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Posted Queries for July thru September 1999

CAIN, CRIMM, GRIFFIN, LEE posted by Audrey Lee Diener on Monday, July 5, 1999

Descendants of Moses Perkins Lee Generation No. 1 1. MOSES PERKINS2 LEE (UNKNOWN1) was born July 22, 1818 in Pulaski, Giles County, Tennessee, and died December 06, 1897 in Grayson County, Texas. He married ALPHA OMEGA CAIN December 23, 1847 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi, daughter of THOMAS CAIN and SARAH NIX. She was born 1832 in Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi, and died Aft. September 1900 in Mississippi. Children of MOSES LEE and ALPHA CAIN are: 2. i. AMERICUS LAFAYETTE3 LEE, b. March 24, 1848, Aberdeen, Monroe Co., Mississippi; d. August 30, 1927, Blue Springs, Union Co., Mississippi (Cemetery New Albany E). ii. JOHN R LEE, b. 1854. iii. WILLIAM J. LEE, b. 1856. 3. iv. SALLIE A. LEE, b. 1858, Pontotoc, Mississipi. 4. v. JAMES P. LEE, b. 1860; d. May 1885. vi. MARGARET LEE, b. 1862. vii. ROBERT LEE, b. 1864. viii. GEORGE LEE, b. 1866. ix. JACKSON LEE, b. 1870. x. CHARLES LEE, b. June 18, 1870; d. Bet. 1920 - 1950. xi. MINNIE LEE, b. 1872. Generation No. 2 2. AMERICUS LAFAYETTE3 LEE (MOSES PERKINS2, UNKNOWN1) was born March 24, 1848 in Aberdeen, Monroe Co., Mississippi, and died August 30, 1927 in Blue Springs, Union Co., Mississippi (Cemetery New Albany E). He married (1) MARY MOLLIE ELIZABETH CRIMM September 17, 1873 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, daughter of SAMUEL CRIMM and SUSAN. She was born October 22, 1852 in Mississippi, and died December 22, 1897 in Grayson County. Texas. He married (2) MATTIE EVELYN GRIFFIN July 04, 1900 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, daughter of JESSIE GRIFFIN and LINDA BENNETT. She was born November 26, 1875 in Calhoun County, Mississippi, and died November 30, 1954 in Los Angeles, California. Children of AMERICUS LEE and MARY CRIMM are: i. LAURA ETHEL4 LEE, b. October 04, 1881, Mississippi; d. August 29, 1899, Grayson County,Texas; m. ARTHUR L. COWAN, April 15, 1897, Grayson County, Texas; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. ii. AUTIE LEE, b. August 26, 1881, Grayson County,Texas; d. July 15, 1883, Grayson County,Texas. iii. LELIA LEE, b. February 1885, Grayson County,Texas; d. Bet. 1935 - 1965. iv. STRAWDER CRIMM LEE, b. December 1886, Grayson County,Texas; d. Bet. 1936 - 1966. v. ELMER DALTON LEE, b. December 1888; d. Bet. 1938 - 1968. vi. WILBURN EARL LEE, b. July 03, 1891; d. February 09, 1892, Greyson County, Texas - Washburn Cemetery. vii. MINNIE LEE, b. February 1893; d. Bet. 1923 - 1973. viii. BERTHA BOOKTER LEE, b. April 1894. ix. IDA NEOMIE LEE, b. Unknown. x. IRA LEE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. xi. ORA BELL LEE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. xii. VIOLA LEE, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. Children of AMERICUS LEE and MATTIE GRIFFIN are: xiii. AURIS LAFAYETTE4 LEE, b. December 14, 1902, Blue Springs, Mississippi; d. August 04, 1965, Cadet, Missouri- 'Funeral in Potosi, Missouri; m. (1) UNKNOWN; m. (2) LESLIE AUDREY WORSHAM, Bef. 1919; b. January 06, 1902, Shreveport, Louisiana; d. May 23, 1991, Florida - Buried in Shreveport, Louisiana- Fellowship Cemetery, Aft. 1919; m. (4) JUANITA, Aft. 1943; b. Unknown; m. (5) LILY, Aft. 1950; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. xiv. LOYCE VERNON LEE, b. July 05, 1903, Pontotoc, Mississippi; d. May 10, 1974. xv. CLOYCE VERNON LEE, b. July 05, 1903, Pontotec County, Mississippi; d. July 06, 1903, Pontotec County, Mississippi. xvi. EVA LENORE LEE, b. January 11, 1905, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; m. EARNEST L. HILL. xvii. CLIVE ORON LEE, b. September 07, 1906, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; d. March 06, 1965, St. Louis, Missouri. xviii. JESSIE OMEGA LEE, b. May 31, 1908, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; d. January 30, 1984, St. Louis, Missouri; m. J. CARL SMITH. xix. HOLDER DUPREE LEE, b. May 25, 1910, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; d. 1913, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi. xx. BERNIE ODELL LEE, b. December 23, 1911, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; d. Unknown; m. ERNEST CAMPBELL, December 23, 1927, St. Louis, Missouri; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. xxi. SLOMA HAZEL LEE, b. September 25, 1913, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi. xxii. THURSTON ORVELL LEE, b. July 24, 1915, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; d. July 24, 1915. xxiii. DORMAN WADE LEE, b. June 11, 1916, Blue Springs, Union County, Mississippi; d. November 30, 1998. 3. SALLIE A.3 LEE (MOSES PERKINS2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1858 in Pontotoc, Mississipi. She married SAMUEL A. CASTLEBERRY Bef. 1878 in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, son of WILLIAM CASTLEBERRY and ELIZA NIX. He was born December 25, 1853 in Pontotoc, Mississipi. Children of SALLIE LEE and SAMUEL CASTLEBERRY are: i. LLOYD MANUEL4 CASTLEBERRY, b. August 12, 1878, Pontotoc, Mississipi; d. 1965, Faulkner County, Arkansas. ii. IDA M. CASTLEBERRY. iii. ELLIS CASTLEBERRY. iv. MARY EMMA CASTLEBERRY. v. BUNYON BOYD CASTLEBERRY, b. September 09, 1881; d. January 01, 1966. 4. JAMES P.3 LEE (MOSES PERKINS2, UNKNOWN1) was born 1860, and died May 1885. He married S. M. MELISSA WASHINGTON February 26, 1882. Children of JAMES LEE and S. WASHINGTON are: i. MARY4 LEE, m. JOHN ADAMS. ii. MARION JACKSON LEE, m. IDA TUTOR.

