesterday.  I & Chas went at the really  greatest revival going at Carson's ever heard off.  Peaches are nearly gone.  Apples  nearly all rotten.  Our roses are taking the second grothe.   We finished the well today.   Darthula's birthday.

9/11 Warm moderately, some clouds.  I & Chas finished the well & went Salem.  I bought a  new pair shoes for 2.00 at Brock.  Our folks finished putting fodder on all 8000   bus.; we are cuting down fodder corn in the orchard.  Sallie & Eliza spent today at Mrs.  & Alex Williams.

9/12 Warm clouds & sunshine.   I & Chas put out 20 bus wheat to sun - the rest finished  cutting in the orchard & going to haul in some oats.  Finished hauling in oats.  J.C.  Williams & family & Rev. M. White & Mrs. M. Nellis spent the night with us.  We are just  from the breaking up of the great revival at Carsens, 51 conversions.

9/13 Warm, clouds & some showers.  We killed a beef, weighing 125 lbs. Our visitors left  early.  Sunning wheat, gathering up corn.  All of cousins came over after super &  stayed untill bed time - shelled the first turn of new corn.

9/14 Warm, dry & clear.  Hot!  fanning the last wheat.  I took 30 bus to Hays' mill today.  Mr.  Rieves & lady came by & took visitor, Sallie & Eliza after muskedines.

9/15 Hot, clouds, sunshine & showers.  Finished thrashing oats - got 30 bus; block oats from  50 doz bundles.  We made this year 189,200,000 grains of wheat; 400 grs to the cubic  inch, there ae 2150 cubic inches in a bushel.  We made 277 bushels of oats in all by  calculation.  I went to Salem late; Sallie started A. Arnold letter book.  F. Norris is trying  to get Mr. Lipford another school.  Mr. Lax got back from Texas today.  Camp meeting  comenced yesterday' it is 18 miles N.East - four young ladies came by here today  walking to Gurley's

9/16 Hot.  Clouds & sunshine.  I, Billie, Sallie & Mary went to Salem to hear Mr. Spencer  preach but were disapointed.  I & Billie stayed & heard Uncle Sam preach.  Saw Mr.  Wheatley & lady at the creek pleasure meeting.  I went by Mrs. Shivers & stayed and  hour or two.  Mary is going to marry!  Cousin  Irvin & Lydia spent the night with us.

9/17 Cloudy, showery after dinner.  I feel like a chill.  We  put up a pen of straw, oats -  then gathered peas; they are half rottened; should have been gathered sooner.  We are  shearing sheep - hewers showery.  1 bushel of wheat to the acre, give 19 grains to  every square inch.  I wrote a letter yesterday to John G. Terry.  Clover Bend Ark.  Chas  & I sheard 6 sheep after hauling in the fodder corn of the orchard.   The rest gathered &  shelled 1 bushel of peas.  Dark, cloudy sunset.   Cold, poor, campmeeting I hear.   have  a good stand of turnips up, two find kinds Rutabager.

9/18 Dark deep foggy morn; clear for awhile; spoted clouds.  Gathering peas 6 hands got
 2-1/2 bus shelled peas by noon.  Sallie & Lydia went to L. Nabors to help fanny work on  her dress.   We give Moran Shivers two pigs today.  Chas & I sheared 12 sheep, apiece.   Uncle N.N. hauled in two loads of cotton to the ginn.

9/19 Very hot day & night.  Began to pick cotton.  We finished shearing sheep - 51 in all - 20  old white ewes, 8 old black ewes, 1 old black ram lambs, 3 white weathers, 4 white  ewes, 7 black ewes, 8 black weathers, 39 ewes in all; They are in the middle of rutting.   I built a pig-pen this morning.

9/21 Very warm.  Showers near.  We all  got some logs today & hauled to gin.  Sallie &  Martha came form Salem.

9/22 Hot, still showers near; fixing press.  Rained some & went to mill.  Mrs. Trim & Ayres &  lady were here today.  We killed a sheep weighing 200 lbs this morn.  I, George &  Graydon went mill took 11-1/2 bus & old Mrs. Turin got flour of 30 bus of wheat; saw  fanny & Mrs. Nabors, Wm & Tommy went there on a visit tonight.

9/23   Hot verry, rain in the eve & cooler now; general rain.  We went to preaching by Glover.  Fannie Wheatly & Martha Humer were beautifully there.  Mr. W.P. Baird died this  morning.  I wrote a letter two M.L. Phifer today, I wrote a - letter tonight.

9/24 Cool morn; clear hot day.  I cut & marked 27 pigs & left one for a boar ; & there are 15  sows.  Making 45 in all.  I started out with the wagon to Salem & bought 9 boxes of  Willows for $2.00.  mailed two letters.  I heard of the death of John McElon - congestion,  chill.  John Williams is sick again.  Rhodes & Buner ride in the waggon out and Chas &  Will packing  & had 3 fights.  We hauled in the first load of corn.

9/25 Warm but some cooler nights; rain all day often & on.  Picked cotton & fixed boxes untill  dinner, then measured up; last wheat brought some to the house.  We made 238  bushels of wheat this year & 16 bus by the thresher total 254 bus.  Chas & Mary started  to school today.  3 mos session.  Drs. Gordon & Bostwick were here awhile today.   Dark, cloudy, misty sunset.

9/26 Warm cloudy & showery morn; blew of cool from the north at noon.  washing wool; put  up 44 bus white oats & brought the last wheat away in the evening.  S. Poff & F. Jobe  brought a load of cotton to the gin; 833 lbs.  Soft silvery moonlight & cold night.  We all  went & heard F. White in Salem preach.  Fannie W. had T.G. Toombs for a beau.  Mary  M. was there, black silk dress & white flowers in her head; no body with her except Mr.  Colhorn.  Dr. Gordon says she (Mary) is "posted upÓ as to her wealth.  Such a night as  this shows the sublimity of beauty, rich grandeure for beyond discription of my poor  pen .

9/27 Cool clear day.  I & Squire working at N's gin all day.  Saml. Poff  hauled in to gin 1725  lbs seed cotton, the rest are plowing cotton.  R.M. Bostwick took supper with us.

9/28  Cool & hazy.  I & Squire got two gate posts & a ground sill for gin whell.  Put out 15 bus  wheat to sun.  Poff came by this morning, working at Hames Mcdonald's.  I fixed in the  mill & went late in Salem for some iron staves.   I saw some beautiful ladies in Salem;   I then in the co. with Dr. Gordon, T.G. Tooms went to Liberty to preaching by Freeman  Lambert.  dark, gloomy night. two ladys & few gentlemen.

9/29 Dark, cloudy morning & showery.  We finished fixing the wheels & started the gin after
 12 ocl; ginned half bale cotton by night - dark gloomy lonesome evening, dreadful rain  pouring, flooding, till dark, then drizzling.  We got a letter yesterday from Aunt Lydia  Vinson.  Mrs. F. Jordan spent the day & night with here.  Bud Toombs started to Texas   last Wednesday.

