Wilkinson County, Mississippi

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Virginia Ewing and Tina Hall

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BARROW, Olive  (Will)

 BASS, Jeremiah (Will and Inventory)

COLBY, Stephen (Will)

COLLINS, Wiley  (Estate and Inventory)

COMBS, Robert (Will and Inventory)

DAVENPORT, Richard  (Estate)

DENHAM, Joseph (Estate Administration)

DENHAM, Unnamed (Minor child of Joseph Denham)


 FANNER, James (Will)

FOLEY, Martha  (Will)

GRANADE, John (Estate Administration)

HAZLIP, William  (Will) 

HENRY, Alexander W. (Estate Administration)

 HUNTER, Nazworthy (Estate and Inventory)

JAMES, Mathilda (Guardian)

JONES, Francis  (Will)

LEE, James  (Will)

 LOCKWOOD, Benjamin (Estate and Inventory)

MALLERY, JOSIAH  (Will and Estate Sale)

 McKEY, Robert (Will)

NERSON, Isaac (Estate Administrators)

OGDEN, Daniel  (Will and Inventory)

OGDEN, Daniel, Jr. (Minor Son of Richard Ogden)

PERCY, Ann (Minor Daughter of Charles Percy)

PERCY, Catharine (Minor Daughter of Charles Percy)

 PERCY, Charles (Will and Inventory)

PERCY, Susanna (Estate Administration)

PERCY, Thomas G.  (Minor Son of Charles Percy)

 RICHEY, John (Will)

ROBERT, James (Estate Administration)

ROBERT, James  (Sale and Inventory)

ROBERT, Paul Jebez (Minor Son of Peter Robert, Sr.)

 ROBERT, Paul Jebez (Minor Son of Peter Robert)

ROBERT, Peter Hadley & Grimball Eldred (Minor Sons of James Robert)

ROGERS, Benjamin  (Will and Inventory)

 SPURLOCK, James  (Estate and Inventory)


VILES, Thomas  (Estate)

 WHITE, James (Administration of Estate)

 WREN, Frances  (Will and Inventory)


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