These are early deeds of Union Co, MS which are not listed in the direct
or reverse deed record index.

Grantor(s) to Grantee(s) Dated Page
Able, G.D., Tr. (for Joe C. Dickson) to Jno. F. Jackson 12-22-79 456
Adair, B.H. to J.S. Bullock and F.M. Bullock 4-22-78 35
Agnew, S.A., et al vs. E.R. Richey (Decree confirming distribution of Enoch Agnew property among his heirs) 11-6-79 511
Allen, S.C., et ux, M.A. to E.E. Murphy 12-15-78 358
Anderson, J.J. Sheriff & Tax Coll. To J. L. Smith 3-5-79 285
Anderson, J.J. Sheriff & Tax Coll., to Thos. Ford 3-4-79 294
Anderson, J.J. Sheriff to Jesse Pipkins 6-3-78 152
Anderson, J.J. Sheriff to S. Heard 6-3-78 147
Anderson, J.J., Sheriff to W.S. Parks, H.B. Parks, Cyrena Dickson, Nannie Knox & Addie Williams (Sale in suit Dickson & Reaves vs Parks 12/-/78 300
Anderson, J.J., Sheriff to J.L. Young 3-10-78 2
Arnold, Lee, Trustee (for Jacob Bardin) to Z.M. Stephens 3-25-78 147
Ausburn, J.J. to Thos. Ford 9-2-79 540
Babb, Frank, Tr. (for D.P. Hill) to Thos. Ford 2-18-78 181
Baker, C.G., Comr. In Chan. To Bailey Baker and Samuel Baker (Sale of land belonging to heirs of Jas. Baker, dcd) 2-13-76 243
Barden, Jacob to L.J. Langston & E.P. Wiley 6-2-77 324
Barmore, A.K. to Jno. A. Gilmore 7-14-75 410
Barnes, Thos. B. to Rebecca Garrison 1-1-78 26
Bean, Newton to J.H. McCarter 3-7-76 8-25-77 355
Beard, H.A. to Thos. L. Beard 11-3-79 524
Beard, T.L. to Catherine Beard 1-8-78 159
Beasley, A.M.C. to T.J. Smith 9-3-77 208
Beasley, Jane to John Davis 3-22-77 401
Beasley, Joseph F., et ux, G.A. to T.R. Adkins 11-16-79 531
Bennett, Elijah - LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT 9-18-79 10-13-76 495
Biles, W.H. to J.C. Dickson 1-6-79 283
Billingsley, et ux, M.J. to W. C. Greer 1-5-77 --/--/79 532
Bissinger, H. & W. Steppacher by H. Bissinger, his atty-in-fact to C.B. Mitchell 2-12-78 228
Blackard, B.W., et ux, S.E. to Jno. H. Mitchell, et ux, Flora 12-3-78 312
Bledsoe, J.P., et ux, M.J. and D.C. Bledsoe to M.L. Whittington 3-10-78 229
Boatner, Geo, et ux, Harriett, to O.J. Johnson 3-6-77 396
Bond, W.W., et ux, J.C. to (Caption "A.C. Gregory") 9-30-76 1-16-79 307
Booth, Richard W. to Coleman D. Payne 12-21-76 37
Brown, J.D., et ux, Louisa to D.J. Austin 2-27-79 249
Brown, Jas. R. to Lewis Glenn (Power of Attorney) Ack: Hill Co, TX 11-23-79 262
Brownlee, J.A., et ux, M.J. to T.J. Wildman 12-4-72 12-2-78 329
Bryant, Aaron, et ux, Mary to Aaron David Bryant 2-12-77 437
Bryant, Aaron, et ux, Mary to Jno. T. Bryant 2-12-77 434
Bryant, Aaron, et ux, Mary to Theo. D. Pannell 2-1-77 436
Bryant, Marcus, et ux, A.G. to Wm. Littlejohn 9-23-78 315
Burk, R.F. to Jerry Dean, POWER OF ATTORNEY Ack: Monroe Co, Ark. 6-3-78 4
Busby, J.F. to G.W. Dye 12-27-76 131
Caldwell, J.C., et ux, S.A. to J.N. Davis 11-2-79 459
Caldwell, J.C., et ux, S.A. to Mary Brock 10-26-76 2-18-78 413
Caldwell, W.J. to W.S. Spence 1-3-79 238
Carlile, Jno. P to R.C. Teague 11-25-78 11
Carr, O.C., Tr. (for Jno. J. Beasley) to S.J. High 3-20-79 255
Cawthon, T.T., et ux, S.L. to Marietta Pickens 1-10-77 220
Chapman, C.A. & Mrs. E.B. Chapman to Jas. P. Wilson 11-29-77 392
Childers, A.M., et ux, M.J. to S.H. Nowlen 8-21-77 1-12-78 322
Cobb, W.H., et ux, M.A. to W.H. Alexander 9-8-77 31
Cole, W.J., Jas. M., Jno. A., H.M., J.J. Cole, B.C.S. McAllister, et ux, Elizabeth, Eliza A. Dulaney, Gdn. Thos. & Ira Ann Cole, to Geo. Mitchell 8-29-78 326
Collins, I.R., Exr. Last Will & Testament of Moses Collins, dcd, to Pressly Foster 1-15-78 409
Collins, M.B. to Nancy Collins 1-13-79 279
Collins, M.B. Tr. (for Thos. F. Fuller) to J.F. Smith 1-1-77 440
Collins, Moses, et ux, Elizabeth to John Cole 5-23-78 138
Cornelius, T.J., J.J. Duke, et ux, Bettie A. Duke, Amanda C. McCain, C.W. Bowman, et ux, Alice, the heirs of Sarah Cornelius, dcd to Mary A. Nisbet 10-12-77 192
Cossitt, F.P., Lucy F. Cossitt, Geo. G. Cossitt, Augusta McCrillis, Florence C. Wright, heirs of Geo. G. Cossitt, dcd. To R. J. Flemming 6-14-78 157
Cox, Robt. B., et ux, Frances J. to S.H. Nowlen 1-19-78 318
Cullens, C. to Mrs. R.J. Norvell 12-9-78 321
Cullens, C. to Sarah T. Rhea 4-22-78 143
Cullens, F.W. to J.F. Hodlich 3-1-72 10-19-77 343

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