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1900 Enumeration of Educable Children

This 1900 Enumeration of Children was transcribed by McRae Limerick and typed by Marsha Bryant. Because this enumeration was so poorly written and so difficult for McRae to transcribe, I will take corrections by researchers. Please email me with the page number and the corrections to be made.

M* = missing information
Red print - corrections made by researchers.

It is my sincere hope that enough historical information has been recorded to justify the time that went into the effort to copy some of the impossible writings of the enumerator. The most discouraging part was sometimes a half a page would be in perfect writing, each letter distinct, then he would lapse into a jumble of letters, which made it impossible to determine what he intended to write. Most of the surnames were misspelled. All of the given names were spelled in a variety of ways. I made no effort to correct either. If I had to make a judgment, I followed the name by a (?). The Townships and Ranges were not in Sequence. In some places the enumerator would change from the given name to the surname right in the middle of the page. Some of the pages at the bottom were missing due to age and deterioration of the paper. Where this occurred, I indicated by a "M*". To be honest, I was ashamed that such a poor record came from Kemper County. Especially when there was no excuse for it.

McRae Limerick

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