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1900 Enumeration of Educable Children

Pages 103-106

This 1900 Enumeration of Children was transcribed by McRae Limerick and retyped by Barbara King. Because this enumeration was so poorly written and so difficult for McRae to transcribe, I will take corrections by researchers. Please email me with the page number and the corrections to be made.

M* = missing information
Red print - corrections made by researchers.

Name of Parents or Guardians Name, age, sex of children
Pages 103-106 contain the numeration of educable black children in Township 12, Range 14 that should have begun on page 51 of the ledger to have kept the townships and ranges in sequence. Without any Explanation, the enumerator skipped to pages 103-106.  I have therefore recorded pages 103-106 to coincide with the townships and ranges in their proper places.  Township 9, Range 16 will begin on page 107. McRae Limmerick
Township 12 Range 14 Race Black  
Page 103  
Nera Gathright Chess 16, m

Manuel 15, m

Mamie 13, f

Lundena 11, f

R. B. 7, m

Levi 5, m

Hariet Clark John Stennis 11, m

Seig? 10, f

Will Terry Joe 6, m
R. B. Stenson Holms 16, m

Bessie 13, f

R. B. 11, m

Delia 9, f

Willie 8, f

Edna 5, f

Andy Everett Pink 10, f
Mat Horn Pluto 14, f

Anna 12, f

C. H. Hunter Effie 8, f
Philip McNees John 13, m

Flem 12, m

Bud 9, m

Brooks 7, m

Ora 5, f

Fred James Leroy 18, m
John James Georgia 10, f

James 6, m

H. H. May H. T. 17, m

J. W. 16, m

r. A. 14, f

Ida 10, f

Solomon 7, m

S. L. Burrage Rodger Daniel 18, m
C. H. Hunter Willie 14, m

Edd 9, m

Anna 12, f

Sam Ingram Pearl 8, f

Cleae? 6, m

M. T. Jackson Glenie? 6, m

John 11, m

Georgia 5, f

Page 104  
W. S. Jackson Minnie 7, f

Pearl 5, f

Ned Getetzby Webb 14, m
A. G. Luke Jack Adcock 18, m
Annie Golden Edwmand Jones 8, m
C. J. T. Ballenger Lora 16, f

Minnie 14, f

Zoera 10, f

Abbie 8, f

Tom 20, M

Edd 19, m

Hermon 6, m

Sam Ingram Edd 18, m
J. S. Sanders Mata? 6, m

Mattie 5, f

George Smith Hattie 14, f

Pervis 11, m

Rubie 8, f

Bessie 6, f

Annie Golden Weldon Jones 17, m

Florence 14, f

Azahine 11, f

Mack Jackson Sandy 17, m

Arch 15, m

Sarah 13, f

Nellie 8, f

Mallie Gales? Joe 14, m

Lizzie 13, f

J. S. Sanders Leona 11, f

Emma 9, f

Mary 7, f

Sam Washington Maggie 13, f
Henry Jackson Maror Sher? 13, m
G. W. Washington G. C. 8, f

Inez 6, f

Mattie 5, f

Ben Roberts Willie 7, m
Augeline Roberts Augeline 12, f

Smith? 16, f

Mack Jackson Horace 19, m
Page 105  
Jack Cotton Daisy 12, f

Jim 8, f

Arron 5, m

Steve Brown Spencer Reed 20, m

Ella Clark 16, f

Jack Cotton Mary 6, f
Sam Washington L. E. 17, f

W. E. 16, m

E. D. 15, m

John Fulton Walter 16, m

Talmage 13, m

Houston 8, m

Dee 5, m

McAnn Golden Tom Mobly 18, m

Frank Mobley 17, m

Tom Washington Ora 5, f
Jack Cotton Edirth 18, f

Virgi 14, M*

Walter Hickman Leona 11, f

Effie 10, f

William 8, m

Dee 6, m

George 5, m

Mary Hickman Melvin 6, m
Booker Anderson Floyd 5, m
Warren White L. E. 14, f
Jake Fulton Lisk 20, m
Tom Gayles Edd 10, m

Cotton 8, m

Pearl 5, f

Hal Walker Ella 14, f

Henly 10, m

Mona 7, f

Isaac 5, m

Harry Duncan Wilber 10, m
Dave Robinson Will Robinson 15, m

Arline 13, f

M. F. 10, f

Clarice 8, f

Page 106  
Will Reed Lizzie 9, f

Emma 7, f

E. Stewart N. F. 6, m
J. J. Stewart N. C. 12, f
H. D. Blackwell Eddie Lee 5, f
Alfred Reed Reed 7, m

Viola 15, f

F. C. 13, m

Alfred 11, m

Mattie 8, f

Inda 7, f

C. W. 5, m

Henry Duncan Curtis 12, m
Phil Halmes J. R. 18, m

Whitney 16, m

Rosanna 13, f

H. S. Blackwell Jessi? 18, m

Savannah 15, f

John 13, m

Georgia 11, f

Frank 9, m

Lela 7, f



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