9/30 dark, clouds from the north it is breaking off now & the sun is peeping out from the wet  curtains of vapidity & cheering the drenched world with his warm bright rays.  We feel  & see distinctly that fall is come.  the birds are gathering up their mates of merry song;  preparing to say fairwell to the homes of their youth; for a sunnier climate far south on  the bright plam islands set like gren gems in the bright waters of the sunny sea.  I wish  for the power of flight.  I'd find a sweet home near white river; far west in Laky Ark. I'd  find a happy home  I & Sallie went to preaching by M. Lambert at Liberty Union   meeting.  A tremendous concourse of people there - beauty in rich profusion was  there.  Miss L. is sick.  T. G. Toombs brought F.Wheatley out in a buggy gay.  W.D. B.   brought his mother grand; Mis Joe Morris was there.  They got 5 mourners.  I heard  something nice from Pontotoc - Mr. W.S. Casey says he is going to pop the question to  Miss Fannie W. soon.  Holms, Mr. Rieves & lady & Fannie Shivers; spent an hour alone;  Uncle & aunt came over awhile.  I began a letter to Aunt Lydia.  I & Sallie went to night  preaching by Mr. Holms; poor fellow! he don't get long; far across the house between  rows of human heads I saw the rich ringlets amid wich was set the smiling face &  sparkling eyes of Miss Darthula - olden memories were stired & came rushing throught  my mind of childhood's sweet meetings & partings, happy hours that will never return -  Oh memory is so sweet!  Who can tell it's worth?  "Their words to us are music sweet.   Though sometimes mixed with teas, And often , often when We meet.  We wish the  monents, yearsÓ  Pale lunar is rising amid the givering, darkening leaves, stired by a  chilly breeze  that tells us lonly autum is coming upon us, farwell! summer with your  soft moonlights & happy golden sunsets! we may never meet again

10/1 Cool clear day, sighing winds stir fitfuly the dying leaves which are nearly ready to  make their first & last fall.  I gined Sam Poff's 1582 lbs seed cotton made a bale at night  weighing 495 lbs.  Sallie & Ma went to Liberty today.  Mrs. Joe Morris & F.W went to Mr.
 Becks for dinner & M.J. & Lafayette Nooners also for dinner at Samuel Asburys; horse
 got loose last night at Liberty & He & G.M. Bostwick stayed at Mr. Beck's last night; the  horse came here & I took it up & at 12 ocl G.M. Bostwick came along & took it them.   Uncle N.N. got me a piece of hanging leather.

10/2 Cool windy & clouds from the north.  Joe Hicks sale comes off today.  I am ginning  Uncle's cotton; he is building his table; the rest are picking cotton; will get out 4,000 lbs  in all today, packed one bale tonight.

10/3 Cool & clear; warmer twoard night.  I gined all day & worked on the press a little.   Fayette Nooner is hauling corn from Bogards to Crafts; he stoped with me awhile; he  gets twelve dollar a month for overseeing Crafts negroes.  The union meeting is going  at Liberty yet.  I loved her when we were children & romped innocently togather.  I am  writing a letter to Aunt Lydia.

10/4 Clouds & warm dark cloudy night.  I went to Salem after Wms pants, Sulpher, Alum &  paper ink; saw Robert Baird.   Rev. White's mule got away; gined in the evening with  Polk; their pet squirel got away.

10/5 Cold, windy & rain from the north all day;  gining cotton & packed the 3rd, 4th  bales of  N.N. cotton one bale weighs 110 lbs.  Uncle killed a beef.

10/6 Cold morning with a wind bringing a few light brisk clouds from the north - look out for  the white harbinger of winter when the still night comes bright sunshiny day but coats  are pleasant in the miday.  I began & gined on our cotton till diner - had the rest   scraping up manure in the lots; after noon hauled 1 load of corn & 3 of wood.  I got out  some timber for a gate.  Uncle N.N. & boys come & got the cotton frame & loaded up for  Lagrange monday next.  Ma & Wm went to the last quarterly meeting at Chappell Hill's  sermon by the P.E. Rev. Blackwell; good congregation out.  We are out of bacon & lard;  eat beef & short cake the good Apples are nearly gone; roses are blooming - Joy!

10/7 Light frost this morning; Cool, clear.  Chas, Sallie, Eliza & myself went to Chapel Hill  preaching by Rev. Blackwell; house full splendid sermon.  Henry Machen in fancy  carriage brought Fannie W., Joe Morris & Marry.  Miss P.A. & M.C. Becks were there;  Sallie, Eliza & I took dinner at Mr. Garretts, also Bettie Polly West & Willis Davenports  were there; head the sermon to the negros by Blackwell, then Sallie & Eliza stayed to  J.L. Med's.  Tonight I go home throught the gallonting drove of negros with Bob Owens;  then home at sunset.  Chas went back tonight.  Darthula was at Nabors church tonight;  she eat dinner at M.J. Nooners today.

10/8 Cool & clear.  I gined on our cotten till noon then Sam Poff hauled in a bale & I gined on  it till nearly night then Sallie, Martha & I went to Mt. Pisgah sermon by Montgomery;  farewell.  Martha broke her girth & rode bareback to meeting.  O my Daukins &   Fannie, they will never part.   G.M. Bostwich was there; it didn't freeze - warmer  tonight.

10/9 Warmer but clear & very still.  I finished gining & packed S. Poff's bale; 1630 lbs; negros  540 lbs;  he and Alex left with it for Lagrange.  Louis Nabors & wife are sick; chills.  we  killed a hog this morn.

10/10  Cool, wind from the north.  I am gining our cotten.  Hands are picking cotten.  old Mr.  Cox came here today to buy oxen.

10/11 Cool & clear.  I ginned until 12 ocl then worked in the flower garden & on gin gate till  night.  N. Nabors stayed at L. Nabors last night.

10/12 Cool & clear.  I ginished gining our four bales at noon; then hauled rail for a cotten  fence  & worked a little on gate.  Sent 21 lbs wool to the factory - we have picked 7300  lbs of cotten to the present.

10/13  Cool & clear.  We pack cotten every night; N. Nabors is hauling in cotten;  Kenerdy  stayed here last night.

10/14 Cool nights & warm still days.  We all went to Hopewel.  Sermon by Aiken.  The   Wheatleys & Becks are mixing thick  W.D.B. brings Fannie in his stileish buggy.

10/15 The same as above.  I went to Salem went out to Mr. Brocks to get Wm. to accompany  me to Memphis - but the yellow fever scares him back.  Picking cotten & gathered som  corn.  Brock's fine mare died yesterday.

10/16 Cool, cloudy & foggy.   I with George & Graydon started with four bales of cotten to  Memphis; no company.  The Hicks start for Texas today; got near Scales depot &  camped without fire, met J.C. Roberson & father - one from the railroad & the other  from the the Marshshal Institute.

10/17 Warmer & some clouds went & stated in Cold warter the Hicks helped me out; camped  just below Lendamans; a fine flag waves proudly over Mr. Plesant Democratic.

10/18 Warmer some clouds.  drove within three miles of Memphis & camped before night; saw  26 cars to one Locomotive all loaded with cotten - 900 bales.  Mo waggons going in an  out; the fever is terrible bad yet in Memphis.

10/19 Very warm.  I drove in rain.  E.M.A. sold my cotten for 8-1/8 cts.  I give 13 for coffee,  10 for sugar, 18 & 10 for baling & rope; got a coat for $5.50 four bales lost 35 lbs in all  from gin weights.  We got 10 miles out town & camped.  I tried to get flower cutings  near town but failed.  The freight train came by after dark.  It was a stiring sight - train  was two or 3 hundred yds long.

