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Hill, Frances

Submitted by Joan Agent Warren

The Hill family of Neshoba Co., MS can be traced to a Francis Hill (1750-1800) and wife, Elizabeth (unknown), of Sampson Co., North Carolina, to this union a son was born. Bennett Hill (1769-1830) and wife, Mary Lee of Sampson Co., North Carolina had a son, John Hill, Sr. (1798- 1845) and wife, Elizabeth Eldridge of Johnson Co., North Carolina. Bennett Hill and Mary Lee moved their family to Wilcox Co., Alabama about 1820.

John Hill, Sr. died somewhere in Alabama and his widow, Elizabeth Eldridge Hill, along with several other families from the Wilcox/Lowndes Co. Alabama area made their way north. This large group of people settled in Neshoba Co., MS between 1844-45. This is the beginning of the Hill families in Neshoba Co.

Elizabeth Hill had seven sons and one daughter. Elizabeth must have been a strong, hard working woman who taught her children well. Elizabeth Hill is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in Oak Grove Cemetery, Neshoba Co. All the children in this family proved to be good hard working men and women as well. The children were:

Bennett Hill (1820-1905) He lived to be 105 years old. The oldest person in Winston Co, MS when he died. Bennett married Sarah J. (unknown) and had 9 children. This family made their home in Winston Co. Bennett served in the 14th Regiment, Company “E” Beauregard Rifles. He and most of his family is buried in Murphy Creek Cemetery in Winston Co.

Loverd Whitman Hill (1819-186?) Married Elizabeth Melviney McAsha and had 6 children. Before the Civil War, Loverd moved his wife and children to Arkansas to be near her family. Loverd was killed during the war and most of his family moved to Texas.

William Hardy Hill (1821-186?) married Rebecca A. Rochelle and had 6 children. William was held prisoner of war in Illinois and died from injuries he received during the Civil War. His widow and children moved to Hinds Co., MS.

John Hill, Jr. (1826-1865) married Elizabeth Ann Tew and had 4 children. John served in the 14th Regiment Company “E” Beauregard Rifles along with his brother, Bennett. John Hill is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Neshoba Co.

Eldridge Young Hill (1828-1904) married Martha Agent of Neshoba Co. He and Martha had 5 children. Martha Agent Hill died in 1881 following the birth of their son, Martin Luther Hill. Eldridge then married Sarah Emma Hutchins and they had 4 additional children. These families will be discussed in greater detail later.

Bullard Hill (1833-1880) married Frances Ingram and had 3 children. Bullard served as a battlefield doctor during the Civil War. He and wife, Frances, are buried in the Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Neshoba Co. Their sons moved to Winston Co., MS

Malachi C. Hill (1837-1900) married C. C. Bridges. Following her death, Malachi married Sarah (Unknown). He and Sarah had 5 girls. Malachi and Sarah moved to Madison Co., MS

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hill (1839-1881) married James Hawkins and had 10 children. Elizabeth died following the birth of her 10th child, Finis Hawkins. This family also lived in Madison Co., MS

This is the brief history of the siblings of Eldridge Young Hill. Now we shall give and in-depth study of the Eldridge Young Hill family.

Eldridge Young Hill married Martha Agent, daughter of George W. Agent and Mary “Polly” Ingram of Neshoba Co., MS. To this union 5 children were born.

William E. Hill married Mary Knowles and they had 12 children.

Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) Hill, never married.

George W. Hill married Pinkney Ann Savell and they had 10 children.

Ida Hill married John J. Clark. No children born to this union.

Martin Luther Hill, More in-depth information on this family later.

Following the death of Martha Agent Hill, Eldridge married Sarah Emma Hutchins and they had the following children.

John Thomas Hill, Sr. (1883-1973) married (1) Edna Thornton and they had 5 children, (2) Ora Blount and they had 7 children, (3) Lena Tullos, they had no children. All are buried in Oak Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Neshoba Co,

Mattie C. Hill (1885-1961) married James O. Thornton and had 13 children.

Sigman L. Hill (1889-1965) married Mary D. McCown and they had 7 children.

Grover Cleveland Hill (1887-1964) never married

Now we shall give an in-depth study to the family of Martin Luther Hill and Mary Alice Crosby.

