Will of William Crenshaw - Deceased

Contributed by Carlene Pagliara

State of Mississippi thereof Ė
Book 1 Page 330
Holmes County
Probate Court Nov. Term. 1868

In the matter of a certain instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of William Crenshaw deceased.
Be it remembered that at a term of the Probate Court, the County of Holmes shall aforesaid began and held at the court house thereof on the 4th Monday, Nov. 1868 personally appeared in open court, Thomas Gullege and B.T. Bishop subscribing witnesses [?] to a certain instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testatment of William Crenshaw deceased bearing date the 5th day of November 1868; who having first been duly sworn, deposed and said that said William Crenshaw signed sealed published and declared said instrument as his last will and testament in the presence of these deponents on the day and date thereof. That said testator was of sound disposing mind and memory and more than twenty one years of age that these deponents subscribed said instrument as witnesses thereto at the instance and request and in the presence of said testator also in the presence of each other day and year aforesaid.
Sworn to and subscribed
In open court Nov. 25, 1868 
Thomas Gullege
A.M.Green Clk. 
B. T. Bishop
Holmes County Mississippi
This home Nov. 5, 1868
I will to T. Pal. and the arse [heirs] of her body at her mothers death 
I will her[?] and the airs of her body one third of the land I Will to James and the airs of his body one third of the land which is to run wide in the West? / East [?] and narrow in the West[?]/East[?] so as to give each their home. I will Carry John Crenshaw $200 provided she lives to be 21 years of age. The reason that I donít give her no more is because I had help her father to make all he had for which the three airs is to pay her provide she lives to be 21 years of age. No security required.
Filed Nov. 25, 1868
Thomas Gullege / as witness
A.M. Green Clk. 
And B.T. Bishop 

[?] hand and seal
I Will Elizabeth and the airs of her body $150. The reason that I will her no more I give her money to incur 40 acres of land and paid for part the lumber that built her house If she lives after I am dead the airs is to pay her as she needs it and as they make it. No Security required [?] provided she lives to enjoy it I will my wife all of the stock that is on the place her life time [?]to do as she pleases and all the money that is in the house for her support. This my last will and testimony.
William Crenshaw
[?] my hand and seal