10/20 Warm & clouds .  I have suffered awfully night & day with the toothache.  Near   Germantown I helped a lady hold her horse and buggy while the cars passed.  O such  sweet thanks a I received for the act.  near there I stopped & at Mr. Wofleets I stoped &  was given flower cutings by two of the loveliest & sweetest girls I ever chanced to see;  such sweet spell we feel;  makes life tolerable, a some thing we feel but can't describe.   We camped at the widow Stuls

10/21 Clouds & rain showers.  We got home 3 ocl in the evening.  Daukins, Fannie, Martha &  Frances & Fayette Nooners & Orin Beck were here today; they all went to Liberty but  came off before preaching.  Martha & Francis took supper with us & then went home.

10/22 Cool & clouds & rain.  I & Ma went to J.C. Williams & stayed all day.  I paid B.H. & Co in  full $100.85; the rest picked peas awhile then packed cotton & gined N. Nabors cotten.   O. Beck prays in public!

10/23 Cool; clouds & showers in one.  I spent a dreadful night last with toothache!  I went by  daylight & got Dr. Davis to pul it out.  He done it with little pain.  Came home & planted  some roses & vines got at John, C, W.  A barbacue comes off at Nunely's mills today.  I  & the rest fixed the gin fence; hauled manure & gined cotten.

10/24 Cold, rain & snow storm & howling wind from the north very cold.  packed two bails  cotten; cut wood, ginned cotten.  Hezz Spencer & J.F Asbury came by & took Ma's note.

10/25 Cold, clouds & sunshine.  I am gining cotten; the rest are picking.  Cous T.G.N. stayed  with me last night - big frost this morning; the first frost this year.  Poff gets the land.

10/26 Clear, cool, some warmer.  White frost this morn.  I finished packing N.N.'s 8th bale  cotten & gined.  J. Crafts first bale cotten.  The rest are picking peas.  I. Ma & Sallie  made a bed cord & the missionary Preachers came by.  Just at dark S.D. Rhodes came  by the gin & gave me my first exhortation to vote.  The moon rose in all its splendor &  soft peculiar beauty, at daylight's fading & awaken memory to the delightful task of  twing the sweests of the past over again; which is almost as sweet as realty.

10/27 Clear, warmer - cool night.  I packed J. Craft's first bale cotten.  Sallie & I went by the  steam Mill to Uncle Davenport's.  Miss Patrick is married.  Come home late in the  evenig & met J.F. Asbury & L.G. Mcd after dark.  The rest were gathering corn.  The  boys went hunting.

10/28 Quite warm with a cool night; quivering clouds from the northeast.  Chas, Wm, Sallie & I went to Liberty where Rev. Lambert baptised Wash. Cox & the three Miss Beck's by  sprinkling; Mr. Eliotte & R. Hedgepeth by kneeling in the creek & pouring the water on  T. Hedgepeth by immersion.  More people there than ever was before.  I & Sallie went  home with M.J. Nooner for dinner, then back to Liberty alone;  great many out again &  Sallie caught Fayette N. & J.T. Asbury for beans.  Fannie W. Stayed at Mr. Becks  tonight.  The moon is shining silvery tonight.

10/29 Warm damp cloudy morn.  We are gathering corn.  Sprinkles of rain in the eve.  We  gathered 5 loads of corn 7 pounds to load.  Uncle N. Nabors, Dick & Tommy went to  Lagrange.

10/30 Hot bright sunshine; few distant clouds.  We are hauling corn.   The leaves are dying  themselves in all coulors to look beautiful before their first & final fall.

10/31 Hot bright day.  All are gathering corn.  The Cha, cha's' or July-fies'  are holloring  yet here & there; poor things; their instruments are worn out.

11/1 Warm & threatnings of rain.  We are gathering corn finished hauling in 160 lbs corn;  some over half done.

11/2 Warm & clouds from south.  We, Chas, Wm. & I went to Salem where was a great croud  of Democrats from all over Tippah Co. bound for Holly Springs barbacue with music  sweet & banners gayly flying; we all present a grand appearance galloping & holloring.   Three cheers for every lady met & Hurah for Tippah.  At H.S. We marched through the  principal streets & through an emense croud of people of all kinds to the flower strung  stand in a beautiful regrove of oaks half mile from town, where was seated a   magnificent croud of gay beautiful ladies, 31 young girls dressed in white seated on a  long raised seat in front of the orators stand; each representing a state of the union;  each girl bearing beautiful silk banners with the name of the stated represented printed  in letters of gritt, high above all proudly flutered the "stars & stripes' of our noble  country, after short speeches by Yearger & Cotton we proceed to pack away under our  vests quantities of the bounteous supply of pickled raw meat & musty bread.  but just  at this moment the heavy cloud began to drop their watery fulness which killed our joy  - we Tippah boys got the banner' & showed it around to the gaping croud who yelled  most boistrously & then we with a few more poor boys at a frolic got our mules &  started home & the rain that had been threatened for a week past, poured in wild  torrents & the wind joined in chorus madly howled & scatered the sear leaves of Nov.  lonely through the decaying wood, thus continued the wild war of elements untill we  drenched, chilled & allmost drowned got to our Homes; most all of the boys stayed all  night to the complimentary ball & political speaking at night then speaking next day.   Most all drunk.

11/3 Cloudy, warm & showers; cuting wood & I worked in the flower garden.  Chas & sis  Eliza went to Salem at sunset the Salem & Ripley boys came from H.S. wit the banner  proud - Chas went & stayed at John C.W.'s tonight.  Everybody  spoke in Salem at night  on the threadbeare subject - Sam.  I stayed at Uncle N.N.'s tonight.  Nabors got home  from Desoto Co.

11/4 Cloudy, warm showery from the s-east.  Carles & Eliza came home at 10 ocl.  Near  night Miss Lucy Garrette, John & Fannie Nabors came here & spent the night; all cousins  were over till 1 ocl A.M. at night.  We had quite a merry time but interesting Sleepy  talk.  Fanny will marry Daukins.

11/5 Dark, howling stormy night last; the leaves, dead & dying are falling fast.  Rain,  piercing, wintry, eastern & gloomy is blown hard to earth by wailing winds - O! what a  dreay day.   Our visitors left at 11 ocl A.M.   Gining cotton & scraping manure.  This is  the first day of the electiion - Chas has gone to Salem this eve.  F.M. & Polk & Nooners  stoped out of the rain till 11 ocl.  Dark gloomy clouds are mooving slowly by; entirely  his the sun with all its brightness & an autum wind is sighing & dying & swelling among  the naked branches of the once bright & beautious trees & marking the speed of time.

11/6 Dark rainy day.  We are gining cotton; after noon I went to Salem ; was sworn & give in  my first vote Democratic.  Awful fuss; excitement & drunkeness.

11/7 Raining again; are still spliting rails & wood & gining cotton.

11/8 Cleared off, rather cool.  Uncle N. Nabors finished his new table.  We are gining cotton  spliting & cuting wood.  I went to Salem in the evening got some soda, shoes & curry  combs.  All drunk in Salem.  Heard the triumph over Sam' .  Saw  John's mule, 17 hands  high.  Joe Hamer & Ophelia Wilcox were married the other day = wrote a letter to J.T.N.

