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1836 Tax Roll

Typed by Marsha Bryant
These names are in the order they appear on the rolls.

Note: There is no additional information on the roll. Just the names.
Page 1

Boyd, William
Bowa?, Wm. S?
Bowns, Wm.
Casin, M. H.
Carter, John
Carter, James
Call, Duncan
Carmichael, Archibald
Carmichael, Hugh
Carter, He?
Cahah, George
Calhune, M. F.
Cannon, L/S
Cannon, Will
Cannon, Beng?
Carter, Clark
4 unreadable
Cheatham, Thomas
2 unreadable

Page 2

Cole, Peter H.
Cole, Samuel N.
Conley, John
Collum, w.
Cooledge, Jnothan
Colbert, William
Coleman, Benjamin
Crawford, M. H.
Carry, K?
Camp, ?
Dawkins, Samuel
Dawkins, Angus
7 unreadable
Da?, William
E?, William

Page 3

Farmer, Thomas
Floyd, R?
F?, Henry
4 unreadable
Flowers, S?
F?, William
G?, Ephram
G?, Hugh E.
G?, Kirby
G?, William M.
G?, John
Goolsby, K/R?
Goolsby, Henry
Goolsby, Jackson
Goode, Sidney M?
G?, James
Griggs, Gr?
Graham, Thomas
Gidsy?, Martin
Green, William
Green, Benj.
Graham, Archibald

Page 4

Haws, Elija
Haws, Ezekiel
Hand, John
Ha?, John B.
Hambrick, J.
Harris, William H.
Harrington, John
Ham?, Andrews
Harbour, John
Hadox, Jonathan
Harrel, William
Higginbotham, William
Higgenbotham, Linsey
H?, Charles
Hilldour, ?., T.
Hadlery, Mychiah
Hamlet, Charles
Hoges, Thompson
Holl?, John T.
Holmes, John
Holmes, Edward
Holmes, Lewis
Holbert, Henry
Hopper, Daniel
Hayna, Henry
Haynes, Richard
Hunter, B. B. W.

Page 5

Jackson, Mathew
Jackson, ?
Jackson, Andrew
Jenkins, William
9 unreadable

Jordan, William
Jordan, ?
Jordan, ?
Jones, Ezekel
Jones, Mu?
Johnson, Hattie B.
Jones, Alfred
Jones, Henry
Johnson, Levi
Johnson, James
Johnson, Rowland
Keenan, Frances
Killeny, Jefferson
Killingworth, Nathan- could be Mathew

Page 6

King, Thomas P.
Kighting, Jef?
Lacy, Arther
Leonard, John
Lloyd, John E.
L?mid, E. O. & L.
Marshall, Hunsbey
Mathews, John H.
Maxwell, Edward
Mallory, F?, H.
McCaskill, Kenneth
McCaskill, Hugh
McCaskill, ?. N.
McCaskill, A?
McIntyre, E?
McCal?, Archibald
McClag?, John
McLane, John
McDonald, Hugh
McArthur, ?
McKay, James
McKay, Murdock
McClary, William
Mc?, Jones
McG?, Thomas
Middlebrook, James

Page 7

Mitchel, Frank
Mot?, C. W.
Moore, Pipe
Moore, John S.
Mosely, Helen
Mosely, William A.
Mosely, John T.
Mal?, John
Nettles, Malachiah
Netta, Jackius
Netta, Bingman
Neal, Benjamin
Neal, Gladney
Neu, Harrison
Newton, Dorian
Newton, Mathew
Nicholson, Ed? N.
O'Conner, James
Odin, Elias
Oden, George
Olive/Oliver, John/could possibly be Odin
O'Neal, E. W.
Oppett, Benj. H.
Osborne, James
Osborne, Edward
Price, Edward
Page, Thomas
Page, Willis

Page 8

Page, Elijah
Pennington, Lewis R.
P?, A. T.
Piedon, Rileigh H.
Perry, A?
Powell, Martin
Pope, Br?well
Pope, Wiley M.
Pope, Allen
Pope, Lewis
Porter, J. A.
Powe, W.
Pruit, Peter
Pruett, Barnes?
Riley, Peter
Riley, P?
Robertson, John
Robertson, Henry
Richardson, Willis F.
Ross, Archibald
Robertson, M. C.
Rhodes, John F.
Rochell, Ethrington
Rogers, Bingart
Rogers, Lewis
Rogers, John D.
Rowe, F?

Page 9

Robert, ?
Rutledge, Mr. P.
Sanders, Jeramiah
Salter, William
Saddler, Smith
Saddler, Levi
Sanderson, Amos
Scott, Francis
Sconyers, William
Sergant, John
Sessions, Daniel
Shipp, Daniel
Shoemate, Daniel D.
Shoemate, Jonathon
Sherman, William
Simpson, Archibald
Smith, Jesse
Smith, John
Smith, Reubin
Smith, Will P.
Smith, Edward
Smith, Ephram
Sneed, Garland
Spinks, Enoch
Spinks, John
Stricklin, Mathew

Page 10

Stovall, Lewis
Steele, Samuel
Stewart, Daniel
Stewart, Soloman
Steward, Joah
Steel, Richard
Syks, Henry
Swaringgame, Gordon
Terry, Gideon
Terry, Thomas
Tewe, John
Tindale, Samuel
Thomas, Frank
Thurmond, Powhatten
Thompson, Francis B.
Thompson, Jeremiah
Thomas, William
Thomas, William G.
Tripp, George W.
Trussel, John
Trussel, James
Tart, Richard
Turner, Green B. H.

Page 11

Underwood, Richard
Vandevander, Christopher
Vandevander, Christopher
Vandevender, Jacob
Vandevender, Hiram
Vaughn, James
Watson, William
Warren, Aron
Warren, Moses
Warren, William H.
Warford, John
Wallis, Jesse C.
Waters, Henry
Warren, Joseph
Weathers, Micajoh
Wiggans, Edward
Wiggans, Calvin
Weins, William
Webster, O. F. P.
Welsh, John V.
Welsh, J. George
Welsh, James
White, Henry
White, Hugh L/S?

Page 12

White, John
White, Andrew
White, Dorset
White, Issac
White, Robert
Williams, James
Williams, Joseph
Woolf, Philip
Woolmore, Richard
Wooten, Joral
Wooten, John
Wade, W. H.
Wade, Sarah
Young, William
Young, Samuel
Young, David M.

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