CHAMBERS, FOSTER, HENRY, HOLLAND, RHEA, WEAVER posted by June Johnson on Thursday, July 15, 1999

My Grandfather Andrew Singleton RHEA married 2nd.Lou HOLLAND 1919 in Union Co,MS.I am searching all these Surnames in Union and Marshall Co's. Thanks June Rhea Johnson

COLEMAN posted by Pat Welch on Friday, July 16, 1999

John Simpson COLEMAN was a deputy sheriff in Union County and was killed in the line of duty in 1935. Does anyone have this man in your database? I have information on the rest of his family.

DAVIS posted by Bill Davis on Saturday, July 17, 1999

I am looking for and decendents of Elijah Washington Davis. He had at least one son, William Edward Davis who was born 27 Dec 1883, in Union County,MS. Elijah Washington Davis's wife was Ruth Bennett.

MEADOWS posted by Neal YOUNG on Sunday, July 18, 1999

Please provide me as much information as you can on these two former residents of New Albany

MEADOWS posted by Neal YOUNG on Sunday, July 18, 1999

Please notify me of how much, if any, the charges will be before you do this service for me. I am requesting information on three people, all total, my grandparents and my aunt, Leona MEADOWS. Thank You!

MEADOWS posted by Neal YOUNG on Sunday, July 18, 1999

Please notify me of how much, if any, the charges will be before you do this service for me. I am requesting information on three people, all total, my grandparents and my aunt, Leona MEADOWS. Thank You! P.S. They are deceased from many years ago.

BRISTER, BRISTOW posted by Dennis Boswell on Sunday, July 18, 1999

I am searching for Warwick Brister (or Bristow). In a copy of "Yalobusha County History" (c) 1982 ISBN 0-88107-004-1 appeared the following Article # F382 on page F233: "Jehu Cotter Murray married as his first wife, Mary Brister, the daughter of a Methodist Minister in the New Albany area." I am trying to determine who Mary's father was and what standard genealogical data might be available for him. Thanks to you in advance for any help you might offer.

MOSS posted by Cathy Hodges on Wednesday, July 21, 1999

I am looking for information on Newton and Catherine Moss. I have found them on the 1860 census in Tippah Co. also land deeds in Union Co. in 1873.I would like to find marriage date and dates of their childrens' birth. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You, Cathy Moss Hodges

SMITH posted by terry smith on Thursday, July 22, 1999

I am looking for information on Benjamin SMITH am not sure he is buried in Union County.Should be close by.I was there years ago with my grandfather only once the stones are of my great grand father and grand mother the stones are app 2feet long 1 1/2 feet wide 6in marble put there app 20 yerrs ago names are on top of stones any information would be a big help Thank You

PANNELL, POOL, SHIRLEY posted by Dale Kilzer on Sunday, August 1, 1999

I need any info on ancestors of Greenberry Shirley, married Sarah Ellen Pool. His mother's name was Mary. Sarah may have been daughter of Francis Pool and Savilla Pannell. Thanks to anyone who can help me with this family.

