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1835 Tax Roll

Typed by Marsha Bryant
These names are in the order they appear on the rolls. I have numbered the pages, since there were no readable numbers indicating pages. There were 7 total pages in this record, with only 4 names on the 7th page.

Note: There is no additional information on the roll. Just the names.
Page 1
Page 3
Page 5
Anderson, Joshua Fowler, William Pollock, James
Anderson, Hartford Fuland?, George W. Pennington, L. W.
Adior, Isaac Goode, Sidney M. Page, William
Anderson, T. G. Giles, William Pearson, Wm
Anderson, John Giles, Jacob Peaden, Samuel
Archur, Alexander Goodson, Rufus L.  Pope, Wiley M.
Archur, William Gordon, Henry A. Pope, Allen
Arthur, G. P. Griffith, Joseph Powe, W. H.
Barns, Lewis B. Grgers?, John Page, Elijah
Barnett, Joseph Griggs, Branc B. Pace, Edwin
Barnett, William Grayham, Benten Ross, Micheal
Beason, Joel Grayham, Archibald Robertson, Henry
Beason, Johnathan Grayham, Christopher Richett, Etherington
Boyd, William Grayham, Benjamin Ro??, Shadrach
Boyd, George Goodson, William Reynolds, James
Boston, John W. Gosdairr?, Henry Rogers, Lewin?
Boston, Matthew Gray, Leslie Richardson, Willis 
Barefield, David Hall, John Ruprtt, J.
Baskins, George P. Harper, Daniel E. Smyth, John B.
Barnes, Thomas Holmes, John Smith, Ephraigm
Barnes, Sollomon Holmes, Edward Smart, Joseph C.
Beason, Johnathan Holmes, Lewis Smith, T. P.
Ball, Henry Harrell, John, Sr. Spinks, John
Ball, Richard Harris, William H. unreadable
Burns, George H. Harrington, John Shelton, Vinant
Brown, Jacob K. Lynes, John B. Smith, John
Carothers, James H. Jackson, Mathew Sessons, Reading
Coleman, Benjamin Jones, Osburn Spinks, Enoch
Page 2
Jackson, Andrew Sewel, George
Carter, Clark Jackson, John Stewart, Daniel B.
Cannon, William Jackson, Andrew Scott?, Henry
Cannon, George W. Jones, Burrell Scott, Grancis T.
Cannon, Benjamin Jones, Daniel Scott, William
Clark, Wiett
Page 4
Stewart, Isaiah
Clark, Albert Jones, Alfred Steale, Richard G.
Chandler, Elias ?ons, G. T. Page 6
Capers, W. H. Jenkins, William Steele, Abner A.
Clay, Wiley Keating, Nicholas Stewart, Sollomon
Clark, John Killingsworth, Mathew Sanders, Jeremiah
Cates, James King, Thomas P. Tew?, John
Cooper, Jesse Keyles, George Tripp, George W.
Cole, John H. Keenan, Francis Tailor, ?
Corley, John ?acy, Austin Thomas, Francis
Clark, Hugh Lang, William Trussell, John
Camp, Isa Lloyd, John E. Trussell, James
Coolidge, Johnathon Langham, Sollomon Ulmoore, Richard
Cheatham, Thomas Lofton, John Vaughn, James
Cooper, John McCaskill, Kennith Vandevender, Jacob
Duncan, William McCaskill, Hugh Vandevender, Hiram
Dozier, Edwin McCaskill, Cornelius Williams, Jeptha
Dozier, William T. McLing?, William Williams, James
Dawkins, Samuel Moore, Alfred Williams, Joseph
Dawkins, Minon? Mosley, W. A. Washham, Jeromiah
Dawkins, Anguish Mallory, Joel F. Watson, Jason
Derrick, George Moore, Arthur Warren, W. H.
Everitt, K. Loomis? Moore, Robert Willson, Zachers
Evans, J? Millings, Berkley Worford, John
Evans, Sollomon Maddain, Martin White, Isaac
Evans, James Malone, John Ward, William
Eastham, Crawford McGee, Thomas Warren, Aaron
Eubanks, William McLaughlin, Charles Walls, James
Farmer, Thomas McCrory, Allen Warren, Joseph L.
  McIntire, Anguish White, Henry
  McArthur, Archibald White, Andrew
  McArthur, Dugold White, Dorsett
  McDonald, Daniel White, Robert
  Nicholson, John Welsh, George
  Nettes, Benjamin Welsh, John
  Oden, Elias
Page 7
  Oden, George West, John
    Whitehea?, James
    Watson, John
    Wiggons, Edmond


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