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1850 Agricultural Schedule (Partial)

Typed by Marsha Bryant

Kemper County, November 13, 1850
Corrections to the list are shown with an name shown in parentheses.
1. Dan Johnson ?
2. David Williams
3. K?/Neil? McCaskill
4. Frederick
5. Davis Rudolph
6. Seth/RM? Jones
7. Wm. Campbell
8. Mrs. Taffo
9. James Simpson
10. Jacob Giles
11. Wm. Little?
12. Leroy Ashford
13. Wm. Ashford
14. John Stewart
15. B./S. C. Cannon
16. G.W. Cannon
17. ?. C. Jones
18. H.G./R.S. Netherly
19. Reding Balinger
20. Mrs. Webster
21. Wm. B. Dolier/Doller
22. Matthew Jackson
23. Edwin Jackson
24. Wm. Jenkins
24. Thos. R? Hussisond?
26. James I. Corben
27. Mary E. Edwards
28. Douglas Ashe
29. Joseph? Cawthan?
30. R.P. Kempson
31. Robt. Johnson
32. James Carter
33. Stephen Watkins
34. George Kenbrough
35. Daniel Garner
36. Allen Avery
37. Wm. Griggs
38. John McKee (Marleen Van Horne)
39. Kelsey McKee (Marleen Van Horne)
40. Fety? Jones
41. Mitchell Anderson




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