Henry Eugene Rose Family of 1935

Henry Eugene Rose


These photographs were donated for use on the Montgomery County MSGenWeb site by FWR.


Standing, back row, adults, start with the man in dark suit:  James Leslie Taylor, Benjamin Franklin Herman Jr., Jewel Henry Rose, Louise Rose Hubbert,  Clyde Hubbert,  James Walter Holmes, Mary Frances Rose Holmes, Grady Fox, Joe Calvin Rose, Ruby Rose Herman, Benjamin Franklin Herman Sr.,,,


2nd row, holding Laverne Rose is Travie Laverne Alldread Rose, Pearl Rose Taylor, HENRY EUGENE ROSE , MAUD WILBURN KING ROSE, Virginia Rose Fox, Alice Corinne Pullen Rose,  Carolyn Taylor, Marjorie Herman, 


Small children, front row: Roy Dale Rose, Gene Lee Rose, James Howard Rose, Mary Katherine Hubbert, Rosemary Hubbert, Clyde Jean Hubbert, Claire Herman, Irvin Fox and Irby Fox.  on porch of Grand Daddy Henry Rose's house is Mrs Taylor,  mother of James Leslie Taylor. 


My father and mother are Joe Calvin Rose and Alice Corinne Pullen Rose,  none of their children in this picture..