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Beech Springs Cemetery

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As an added note, at Beech Springs, there are actually two cemeteries. There is the one that is confined inside the cemetery fence where most of the graves are located. Outside the fence and to the west along a small creek that runs through the land are some other graves. I am told that these that this was a black cemetery. I do not know if it was officially part of the church or not. There are a dozen or more graves there, most of which, bear the name of Vivarette. This name dates back through the 1850 Neshoba Co. Census listings. Some of the graves have been submerged as the creek floods the low areas but most of the headstones can still be read. I thought this might eliminate confusion should a question arise. In the main cemetery, there are also a considerable number of graves that now have only rocks for headstones....many are my relatives, I believe. Wayne Brown

Brown, Oscar (son of William T. Brown & Mary Margaret Walters)
Jun 20, 1910 - Aug 6, 1925 (died of complications causing hemorrhaging of the brain) Wayne Brown

Brown, William T. Oct 25, 1871 - Mar 29 1927

Purvis, Shadric 1917

Walters, A. (Abraham or "Abram") Nov 30, 1838 - Nov 20, 1912 Our Darling Son, 

Walters, J.B. Son of A. J. and D.C. Walters Oct 22, 1922 - Oct 31, 1923 (Son of Andrew Jackson Walters and Druscilla "Drew" Clair) Wayne Brown

Walters, Ella Wife of J.W. Brown 1867 - 1984 (Name is actually "Ellen")Wayne Brown

Walters, Milisa L. (wife of Abraham "Abram" Walters) 1847 - 1923 (Maiden name is thought to be "Leonard" or "Lenard". Birth year is suspect as it is listed in some census references to be 1840) Wayne Brown

Walters, William P. Dec 28, 1863 - Aug 3, 1915 (This is "William Preston Walters", first husband of Ellen Walters Wayne Brown

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