GOODWIN posted by Martha Cofield on Saturday, August 7, 1999

Looking for descendants of Henry Trippet Goodwin, Pinedale area of Union County. Children: Cynthia Isobelle md George Graham; Thomas Saima; Sarah md Frank Adams?;Minnie md Columbus Pilcher; Mattie md Dison; Viteria md Will Hearn?; Linnie Christine md Herron Pollen. Want verification of spouses and children.

GEETER, YOUNG posted by mELVIN yOUNG on Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Searching for information on Theodore D. Young and Margaret Geeter.

MAYHEW posted by Rhenee Grisham on Friday, August 13, 1999

I'm looking for any information on Jim Mayhew, who is buried in Thaxtion Cemitery no head stone. I don't know date of brith or death. His oldest sons name was Marion Benjamon Mayhew. I'm don't know his date of birth, but he died 12-10-41 he was married to Ida Belle Todd. Jim was married to S. Julie Jones Idon't know when they were married. Jim was my great great grandfather and I can't find anything about him. If anyone can help me it sure would be great and I would help someone if I can. Thank You Rhenee

BRIANT, OWEN posted by betty ford on Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Have found names of these ancestors in the "Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church Minutes 1843-1857" Would like to have copies of the pages or to look at book. Where can I find a copy or more information on this document?

HORNE posted by Patsy Kennedy on Monday, August 30, 1999

Looking for info on Nicholas Horne, b. about 1817 in TN. Married Jane Hill on 25 Mar 1841 in Itawamba Co MS (Fulton). Settled in area near Tremont that came to be known as Horne's Crossing. Children were: James, Mary, Martha, Alex, Andrew, Nicholas Perry, Stephen, and Lemuel. If you have any info on county in TN from which he migrated or his ancestors, please let me know. Thanks!

DAVIS posted by Margery Yeager on Friday, September 3, 1999

Looking for the marriage date of Elijah Washington Davis & Rintha (Ruth) Bennett. Should be between 1878-1879. Know Elijah had a second wife...looking for her name. Looking for the date Elijah died & where he is buried. The approximate location of their home was Alpine,MS. Any information will be appreciated.

BAILEY posted by Shelia Bailey McCarver on Thursday, September 9, 1999

Please help me find out if Henry Holcomb Bailey left Union County abt 1860 and returned to S.C. and remarried her name might have been Betsy that would have made her the mother of Jeff Clark, Nannie, H.James(Jim) and Henry Halkman Bailey all 4 children and Henry Holcomb are buried in Wallerville & Henry's 1st wife Winifred Bailey was buried in Laurens S.C. in 1854 so she could not have been their mother. They were born from 1861 til 1870.

JACKSON, KIDD posted by Pat Liggett on Sunday, September 12, 1999

Does anyone have any information on a Arthur Coleman Jackson? He was married for a very short while to my grandmother, Ethel Kidd in 1919. He lived in the Fredonia area around Ingomar I believe.

GORDON posted by Julie Perry on Sunday, September 12, 1999

Would someone please help me with the name of a cemetery at Alpine, MS? years ago when I was working on my GORDON line I went to a cemetery and found the grave of Mary D. GORDON, born 7 July 1825, died 28 Aug 1882. She is my G,G,Grandmother. In my notes I have that she is buried in the Damascas Cemetery at Alpine, MS. This cemetery is near the Prentiss county line. Have I got the name of the Cemetery correct? What is the name of the church? Thanks for any help. Julie

GORDON posted by Julie Perry on Sunday, September 12, 1999

I need the name of one willing to do research in Union Co. Courthouse for a fee. Please contact me.

CROW, JACKSON, SIMMONS posted by Andrea Monk on Tuesday, September 14, 1999

I am looking for info. on James(Jim) Melton Jackson and his wife Louisa Jane Crow Jackson. I believe they were married in Myrtle Miss. Louisa Jane Crow Jackson is buried in Beulah cemetary. They lived in this area from about 1869-1900? Louisa Jane died in 1893 and he then married a Prudie Jane Rynick. He had 8 children by Louisa Jane and 4 children by Prudie Jane. All of the children were born in Union county Mississippi.I know that when they moved to Texas (sometime in the early 1900's) they left at least 1 child behind. Her name was Serepta. Supposedly she married a man by the name of Simmons. If you have any info no matter how insignifigant it may seem

GAINES, GAINS, PARKER posted by Vicki McCauley on Saturday, September 18, 1999

Would like to make contact with relatives of Robert Edward Lee Parker who married S.C. S. Gains on Dec. 6, 1883 in Union County, MS.. The childrens given names are: Palestine, June, Robert and possible Theodore.

GLASGOW, HOWARD, MURPHY posted by Linda Thorpe on Sunday, September 19, 1999

Looking for the parents of Doc Merritt HOWARD who was born in Union Co. in 1880. He married Jettie POTTS and they and their children appear iin the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census. He just missed the 1880 census, so I can't find out who his parents were, except that they were both born in MS. Any ideas? Thanks - Linda

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