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MSGenWeb African American Resources

There is some great historical information here including county pages for user submitted information. If you have African American Ancestry for Montgomery County, it would be great it you would submit your family information to this site. In the "Genealogy Links" section there is a surname list you can submit your family names to, the Freedman's Bureau Marriages for Mississippi, among other great links.


MSGenWeb Slave Narrative Project

This is a great project the MSGenWeb has taken on to accumulate interviews from ex-slaves during the 1930's Works Project Administration (WPA) interviews. The entries are sorted alphabetically by county. There are two entries for Montgomery County:


-- Alex McCinney

Bell McChristian


African American Roots at Rootsweb

Includes Sankofa's Plantation Database. I can not say enough about Sankofa's Plantation Database. It includes all states within the United States prior to the Civil War that were slave holding. While Montgomery County was not formed until 1871, after the Civil War, there are several entries for Carroll county that include plantations in what is now Duck Hill. All the information available regarding the plantation including family names of the plantation owners and names of slaves that have been extracted from estate records and wills.



Edmond Greer Plantation (Duck Hill, MS / Carroll County)


Eskridge Plantation (Carroll County)


Wildwood Plantation (Washington County)


Wall Plantation


Historical Text Archive

This archive contains many documents and letters of historical significance to African Americans including Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech as well as several Frederick Douglas speeches.