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Wheatfield Congregational Methodist Cemetery

Submitted by Ann McDonald.

If you have any additions, please contact the county coordinator. Pictures submitted by Ann McDonald unless otherwise noted.

Belk, Chester G.    Aug 30, 1926-Mar 6, 1990, shares stone with Thelma D.

Belk, Herman    Oct 2, 1915-Jan 16, 1997, shares marker with Juanita

Belk, Juanita   Mar 6, 1914-Nov 24, 1998, shares marker with Herman

Belk, Thelma D.    Dec 5, 1928-Not Carved, shares stone with Chester G.

Comans, Eliza Pinter Wilkerson Welcher

Driskell, Christine "Kitty"    Dec 11, 1925-not carved, shares marker with W. T. "Dub"

Driskell, W. T. "Dub"     Sep 5, 1926-Oct 23, 1983, shares marker with Christine

Green, Elbert T.    Jan 16, 1902-Apr 9, 1972

Green, Julia Everett    Mar 18, 1883-Jul 17, 1965, shares marker with William A.

Green, William Andrew    Feb 3, 1876-Aug 24, 1956, shares marker with Julia E.

Pinter, Benny McDuff    Mar 14, 1883-Sep 17, 1946, shares marker with Inda

Pinter, Billy C.    Nov 30, 1938-Oct 17, 1957

Pinter, Carlton   born & died Mar 6, 1951

Pinter, Claude T.    Aug 7, 1911-Dec 18, 1957

Pinter, Elvie, Sgt.    Jul 9, 1914-Dec 15, 1944, 90th Inf. Div, WW II

Pinter, Inda Green    Apr 14, 1892-Dec 19, 1970, shares marker with Benny M.

Pinter, James Michael    Dec 27, 1954-May 5, 1956, son of Billy Pinter

Pinter, John H.    Sep 11, 1926-Feb 7, 1996

Pinter, Lou Ella Dickerson    Feb 17, 1883-Sep 28, 1968, shares marker with Luke

Pinter, Luke Warren    Dec 5, 1880-Nov 25, 1964, shares marker with Lou Ella

Pinter, Quinton L.    Apr 23, 1937-Feb 15, 1946

Pinter, Roman T.    Jul 24, 1905-Oct 4, 1976

Pullin, Carl Gaston    Jan 28, 1900-Jul 6, 1984, shares marker with Lena G.

Pullin, Hattie Mae   Jun 18, 1918-not carved, mother, shares stone with Willie D.

Pullin, Lena Green    Jan 1, 1905-Mar 3, 1986, Shares marker with Carl G.

Pullin, Thedro "Woodie" Pinter    Jun 29, 1943-Nov 20, 1991

Pullin, Willie Dee   Feb 13, 1924-Feb 26, 1966, shares stone with Hattie Mae

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