Tishomingo County banner showing old citizen and old courthouse

Businesses or Business Related

Bay Springs Factory

North Mississippi Medical Center - Iuka (off-site)

Corinth Business Owners in 1866
1889 to 1921 Telephone Companies
Telephone Companies in Tishomingo County
Application for Liquor License by J.W. Biggs - 1891
1900 Grocery List, D.O. Matthews Hardware 

Cole’s Mill Water Wheel - 1910

1912 Depositors Tishomingo Banking Co. - .pdf file
Weathers Store Ledger 1920-1930 - .pdf file
1920-1921 Day Book of Burnsville General Store
1922 - 1931 R. C. McAnally Service Station - General Ledger
1923 - Mississippi Oil & Refining Company
The Burnsville Fire of 1926
Proceedings Circuit Court - January Term, 1927
Proceeding of the Board of Supervisors for Term of February, 1954

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