Obituaries - H

(Winona Times - March 4, 1881)

On Friday, February 25, 1881, Mary Harvey, widow of the late George Harvey, aged about 46 years . 

(Winona Times - April 17, 1881)

At his residence in Winona, on Thursday April 21, 1881, of Miningitis, Dr. J. W. Holman, aged 52 years.

Dr. Holman was one of the oldest practitioners in Montgomery or Carroll county.  He graduated at a first-class Medical College, and been continuously in the practice, in this immediate neighborhood for about 80 years, and had won the respect and confidence of his patrons and the public. He was a kind husband, loving father and devoted brother.  He had been connected with the Baptist church for many years.  He was an intelligent and useful citizen in every walk of life.  We have not time or space to any more this issue, but will publish in our next, a sketch of his life and services written by an intimate friend.

(Winona Times - April 25, 1881)

A Good Man Gone.

While we had known Dr. J. W. Holman, by reputation for several years, it was never our pleasure to meet him until the late assemblage of the medical convention at Winona.  While we were fully prepared to meet a gentlemen, one whom we should honor and respect, we hardly expected to love him on so short an acquaintance, and yet such was the fact.  A few brief hours spent in his association, made almost the impression of a life true.  There was something so warming in his presence, so magnetic in his influence, that we felt as if we had known him for years, and we parted with him under the impression that we would not only meet again, but that our brief acquaintance would eventuate in a firm friendship.  The death of such a man effects not only Winona, but it is a loss to the state, although he neither had nor sought office.  But such characters constitute the moral and intellectual wealth of a community and in proportion as they multiply, do peace, good will and honor prevail. Such men may not have the wealth to build railroads, open canals and establish lines of steamships but they command those resources that create a sound public opinion, enlarge the sphere of benevolence, increase the confidence of man in his fellow, and then regulate the laws of purest social life. Truly it may be said, that a good man has fallen, the thriving town of Winona may wear the weeds of mourning for one of her truest and best citizens.  Grenada New South.