11/9 Warm for the season cloudy & still.  I went to Mill & took my gen saw.  Mr. Lax, F.M. N.  & John Nabors hauling cotton to gin.  Jerry Webb got his four fingers cut off by their gin.   Gathering peas & gining Mr. J. Crafts cotton.  Mr. Poff took away 60 bushels seed for S.  Poff all that he had.  J. Craft hauled in another load cotton today.  N.Nabors 4 loads.   Mr. Walls was here after a calf.  We put up 19 fattening hog this morning in the horse  lot.  Uncle N. Nabors hauled in four loads of cotton..  Tom got help to get his squared.

11/10 Rather warm & damp; the sun rose clear; clouds high & snow like appear.  We are  digging potatoes.  We made 35 bus. & verry stringy & small at that.  I took 30 bushels of  wheat to Days mill and brought home the proceeds of 12 bus that has been there for 8  weeks.  Fanny N. was sweeping the yard with her red dress on.  There was a party at  Vandy's last night.

11/11 Damp, cloudy morn; dark November day.  F.M. Nooner stayed with us last night.  Saw a  letter from Nabors to MJN & one to F. Nabors.  Sallie Lide & I went to Liberty preaching  by Rev. Carson; very affecting sermon; tears often trinkled down the good man's  wrinkled face while he told them of Heaven & how to get there for the last time ----  There on this dark, cloudy day when sadness was seen on ever side, amid the silent  croud - shone the sweet, calm, youthful oface of Darthula that sweet look, sent such a  delightful thrill of pleasure & sadness through my soul that left a lingering, longing  sweetness like the distant dying away of sweet music; can never be forgoten on earth  or in Heaven.  John Naney & the children spent the day with Uncle Nabors.  Ma was  over in the evening.  I & Chas went over near night & Irvin & H.K. come home with us.  I  mailed a letter to J.T. Nabors this eve.

11/12 Dark, cloudy, misty morn; cleared somewhat  with strong wind from the north.  I gined  1-1/2 bales of cotten & packed one at night for J.Craft.  Fayette Nooner was here this  morning.  Uncle N.N. hauled in 520 lbs cotton.  I was awaken this morning from  one  the sweetest dreams tht ever mortal dreamt to get up and feed our hogs & horses.   My happiest morings are felt in dreams.  N.N. made a half bushel today.  The nigs are  picking cotton then; sun was caught away in the west by golden clouds & we seen him  no more.

11/13 Clouds & sunshine rather warm & still.  I finished gining & packing J. Craft's 5th bale of  cotton & Fayetter N. took them on to Lagrange.  We killed a hog weighing 122 lbs this  morning.  Some picked cotton till noon then went to pulling & hauling corn.  I & Sallie  went to Salem in the buggy with the brush wheel of the gin to get the whirls turned  smaller.  We stayed all night at J.C.W's he is talking of Overseeing for Dr. Ayres.  After  supper.  I & John went up in town & heard Bradley & Redus play some of the best tunes  to some moovers who had waded through the creek & brought some liquor; as we went  back I could hear the wild strivings of Porter on his Claronette & while the new moon  with her faint light was fading in the west away, the many toned voices of the Salem  ladies might be heard in contrast sour stiring the still air night with different songs.  I  turned into bed to sip the sweets of dreamland = to the full enjoymnet of all I wish for  a few moments, by imagination.

11/14 Warm spring like, clouds & sunshine, severe light for eyes.  I dunned Redus & Roberson  & am to have a wardrobe made for $15.  We came home by 9 ocl.  I then went to  hauling corn & hauled three loads today.  We mired up in the valey & had to unload.  N.  Nabors is gathering corn; he went to mill this morning before day.  Who may have  "GenieÓ?  Every thing is taking a start to grow like spring.   We have had no frosts for 2  or 3 weeks; half of the leaves have fallen leaving the trees have the other half are as  green and fresh as ever.

11/15 Very warm, summer like watery cloud & bright sunshine.  We gathered 5 loads of corn  today.  The winter pinks are in full bloom.  Eliza's 17th birthday.  Mr. Brock has sold his  land to T. Hamers for $5500. & is off on a look at Ark in a few days; this is Joe Hamers  home.  Vandy & Poff are gone in a two horse dray to the Miss Bottom to buy land.

11/16 Light rain last night & showery, warm.  We finished hauling corn made thirty-six  waggon loads in all.  J. Craft hauling in cotton today.  We shucked corn tonight.  reports  (?) say C.G. Wilcox got tight at the election.  Mr. Lipford's mule is sick.

11/17 Much rain last night, clouds & sunshine; very windy, cooler.  We sprayed 6 old sows &  turned all our out hogs; 24 old ones into the field; 47 pigs in all; gining cotton.  Craft is  hauling in cotton.  We built a shuck-pen.  the remnant of leaves are falling fast.  Cotton  is rising.  We finished shucking corn on this sweet night.

11/18 Cold, frosty, bright morn.  We all stayed home & read till 2 ocl then Sallie, I in company with cousins went down to L. Nabors till night.  We had a dull time.  Irvin & Caroline stayed all night.  Preaching at Liberty by Ab Casey & at C. Hill by A. Freeman.  The  living green has fled & a sense of near decay.  Tells earth her glory will soon be shed &  her beauty passed away.  But still the roses bloom.  And smile at the sunflower's feet.   The flowers of love still light the gloom.  And gently weave around the toomb Of  summer a garland sweet.  Chas & Wm stayed at N.N.'s tonight; cousin Lydia here.   this  is an unhappy night to me.

11/19 Cold, windy, bright morn.  I am gining cotton, the rest are picking cotton.  last week I  read in the Advocate the death of one ofmy sweet friends in Ark; Miss Adelia Hall so  beautiful young so kind & sweet; has left earth for the Heaven that the Bible tells of  yes she is an Angel now for she died as she had lived an humble follower of the meek &  lowly Saviour.  Packed N.N.'s 11th bale cotton.  I went to Salem & got Gen shod all  round.  Mr. Beck & Darthula was in town making purchases I think preparatory to the  wedding of T.G.T. & Miss Phredonia Alice.  Darthula drove her mother very politely in  WD's buggy alone.  Dr. Casey is still drinking.  J.C. Williams has gone to Ripley.

11/20 Somewhat warmer, a few high scaly looking clouds, Bright moonshine last night.  We
 are going to sowing wheat.  Dark cloudy still evening.  We sowed 2 bus of wheat near
 night.  Mr. Rieves & lady came by doubled on the gray.  Also a nicely dressed man in a  fine buggy gone to Ripley.  I planted 127 peach seed & 100 Apple seed in the flower  garden; the velvet & monthly roses are growing, buding & blooming like spring.  H.K.N.  spent the last night with us.

11/21 Cold, clouds & sunshine.  We are sowing wheat soaked in blue stone 18 hrs.  They  ground is very grassy; we run 5 plows.  After noon 5 of Uncle's children & Sallie & Eliza  went to L. Nabors to a quilting & corn shucking.  I & Kenerdy walked & hunted around  killed a squirril.  We all had a jolly time; 26 girls & boys.  The moon shone in all its  splendor.  We broke up at 9 ocl & on the road home I shot a dog & sent him houling.

