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RAY, Dr. Henry
(Winona Times - March 4, 1881)

A Fatal Accident - Terrible Explosion in Grenada.


On last Monday a telegram was received in this place, to be forwarded to Capt. Wm. Ray, at Carrollton, stating that his son, Dr. Henry Ray was dying.  On further inquiry we learned that Capt W. F. Towler had purchased a new soda fount to put in his drug store, and had Dr. Ray assisting him to put it in working order.  The gauge was not in fix, and they charged it too heavily, when it exploded, making a report equal to a cannon, and doing great damage to the drug store, and wounding Dr. Ray and Capt Towler severely.  Dr. Ray, only lived one and a half hours, and Capt. Towler had one eye torn out and the other ruined, as well as his skull broke.  It is not supposed he will recover.


We have known Henry Ray from his infancy, and are grieved to hear of his end fate.  He remained in Grenada during the whole time of the yellow fever, and did his duty gallantly.  He leaves a wife and four children.