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Pine Grove Church of God

Submitted by David T. Bryan
History of Pine Grove Church of God
Dixon, MS

Reprinted from the June 28, 1992 church bulletin
The beginning of the Pine Grove Church of God, Dixon, Mississippi, is closely linked to the state campgrounds and the first meetings of the Church of God Reformation movement in Neshoba County. In the years 1902-03 brush arbor meetings were held on the site where the present church buildings and campgrounds are located. A tent was used some of the time for summer meetings. In 195, a permanent building was erected, which was used until 1948.

One of the early families instrumental in helping the work begin was the James Strickland family. Bro. Strickland did some of the earliest preaching in the community, and was the first person to be buried in the church cemetery in 1905. A son -in-law, John Marshall Cliburn, gave ten (10) acres of land to be used for building purposes, and was supervisor of building construction. The old tabernacle (now Cliburn Hall), which still serves the state well as a dining hall, was build in 1910 under Bro. Cliburn's supervision. The first pastor of the Pinegrove congregation was Rev. L. V. Strickland, a son of the elder Strickland, and he served until 1913.

Over the years, numbers of ministers have pastored this congregation: Brothers Govie Gordan, Perry Germany, O. I. Plunkett, Boyd Conner, and S. M. Hilbun. During Bro. Hilbun's service, the first parsonage was built, about 1933-34. The need for a church building led the congregation, in 1948, under Pastor Reagan Germany, to tear down the old building and replace it with a new cement block structure. As needs demanded, the building has been added to and remodeled. Under T. O. Matthew's leadership, a much needed fellowship hall and restrooms were built.

Other ministers serving the Pine Grove congregation through the years have been Brothers Roy Cobb, Robert Wilson, Raymond Horne. Edgar Thompson and Leslie Wright have served in more recent years. In 1978-79, a brick parsonage was built and is now debt-free. In July 1979, the Howard Bensons returned as pastors and remained until June 1991.

In July 1991, the Sam R. Germanys became the pastors. Under their leadership, in May of 1992, a new modern, brick church building was constructed next to the existing block structure. The former sanctuary was renovated into the church dining hall, separate to the campground's Cliburn Hall.

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