11/22 Cloudy, cold, bleak, still day.  Sowing wheat.  Chas & Mc Nabors went a hunting today;
 no school; stoped to put glass in the windows.  Sister Nancy has the flux very bad.   John came for Ma; she will stay all night.  John & Fannie Nabors came to stay at Uncle  N's; after supper they all came over & set till 10 ocl; jolly time; no playing.  Fannie  looks fine.

11/23 A very little warmer; very thick cloudy yet.  We are sowing wheat.  Uncle Nabors  started to H. Nabors today.  I wrote a letter to Wm Anderson yesterday.  I killed four  rabbit today.  Ma is at Johns yet.  Nancy is no better.  J.F. Asbury stays tonight with us.   Gordon Williams has got a boy.  finished sowing nine bushels wheat & set a snare trap  in a den.

11/24 Dark, cloudy still day.  Paid our entire Account with C.E. Haris. to  J.F. Asbury $45.25.  I  reced a letter from T.A. Mears.  gining cotton.  I went to Salem.  Nancy very sick, great  many women there.  Hunters start to the flatwoods.  Orin & Owen Beck were over  here this morn after geese.  Hauling wood this eve.  Thas went to help fix glass in  Hopewell.  He killed 2 squirils.  I went to Salem again this evening to carry Aunt Kezie.   Mrs. Wheatley was there & talks of Fannie match.  I met Mrs. Shivers going to Salem.   Chas stays at Uncle N.N.'s tonight  Began to rain very cold rain from high, hard, slow  clouds.

11/25 Cloudy day.  We saw some sport with two possums draged them and let the hounds   chase.  F. M. Nooner came early after Taylor.  I went home with him & took diner and  read Miss Martha's letter from Pontotoc telling of a love for me.  Then I & Francis  started to Mr. Spencer's but saw Beasly at Mr. Smiths; we got down & I read the "good  ole way' for him & he shouted like a seahorse.,  We then went on to Mr. Spencers but  did not stop;  too late.  We saw Miss Genie & Fannie running across the yard.  We then  went to prayer meeting at Liberty; only 3 ladies there - it didn't pay' the boys said.   Orin Beck wished us all to take supper there but we desisted & come home.  F. M.  Nooner, Chas, Dawkins, John Nabors & Jas. Craft stoped with me till bed time.  We  enjoyed ourselves very well.  Ma is not at home yet.  Mc & T.G. Nabors were here all  day & the girls loaded them with boquets.  Francis Nooner is going to live with Dr.  Whitlow next year.  JonÓs Nabor's is going to school next yr.  Darthula & Mourning Beck  stays at Uncle Bens tonight.

11/26 Dim sunshine; rather windy, cold day.  I gined on U. N.N.'s cotton all day.  The rest are  picking cotton.  J.Craft is fixing for a quilting at his house next wednesday; late in the  evening Sallie & Graydon went to see Nancy; she is better.  They got the papers; Uncle  Nabors got home from Pontotoc near sunset

11/27 Dim, cold, wamer towards night.  I gining cotton.  We packed two bales cotton  making  14 for N. Nabors.  Henry Machen & Dick came after 200 bus seed for Dickerson &  Sulivan.  Fannie Nabors came up to see about cloth & loom.  N.Nabors & boys hauled in  a load of cotton.  We turned out two sows to prepare for pigs.  Ma is at John's yet.  N.N.  bought 25-1/2 yds bailing today at Salem.

11/28 Clouds & sunshine; dim cold day.  We are gining & picking cotton.  Sallie, Eliza & myself  in a buggy went to a quilting given at Jas. Craft; we got there early; good many there.  I  & T. Craft went a hunting.   Craft kill a gobler.  I got three shots on the wing but got  nothing.  We had a splendid dinner & I passed the evening very pleasantly with the girls  quilting.  J. Craft stood over them all the time but had little to say to any.  Hezy  Spencer & Orin Beck came over after noon & late in the evening Louis Mcd, Chas,  Daukins & J.F. Asbury come there, after the quilt was finished.  We all left for home 1  hr by sun.  The boys were disappointed, for they expected a play at night.  Ma came  home this evening.  Nancy is getting well.  Fannie Nabors has a new dress.

11/29 Dim, cold, still day; great frost this morning; coldest night we have had this fall.   William is gining the rest are picking cotton.  I took my gun & rode down to Day's to see  if Poff was taking his cotton off, but he has not.  Pup treed a squirril & I killed it.  I went  by Mr. Lax's & talked to Francis N & S. Poff.  picking cotton.  I saw Mr. Lax weigh &  went by Elley Poff's home.  I fed the gin this evening while Jas. Craft talked to me  stiring memorys bitterest token till night when Craft went by Mr. Lax home.  We  packed a bale of our cotton tonight.  Francis Nooner & Orrin Beck caught a large coon  below our field last night.  Uncle N. Nabors, Irvin & Dick all went with a load of cotton  to Lagrange today.

11/30 Dim cold with howling winds from the south; ice at noon in the grillies.  We hauled up  our cotton & went to gining.  the negroes are picking.  Rieves & lady & bull are here for  dinner.  Packed a bale of our cotton at night.  Kanedy & Tommy, Chas & Wm, George &  myself went to Mr. Lax & got Francis with his dogs we went a hunting & treed two  coons up one tree.  We cut it down but did not get them then; one run up a tree near by  & Chas climbed up shot at it with a pistol but missed it; he then shook it out & Star &  Rock killed it.  Twas an exciting time.  The other dogs had treed the other coon half  mile off in the cotton; went to them and cut the tree down but the coon got away  again.  we set down by our fire & talked untill the dogs treed him for away again; this  was about midnight & very dark, clear night.  We started & the moon rose & give a pale  shivering look to every thing,.  We got home very tired at 2 ocl A.M.

12/1 Warm, cloudy day with now & then a flood of sunshine.  The hands are picking & Wm is  gining cotton.  Mr. L. Nabors & Nimrod came to the gin; made settlement & paid over  cotton money about 1 ocl.  Jake Aubry, Irvin, H.K., T.P. Nabors, Chas & myself started  to Days mill; hunting.  Tr. G, & I treed a squirril & I went to Mr. Lipfords & borrowed an  ax & cut it down but never got it.  We didn't see the other boys untill we got home after  dark.  We all killed nothing but a rabbit & 3 squirrils.

12/2 Very clear with cold, strong, wind from the north which makes the mighty trees bend to  it's invisible power.  Charles & Wm stayed at N.N.'s last night.  John Williams was here  a little while this morning.  He has bought an other negro of T.A. Craft; he says we had  better pay ourselves what Jas Roberson oweds us by taking a wagon for $125.   John  has got a fine iron-grey horse.  Mr. Casey & wife, Mr. L. Nabors & wife are over at  Uncle's; Mr. Nabors & wife drawing of horse and buggy here in a buggy.  We all - 25  children in all jumped the rope.  We all stayed at home & read all day; nobody here.   T.G. & Lydia went to Pleasent Hill.

12/3 Cold, cloudy & dry.   Sallie & I went to Alex Williams & Mrs. Slaiver stayed & took dinner  & dunned all of them for money but got none; talked of buying Sam & Hannah; then we  went to Salem & John's; he got mad about Alex.  We took supper & came home.

