Census Project


While there are many sites where census records are available online free-of-charge, the only Montgomery County census that is currently available is the 1880 census (from  Our goal is to get all other available Montgomery Census's online.  The 1890 census was destroyed by a fire and since all Federal Censuses are unavailable until a 70 year time period has passed, only the censuses below are available.  If you would like to help with transcribing a census let me know and I will provide you with a spreadsheet to enter the information for that particular census.  


  • 1900 Montgomery County Census (second census for Montgomery County)
  • 1910 Montgomery County Census
  • 1920 Montgomery County Census
  • 1930 Montgomery County Census



    Biography Project


    I would like to obtain written biographies of older members of our community, or receive copies of ones that have already been produced. If anyone would like to write their life story and submit it to me I will put it in a web-based format to publish online.


    What I would love to see done is for a Montgomery County teacher to assign the Biography Project as an assignment to interview an older member of a students family or an older member of their church or community.  This was done in another county and the results were wonderful.


    A basic questionnaire was provided as a starting point of the types of questions to ask. However, some of the best results were those that just asked the interviewee to tell their life story.  One of my favorite biographies was done by a student who interviewed her 96 year old great grandmother. It was a wonderful biography and of note, this students grandmother passed away three days after she compiled her story. What a wonderful memory this young woman now has. 


    Sample Questionnaire - (Add or ask any question you would like)


    Biography Questionnaire

    Don't forget once these older members of our family and community are gone, so are their stories!  All we have to do is ask so that we can preserve their history for future generations.


    CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of this form.  I am working on a fill-in type form that can be filled in on-line and emailed, however, until I get that form, please use this to submit a biography.  If you have any questions or would like any further information, please e-mail me.