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Spring Creek Baptist Church

Donated by Alan Ray

Below is the history of Spring Creek Baptist Church in Neshoba Co., MS as given on May 3, 1959 for the 50th Anniversary of the Church:

In 1900 the first beginnings of a church were in a log cabin on Dave Kirby's place. They then moved to the other side of the highway just beyond the Deweese Sawmill. Bro. Allen Weatherford was a member from the earliest beginning.

The Church was named Oak Ridge and was called by some the "shelter" because at first the building was only a shelter. At approximately the same time this church was being organized the New Prospect Church came into existence. It was located near the Buck Cox place. In 1909 these two churches organized the Spring Creek Baptist Church, which was built near the creek on the west side just beyond the J. T. Blount place. The members of these churches were:

From Oak Ridge:
Bro. and Mrs. Pink Kirby
Bro. and Mrs. A. T. Murphy
Bro. and Mrs. Jim Stovall
Bro. and Mrs. Andrew Weatherford
Miss Birdie Blalock
Miss Reinér Blalock

From New Prospect Church:
Bro. and Mrs John T. Fulton
Bro. and Mrs. Lee Fulton
Mrs. Claudie Fulton
Mrs. Sing Fulton
Bro. and Mrs. B. J. Parker
Bro. and Mrs. J. D. Parker, Sr.
Bro. and Mrs. Lee Jenkins

Of these charter members of the Spring Creek Baptist Church, the following are still living:
Bro. Allen Weatherford
Mrs. Sing Fulton
Mrs. Maggie Parker
Bro. Lee Jenkins

The land was given by Bro. Pink Kirby and the church was built by members in 1909.
Rev. Peter Crews was the first pastor. He served from 1909 to October 1916.
Rev. L. B. Kitchings served from Jan. 1917 to Sept. 1922.
Rev. A. L. Breland served from Oct. 1922 to Dec. 1923.
Rev. W. H. Shirley served from 1924 to 1926. He preached in the afternoons while serving as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

Rev. A. B. Culpepper came in Oct. 1926 and led until Dec. 1930.
In August, 1930, the people voted to build a new church on the present location.
Rev. W. W. Kyzar came in Jan. 1931. Bro. Dave Kirby and Bro. Roger Cox gave the land and on Jan. 29, 1933, the members moved into this church.
Rev. J. W. Burnett served from 1931 to Nov. 1937. He served as Moderator of the Association in 1935, 36, and 37.

Rev. H. L. Byrd came in April 1938. The church installed electric lights in 1939.
Rev. F. G. Welborn, June 1, l940-----
Rev. Walter McCraw, May, 1944-----
Rev. Ivor Clark, 1946-51. Bro. Gene Deweese gave 15 acres of land on which the pastorium was erected. In April, 1948, the basement was completed. Bro. Clark led the church from half-time to full-time and during his ministry the church reached its highest attendance and overall standing. It was known during this period as one of the outstanding rural churches in the Southern Baptist Convention.
Rev. Robert Thompson, 1951-----
Rev. J. P. Bush, 1952-57.

Reverend W. Bryce Evans, 1957. The church has grown through the work of these brethren and the wonderful Christians of the community to a present membership of 376. 190 of these are resident members. The buildings and grounds include the church plant, a pastorium and 15 acres of land, all of which are valued at approximately $40,000. The present status: Last year the members redecorated the exterior of the building and this year they have almost completed the inside of the auditorium. This has been done on a "pay as you go" basis. Last year Spring Creek had a $3,600 budget which was met in addition to the regular building fund. Ten per cent of the gifts were given to the Co-Operative Program. In reference- to organizational work, the church has all organizations and has won the "M" night banner for the past 2 years. Last year we had 21 additions by baptism and 6 by letter. These were harvested by one who had very little to do with the sowing. It was you, the former pastors, and laymen who laid the foundation, scattered the seed, built the church, set up the program, etc. God has blessed you and now He is blessing us because of you, and we are grateful.

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