12/4 Very clear but cloudy in the evening, rather warmer.  Negroes are picking cotton.  I  ginned Uncle N.N.'s 16 & last bale cotton & binished packing it after dark.  Cousin John  Mayhon came this eve telling of Cousins Nannie's marriage & gives us an invite.  Sallie  is at L. Nabors helping Fannie make her fine dress; she will stay all night.   Mr.   Hughpeth came to rent land but wanted too little.  I am going to Lagrange tomorrow  with Uncle with 4 bale of our cotton making the eighth bale for us.  Cold day.

12/5 Sunshine, frosty & rather smoky.  I & Billie started to LaGrange with Uncle N.N. ,  Kanedy & Dick, got along beautifully & camped 3 miles on this side of town.  Chas  stayes at home from school & goes a hunting with cousin John & Irvin; they killed 8  rabbits; Cousin Nannie marries Wash. Green .

12/6 Clear, bright still cold day; big frost this morning.  We got to Lagrange early & sold all  our cotton to J.S. Day for 6-1/4 @ 7-3/4 cts; the passenger train came by at 10 ocl &  news of a decline in cotton  this is thanksgiving day in Tenn & most all the business  stoped in Lagrange.  We left about 11 ocl A.M. & 4 miles from Lag we met W.D. B on  horse back am Miss Phredonia Mourning & Darthula, Becks in carriage.  The girls were verry smiling & seemed happy.  The Czar was grum; we got home just after dark,  J. Mahom went home.

12/7 Cold, dim day.  The negros finished picking our cotton yesterday & are cuting wood  today.  Billie & George are gining for Jas. Craft.  I am going to Salem.  I stayed all day;  eat dinner at Johns; he is at Tippah.  I saw Miss Mary Machen coming from the store gayley dressed.

12/8 Dark clouds from the south with cold penetrating wind.  I scraped the soil form the  roots of the peach orchard; gining cotton & cuting wood; packed a bale for Jas. Craft.   Chas stocked the old gun.  Sallie went to see Nancy this eve & came back just as it  began to rain.  Fayette Nooner stays all night after supper we all went to Uncle N.N.'s  & the rain poured & wind rushed & howled & a perfect war of elements seemed to  threaten us with instant destruction but we got safe except geting very mudy by falling  into the gullie.  Fannie Nabors was there; we had a very fine time & came through the  mud & rain & Egyptian darkness home at 9 ocl & went to rest.

12/9 bright sunshine & very high wind from the s-w; moderately cold.  Chas green coat is  finished.  Preaching at Liberty by Lambest & Hopewell by Adkins.  I & Sallie went to  Liberty; 9 ladies there.  Miss Becks are gone to Memphis.  very cold wind from the  north.  Cha went with Fayette to Hopewel & the Nabors boys also.  J.F. Asbury, T.C.  Roberson & W.H. Borck; took dinner at O. Becks.  I read till night with cousin Lydia &  Caroline; the sun set clear & very cold wind blowing, some after dark.  Sallie & myself  are going to go to Memphis tomorrow.

12/10 Bright, clear, dry, windy & cold.  Sallie & I started in buggy to Lagrange; we took dinner  8 miles of Lag., while eating 3 Miss Becks & the Czar came by going home from   Memphis.  We got to La-g. 1 ocl but waited untill 1 hr by sun & took the cars for   Memphis; we got there at 8 ocl at night & saw the town lighted with gas.  We were  greeted at the Whitemore House kindly by it's social proprietor; here before supper I  made the never breaking tie of Friendship of Miss M.A. Alexander & Father & cousin,  Miss Sarah B.

12/11 Clear cold day; In Memphis soon after sunup, walked up town & down to the river  looked at the sights up & down & around; buying groceries at J.J.Murphy & Dry goods at  Lehmans & Co; jewellry at Clarks. met Mr. Alexander at Lehman; finishd buying at 3 ocl  P.M. then we went up to the navy yard & walked all over it & seen th sights there - we  got back to Whitemores at dark & took of a splendid supper with our beautifull   company the two young landie above named; we had music after supper on the   Accordian by Miss Sarrah B. & some real social & sweet joyful conversation in the room  with the young ladie - we went to bed at 10 ocl but could not sleep.  Miss Sarah B got  very sick & they thought she would die sent fot the Dr.; the girls set up nearly all night  just at midnight the seranadors came to the door & we had sweet music for a long time.   Oh such a bed & such sleeping as I had this night, I never wish to have again

12/12 some warmer but windy; some bright clouds at the portals of day are ready in their  richest robes to receive the god of day.  We all got up early & took breakfast.  Miss  Sarah B is better but is going out on the morning train home - we walked up to the  depot  & picked a good seat in the back car & just as the suns light began to be   reflected by the steeples & highest windows of south Memphis the whistle sounded &  we were off from the city of bluffs for home sweet home!  We kept up social   conversation & had many beautiful remarks to make of the scenes as they swiftly  glided by.  Miss Sarah thought she would have another fit of last nights sickness but by  help of the wit & sweetness of her cousin we managed to get her quite jovial; making  the car reverbrate with merry laughter.  The sun shone bright in his bed of clouds;  while the mellow southwind shook the shining ringlets of our beautious sick friend.  But  pleasures so sweet Must quickly end!  Moscow was sung out by the conductor & we had  to part rought & hurriedly with no sweet word are consoling press of the hand but as  we started for Lagrange we exchanged sweet smiles & wave of hands & the young  ladies grew smaller in the long thining distance intill we lost sight of the girls standing  by their trunk at Moscow.  A few moments & we got out at Lagrange call for Polk &  troted Slowly for home; we meet H. Spencer, J.B. Crofford, W.L. Brock, Mr. Medlock &  son; we got to Salem & stayed 1 hour; Nancy is sick.  We got home at sundown; Jas.  Craft & Jas. Nabors here.  B.F.T at uncle N.N.'s.  Jas Nabors went to L. Nabors after  supper.  Jas Craft stays all night.  Poor conversation.  I very sleepy; we got to bed early.

12/13  Warmer & cloudy, wind from the south.  Jas. Craft stayed all day; Chas & Wm started to  La-g after freight & took 3 bales Craft's cotton.  I mended & greased buggy harness;  fixed the buggy house door & sunk our tar barrel; got our sheep drove up & salted.   Only 45 up; they look bad.  Negroes cuting & spliting wood & rails.  All our cousins are  over to see us tonight.  how the wind sighs through the leafless branches & howls  through the key holes.  While Taylor barks! barks!

12/14 Dark, cloudy, wet morn; wind & rain from the so-east.  I & Sallie got ready to start to  Aunt Mayhon's but did not go on account of the rain.  Negroes are shelling corn while  the rain spaters awhile then stops & the wind sighs & sobs; Cleared about noon so clear  it seemed you could see the farthest part of the uper keep while the clouds floated afar  up like the downy beds of Angels.  A table-cloth-peddler stoped, but sold none.  I went  to see Nancy she can't walk yet & I got Polk shod before & got two letters from Uncle  N.Nabors & in one came the sad , sad news of death of cousin Mattie S - as used to be,  who died in Florida.  I have a rose bud she gave me when she was single because I  loved her But weep not for Heaven is her's Oh why is it that fairest things the sooner  fleet & die; That when most light are on their wings they're then but spread to fly?------
 Moses & Squire got their new hats tonight.

