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Added Fannin United Methodist Church Cemeteryadded 04-10-09
Added Fannin Cemeteryadded 04-10-09
New Section: Old Interesting Items.added 04-10-09
Obit of James H. Neelyadded 04-10-09
Added Farris Hill Cemetery (only 1 name) photos. Need Transcriptionadded 04-08-09
Updated Brown Hill Cemetery (African American)added 04-08-09
New..Family Group Sheet pageadded 03-30-09
Court Cases re: Estis vs. Rawlins October 1877added 02-04-09
New Category "News From the Past" with article re: James Flinnadded 01-09-09
History of Pearladded 01-09-09
History of Brandon added 11-25-08
Plantations of Rankin County added 10-17-08
Leesburg High School Photo - 1920 added 10-17-08
First Assenbly of God Cemetery added 10-07-08
Eureka Cemetery added 10-07-08
Enochs-Weathersby Cemetery added 10-07-08
Enoch Grove Cemetery added 10-07-08
David Thomas Cemetery added 10-07-08
Query re: NEAL, SMITH, PITTMAN added 10-07-08
Names added to Crossroads Cemetery added 10-04-08
Some names added to Burnham Cemetery added 10-04-08
Leesburg School Class Picture 1915-1916 added 10-03-08
History of Leesburg added 10-02-08
Added more names in Barefoot Springs Cemetery + photos added 10-01-08
Front page, biographies and cemeteries reworked. added 09-26-08
Names and photo added to Andrew Chapel Cemetery added 09-27-08
Revamped Queries Page. Send me you Queries  added 09-27-08

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