Civil War - Adair's Company

Adair's Company Infantry (Lodi Company) was formed at Lodi (at that time Choctaw County - Montgomery County was not formed until 1871) on May 6, 1861 and disbanded on August 23, 1861. Following is a list of men who served in this company:


Captain Adair, Thomas H.
Sergeant Allen, William H.
Sergeant Nelson, Monroe D.
Sergeant Townsend, Andrew J.
1st Sergeant Thompson, William C.
Corporal Gray, Jabez
Corporal Knight, Asa M.
Corporal Pullen, Berry S.*
Corporal Synnolt, Lawrence
1st Lieutenant Witty, Pinckney D.
2nd Lieutenant Edwards, Charles A.
3rd Lieutenant Allen, John R.


Allen, M.H. McLaughlin, William
Atkinson, Griffin Morris, Daniel
Atkinson, Michael Mullens, Robert
Britt, Evan Northern, Addason A.
Davis, Oliver P. Parker, James H.
Dyre, Robert Pinion, Samuel
Edwards, E.D. Pullen, Andrew J.*
Edwards, Thomas M. Pullen, Carter O.*
Golding, Joseph L. Rochel, James E.
Gray, John A. Scott, H.P.
Gray, Robimson Scott, John W.
Hartsfield, John J. Shelton, Leonidas
Harvey, ? Shelton, Lucius
Hightower, Henry H. Stephens, John A.
Hill, Henry A. Synott, Patrick
Hill, Samuel Watts, Andrew F.
Hoskins, Jesse H. Witty, Calvin T.
Hoskins, William H. Wrag, David M.
Hunter, P.C. Wrag, William L.
Irvin, Crest C. Yerby, James H.
Lawrencon, Willis H. Yerby, John J.



Name correction made from original transcription of last name transcribed as "Prillen" which should be "Pullen" on Berry S. Pullen and his brothers Carter O. Pullen and Andrew J. Pullen. Correction provided by Carter O. Pullen's, gr,gr granddaughter.