12/15 Gloomy, fogy, cloudy, still day.  I and Sallie started to Aunt Rachel's to see cousin  Nannie married.  We took dinner at the well 18 miles from home.  Charles & Wm got  home from Lagrange at 10 ocl brin over groceries & goods they sold Craft's cotton at 6-  1/4 cts.  Rain began at 3 ocl P.M.; we were 12 mi from Aunt's; It got faster & mudier  every moment till dark set in verry gloomy.  We put up for the night at Tardy V, were  we made aquaintance of a young teacher, who was sweet on an argnement   conversation &  & flute.  We had a very pleasant time while the rain fell in wintry  wildness & waters rose & swept away bridges.  Here we heard that cousin Wm Graydon  was married lately to a Miss Sallie Mcphearson; they are all South Carolinans here.

12/16 Dark, cloudy & still drizzling rain rather warmer.  We left Mr. Holdridg's early; our bill  was $1.50 cts.  Very mudy the swamps are nearly impassible with wild floods of water  every where.  The bridge was washed away & we had to go east & cross at the Wolf-  Ferry bridge.  We went through a field to get by the gullies & logs & after seeing any  amount of grey squirrils we arrived at Aunt's about half past ten ocl & were warmly  greeted by all the Mahon conexion; yet one hour & our company was beautifully  augmented by the arrival of the sweet and tallented Miss Lou Colemon.  After supper I  was introduced to Miss Lou; After which one my sweetest evenings were spent in  social converse.

12/17 Somewhat cooler but cloudy & damp yet.  Cousin John & myself rode through the mud  to Pontotoc; my first visit; considerable town.  We purchased some ornamentals for the  bride & waiters for which we both paid out the last cent we had.  I got Miss Lou C some  gloves, lace & flowers.  We saw Mr. G.W. Green & I would know him; they came nearly  home with us but our roads parted near Aunt's.  We met a drove of fine horses near  home.  Mr. Smith's grey mare fell down with me on smooth ground & cousin John's  horse ran away with him but we did not get hurt.  Cleared off beautiful this evening.   The girls like our purchases verry well except the sprigs of flowers.  they finished their  dresses & we had fun & laughing after supper.  Chas & Eliza came late in the bright  silvery moonshine after geting lost ---------- Mr. G.W. Hicks died today at home.

12/18 Cold & very clear.  Oh! such a sweet night as last was is often seen in Paradise only.   Cousin John & Chas, myself slept together and Miss Lou, Nannie & Sallie slept together  with only a wall between our beds.  Such a snore  Lou  & Sallie had I never heard  before.  Something sweet I heard ----- The Sun arose in all his splendor throwing his  cheerings rays into millions of doors giving new life to the Christmas - loving people of  this glorious country.  I read in Gody's Book some sweets of Posey ----- at 3:ocl P.M. the  bride & maids (Cousin Nannie, Miss Lou & Sallie) finished their toilets & called for we  boys to see them.  We opened the door & such a sight as burst upon our eyes! pen is  powerless to depict.  We conversed sweetly while we admired their beauty.  Oh Miss  Lou is sweet & so beautiful.  We stayed and dreamed away until the God of day threw  his last lingering rays on the silent earthe beneath which his quickly sank but his mirror  hung high in the east threw his mellowed light on the little croud that were gathering  fast to see the last of Miss Nannie Mahon at dusk the groom & attendants (Waller &  Green) came & glided into the little room where the girls were then come they two &  two and while we stood softly by the Soluim vows were smoothly & quickly said & that  name was no more Nannis B. Mahon.   I waited upon the ladies & gents as they stood
 around the fair-like table gayly lauging at times & then a smacking of sweet lips on the
 dainties spread in rich profusion around ---- After supper some circled the card table  which was verry dull to me; then we formed a briliant cresent round the mightly roaring  fire. While converation & merry laughing rose & died; now boistrous as the wild storm  then gently dieing away like an autumn wind until every thing was as silent as death.   So passed the hours that were too sweet to last till 12 ocl P.M. found us laying our gay  garments by & sliping neath the weighty quilts to dream Something new -----

12/19 Clear and cold, Such a wild pleasure to see the sunrise as we all enjoyed by geting up
 early is not often felt.  The groom said it rained a little last night but I slept too sound  to know.  Miss Lou Colemon took her leve at 10 ocl today, in company with Dr. Walter  without so mutch as a sweet press of her hand she bowed & glided out of sight like an  angel in a dream.  Dr. Babb left after taking a splendid dinner, the last of the brief  happy band except we Terry's at 3 ocl P.M. Sallie and I bid adieu to Aunt's and the  happy couple & went draging through the dismal mudy samps to spend our last night at  Mr. Green's; here we got by sundown & had the merriest night of all; bright night I sept  with the Back again (Dr. Green).  Miss Lou loves Dr. Waller they say.

12/20 Clear & cold, icey wind from the east.   Sallie and myself left Mr. Green's just as the
 sun rose & met with Chas & Eliza & cousin John at Tardy Vile at 8 ocl.  There is a ball at  Mr. Hiler's tonight near Mr. Green's & a great ball & fox-chase at New Albany next  Monday (24th).  We passed through N.A. at 10 ocl; great circus there today.  We took  dinner at the well again at 1 ocl & met Wm. Parker in the evening.  We got to Tippah  river at sundown; saw Lucy, she hollored at us.  We came by Mr. Osborne's home by  supper.  T.G. Toombs & Miss P.A. Beck were married last tuesday night by Mr.   Lambert; they had no guests.

12/21 Dark, cloudy, drizzling morn.  Sallie & I went to Salem; gining cotton, sowed wheat two  days this wek.  Wm sowed.  Heard a quarrel at Mrs. Redus -  theme - can't pay debts.   Cambell wanted to hire negro;  I sent 2.50 cts for the "ApppealÓ & paid our Acct at  WellonÓs $2.25.  Saw T.G. Toombs, he wants to buy N.N.'s corn; he is going to farmin  next year.  Mr. Beck gives him a negro & land.  We came home about night.  W.   Dickerson is trying to settle with Uncle N.N.  Chas stays there tonight.  I read the  "PostÓ & dreamed bad dreams.

12/22 Clear, windy & warm.  Chas went to Days after a load of flour.  I went over and   helped N.N. measure his land.  Saw Mrs. Orsborne going to Salem.  F.M. Nooner come  by out a hunting & wanted us to go with him.  Will & I sowed 3 bushels of wheat  without plowing in the old valley.  Chas went hunting.  Squire hauling wood, & rails to  build up the turnip fence.  I took my books over & settled with Uncle N. Nabors.  I spent  the night (a bright moonshine) in pleasent conversation, so free and easy.  N. Nabors  sold his corn to T.G. Toombs & J.T. Beck for $2 a bbl. cash.

12/23 Dark, dismal, foggy, drizzling, piercing cold nothwind -- strange weather.  We are all at  home today.  Irvin, Caroline & Fayette Nooner took dinner with us.  We had buiscuit,  scrapple, sausages, boiled & baked ribs, butter, coffee & milk.  Apple pies & sauce for  dinner.  Very Very cold - high howling wind from the north with clouds so thick that it  seems the sun is nearly blown out.  After noon Chas, Sallie, Fayette N. &  myself  saddled up & went to Mr. Lax's had a fast ride; no one there but the 4 girls & very little  fire.  Dr. Block is married.  Miss Jane Goisham & Mr. West married last tuesday night.    Miss Paulina Parker is to marry a printer from Memphis next week.  Miss Darthula says
 she will spend the Christmas at Uncle Ben's.  Francis N. has been to N.Nbor's today.   We passed an hour pleasantly with Martha & came home at night.  F. Nooner spends  tonight with us.  We sewed up a sow again today.  I think she'll die.  What!  wild  unearthlly screaming is that! it is the north wind, after his victims.

