Grenada County, Mississippi

County Clerk Addresses !

Grenada County Circuit Clerk
Mrs. Linda Barnett Phone: (662) 226-1941
59 Green Street, Suite 8 Fax: (662) 226-0427
Grenada, Mississippi 38901 Email:
Their office maintains two sets of marriage record books:
  button African American marriages-- Book A begins February 16, 1881 and continues through
    Book Y in 1980.
  button White marriages -- Book A begins July 11, 1870 and goes through Book T in 1986
    Nick Denley has transcribed marriage books A through I Indexes for these books from Book A beginning in July 11, 1870 through Book I to October 4, 1947.
    Beginning in 1986, marriages are combined and have a computerized index.
Grenada County Chancery Clerk
Mr. Johnny Hayward Phone: (662) 226-1821
59 Green Street, Suite 1 Fax: (662) 226-3701
Grenada, Mississippi 38901  

Mr. Hayward has preserved many of the old records by purchasing a laminating machine for the old books and rebinding them so they should be around a bit longer!

Below is a partial list of records available:

  button Land Patents from 1833. Because Grenada County was not actually formed until 1870,
    the early records are not complete. You will need to check the surrounding counties
    of Carroll, Choctaw, Tallahatchie, and Yalobusha from which Grenada was formed.
  button Deed Books - Book 1 starts July 7, 1834. This is one of the books that has been laminted
    and rebound.
  button Grenada Sentinal later renamed to Daily Star
  button Grenada Press
  button Grenada County Weekly


Grenada County Tax Assessor
Mr. David Melton Phone: (662) 226-1741
59 Green Street, Suite 7 Fax: (662) 227-2860
Grenada, Mississippi 38901 Email:
  button Search Grenada County Tax Records

Grenada County Coordinator: Sandy Ward