Martin Luther Hill and Mary Alice Crosby were married January 3, 1904 in Neshoba Co., MS. Mary Alice Crosby was the daughter of John A. Crosby and Orra Alice Wood of Winston Co., MS

Martin and Mary Alice Hill had 10 children.

Infant daughter (10/14/1904--10/15/1904 Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery

Martin Elmo Hill (1905-1980) married Helen Massey. They had 2 children. Elmo was the County Agent for Humphreys Co. MS. He and Helen are buried in Humphreys Co.

Ida Grace Hill (1907-1997) married Robert Homer Lane of Neshoba Co., MS. They had 3 children. Grace was an elementary school teacher and Homer was a counselor in the State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Blind. They are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Lee Breland Hill (1909-1963) married Dorothy Hughes and they had 2 children. Breland and Dorothy were both school teachers and Breland died of a heart attack while teaching his class. Breland and their daughter, Bobbie Lee, are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery and Dorothy Hill is buried in Lakewood South Cemetery in Jackson, MS beside their daughter, Peggy Ann Hill Hardy.

Edgar Young Hill (1910-1980) married Elry Butler and they had 3 children. Edgar and Elry were both school teachers and are buried in Gloster, MS.

Iola Hill (1913-1999) married George Patton and they had one child. Iola taught at the University of Florida and was a dress designer in Nashville, TN at the time of her death. Iola willed her body to science. She was later cremated.

Luther Wilson Hill (1916-1999) married Myrtis Pickle and they had 2 children. Wilson was a salesman and store manager for Sherwin-Williams for several years. Myrtis was a school teacher. Both are buried in Attala Co., MS.

John William Hill (1918-1976) married Audine Ryals of Neshoba Co. and they had one child who was stillborn at birth. They named him John Stanley. All are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery. John retired as a MSGT US AIR FORCE and Audine was a school teacher.

Gladys Imogene (Jean) Hill (1923-1990) married Ira Willard Agent of Neshoba Co. and they had 2 children. Jean married Charles Thomas Aaron of Liberty, MS on June 22, 1968. They had no children. Jean was a hairdresser for 45 years. She loved every minute of fixing hair, she would say.

She and Charles Aaron are buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery in Clinton, MS.

Don Willard Agent (1949-1997),son of Jean Hill and Willard Agent died of a heart attack driving home from work. He is buried in the Carpenter Cemetery in Hinds, Co. Don leaves two sons and three granddaughters.

Mary Margaret Hill (1929-2006) married Carroll Eugene McDonald of Neshoba Co and they had one son. Margaret married James Rayford McPhearson May 18, 1974, in Jackson, MS. Margaret was Materials Manager for the University Medical Center in Jackson, Ms. She and Rayford are buried in Lakewood Park Cemetery in Clinton, MS.

These nine children of Martin Luther and Mary Alice Crosby Hill were fine, hard working adults who made their parents very proud. Hopefully the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Martin Luther and Mary Alice Crosby Hill can say the same for their lives. Martin Luther Hill always said the family came from good stock.


Click Picture to enlarge: Picture taken in 1906 of Martin Luther Hill wife Mary Alice Crosby Hill holding Elmo Hill.
Younger boy is Frank Crosby Older boy with hat is Ferd Crosby.
Girl in skirt is Ada Crosby, Orra Alice Wood Crosby and Fred Crosby with mule Standing in frot of a dogtrot house. House belonged to Martin Luther Hill and Mary Alice Hill.
The Crosby family is the mother and siblings of Mary Alice Crosby Hill.

martin hill

Five men standing in a line
Martin Elmo Hill (Suit) Lee Breland Hill (light colored jacket) Edgar Young Hill (suit) Luther Wilson Hill (Unbuttoned coat) John William Hill, US Air Force uniform)


Helen Massey Hill (Lady in black suit with white blouse) Myrtis Pickle Hill (all black suit)
Robert Homer Lane (male) Dorothy Hughes Hill (gray long coat) Audine Ryals Hill ( end in black suit)





Four women standing together.
Iola Hill (suit) Ida Grace Hill (dress) Mary Margaret Hill (slacks) Gladys Imogene Hill (plaid shirt)


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