12/24 Very cold.  Dark thick clouds are coming fast with cold wind from the No bringing sleat  & mist.  Squire hauling wood.  Chas gone to Salem & to Hannis' sale.  I went to N.N. to  measure his land but at 11 ocl Irvin & I borrowed two of his coats & walked up to the  sale - about 60 men there - freezing; property went high.  Dreadful day.  We came home  at 2 ocl.  Mr. Freeman here wants to hire a negro but don't like to give security.  Irvin,  Kenerday & Lydia stayes all night with us.  I am reading "Becklard's PhysialigyÓ; the  wind screams.

12/25 Christmas.  Thick, cold, high clouds, spiting snow by spells.  Ther. sands at 18 degrees.   Chas & Kenerdy pulled Irvin & I out of bed at 3 ocl this morning & draged Irvin out doors  into the sleet.  I went to bed again & slept' till morning.  We are going rabit hunting;  uncommon cold.  Frolic at Mr. L. Nabors's.  The girls & boys ought to scatter both they  didn't.  Lte in the evening our Co.. was swelled by the arrival of Miss E. Daukins, Sarah  Garrett, Fayette Nooner, Mc Nabors, Asbury Freeman, Jas & Jacob Crafts who left at 8  ocl P.M. when the moon was shining bright.  Chas is at N.N.'s; we conversed on small  subjects till 10 ocl & went to rest.  Very clear

12/26 Cold but very clear morn.  Our co. all left early for the quiltin given at Jas. Craft's.   Asbury Freeman went with Miss S. Garretts, Mc.N. with Miss Daukins.  I am reading,  writing.  Ma & Aunt Kezie walked to Mr. L. Nabors.  The negroes are coming in . Sallie  & I went in co with F.M. Nooner to B. Lax; Emisy Beck & Lucy there; at sun set Francis,  Fayette, Billie & myself rode over to Jas. Crafts & took supper of the banquet prepared  for the disappointed party.  Some 10 - 12 boys there.  Jas C. looks rather bad.  When we  got to Martha's we found the two Miss Garretts, Miss Daukins, Fannie Nabors, John  Nabors & Asbury Free & Chas Daukins - the first and last of Crafts party; they all went  back to Mr. Nabors before night.  Francis' horse got loose at Craft's & came home.  We  bought candy & cake to the girls after supper.

12/27 Cold but thin sheets of clouds from the south; the ground is thawing, last night was  very deep freezing.  Miss Mourning & Darthula Becks spent monday night, tuesday  night at Miss Martha Nooner's.  Sallie stays at Martha's today.  I came home at 9 ocl  A.M. & politely brought Miss Nannie Nooner behind me.  I went over helped W.   Dickerson & Irvin to measure his land; it took us all day; hard work & didn't come home  to dinner.  We made out that N.N. had 66 A, 47-5/8 poles in all.  looks like raining.  Mr.  Beck took away T.G. Toombs corn today; he wishes to buy Toombs two cows.  We all (&  Fayett & Nannie) stayed untill bed time at Uncle N.Nabors; we had a jolly time.   Dickerson went home after supper.

12/28 Thick, cloudy & raining gently, a great deal warmer.  Mr. Freeman was here yesterday  wanting to give his note for a negro woman but did not.  Chas & Fayette are gone  petting birds.   Nannie wants to go home.  I am going to Salem.  I eat dinner at John's.   Eveline Ayres was there; fussing in the Williams family yet.  John made a settlement  with Rieves today; he owes them $35.  G.M. Bostwich is living with old R. Hicks.  Mark  B. is going to California soon.  Mr. Leak is going to take his sheep home.  The Becks are  after E. Dabbs for money he won't pay for wheat. We have not got the money from the  Tarrences yet.  Chas & Eliza stay at M.G. Nooner's tonight.  Dark & very thick foggy.

12/29 Damp, dark, foggy, cloudy morning.  Fayett N. came home with Chas & Eliza & went to  L. Nabors with Sallie, Lydia, Caroline & John Nabors.  Uncle N. Nabors came over & we  made a final settlement.  I bought 70 lbs of cotton from him at 6-3/4 cts & if I get more  for it or less we are to settle again.  I gave him 1/2 gal tar.  I took dinner at home.   Chas wrote his Articles for a school at the "ChapelÓ.  I & Eliza went on duck to Salem &  John's.  E. Ayres there yet - I & F Redus helped John to draw off several Accts.  I sent  in a club of 6 for "Harper's MagazineÓ.  Paid an Acct of J.W.G. Crofford's for 55 cts of  1851.  I saw a great many of the boys & all seemed to be buzy settling up & good many  mad boys.  Mr. Machen says I grow less & less.  I collected some money of T. Toombs  for Uncle N.N..  Mudiest day ever seen; up to my waist in every house.  Fayett &  Francis disagree;  F. Redus & Wm Davis fought chickens in the street this evening at d  dark & they said they bet lot of negroes in town; you may expect a drinken row there  tonight.  W.D.B. continues in the Emperor's throne of Tippah

12/30 Cold, snowing; ground covered with snow but clear in the evening & all the snow  melted & frozee before night.  We stayed al day at home.  Francis Nooner stays all day;  read & talked & eat buscuit & fried meat untill the day passed away.  Chas went to  Salem for Eliza at John's where was seen Mrs. Wheatley & Fannie talking of their ages.   Will came on from Freeman's to Spencers & his mule got away while he got no dinner;  he lost his saddle, briddle & blanket & stoped herself at A. Poff's; he walked home  after dark reasuring to never go a courting again; he came very near getting a whaling  at that.  After supper our cousin, all but Irvin came over & set untill 10 ocl.  The last  time very lively time all  together taking the last lingering look at each other the last  parting kiss was exchanged & the stars above twinkled one like bright smiling eyes.

12/31 Cold, half clear & half cloudy; a gloomy pale over the last, last day ---What a deathlike  stillness reigns as if nature had stoped breathing while her last loved offspring dies & is  buried in the oblivious past. Francis Nooner splept with me last night & stayed untill  10 ocl this morn.  I went to Salem & stayed all night at John's.  After supper went up to  the grocery & heard sweet music by Redus.  Susan Ayres at John's & Sallie.  I slept with  Joe Ayres & John & we laughed some.  Mr. Wheatley hired Rachel at $100 & clouthed  her &  child.  Uncle N. Nabors & family started to Desoto.  Sam & Wm going with them  to drive the cows.  Sallie & Ma parted with them at John's Uncle N. Nabors & family started to Desoto.  Sam & Wm going with them to drive  the cows.  Sallie & Ma parted with them at John's laughed some.  Mr. Wheatley hired Rachel at $100 & clouthed her &   child.  Uncle N. Nabors & family started to Desoto.  Sam & Wm going with them to drive  the cows.  Sallie & Ma parted with them at John's at John's.

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