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Savell, Aaron

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Research by Bertie Alice Apperson Smith, Great, Great Grand daughter of Aaron Savell who was one of four sons – (Moses, William, John and Aaron) born to William and Lucy Savell listed on Laurens County South Carolina.

Census in 1790.

This family was in Franklin County, Georgia 1800 – 1808. The tax rolls there lists Moses, William, John and Aaron. The 1805 Lottery lists John, Lucy (widow), and Moses.

“Passports Issued by Governors of Georgia 1785 – 1809”, page 194 states ‘Tuesday, 25 October 1808, on the recommendation of James Blair, ordered that a passport through the Cherokee Nation be prepared for Rev’d William Denman and Moses Savell with their families – which was presented and signed.’ Moses, John and Aaron crossed the Cherokee Nation into Mississippi Territory in late 1808. 1810 Census in Clark Co., Mississippi Territory lists Moses Savell. Also – Gandrund’s Alabama Records, Vol 68, Clark Co. – in the 

Forward “the first Grist Mill was operated by John Salter and Moses Savell.”

1810 Census Lawrence County, Mississippi shows John in Bogue Chitto, Aaron in Fair River. Lawrence County tax rolls 1815 – 1819 shows John, 160 acres land in Bogue Chitto; Aaron 160 acres land in Fair River 1815 –1824. 

Aaron fought in the War of 1812 – (Rowland 13 Regiment (Nixon’s) of Miss. Militia (page 204) Aaron is listed Saville, Aaron, Private. Card numbers 38944726, 38944943, 38944968. Discharged 5 day February 1815.

In 1815 in “Carter’s Territorial Papers of U.S. – Mississippi, Vol., 6, pp 494ff Page 1
‘Petition to Congress by inhabitants of Marion and Lawrence Counties’ – “since we have been in the field 3 years (war with England and Creeks) asking Congress to give them more time to pay for the public land on which they lived.” – Jan. 19, 1815 – page 496 has Aaron Savel listed.

1818 – Minutes of Fair River Baptist Church Aaron is mentioned. Also Minutes of Fair River Baptist Church April 23, 1824 – ‘Bro. Aaron Savil came forward and stated that there was reported against him concerning his marking some wild hogs that were not his, acknowledged the fact; the Church believing it not to be right excommunicated him.” No other Savels listed in any Church Minutes. (in 1828 Aaron joined Palestine Baptist Church in Hinds County, by letter from Fair River. So Fair River must have taken him back into fellowship.)

On 1820 Census, Lawrence County Aaron has 2 M under 10, One M 10-16, 1 M 16-26, 1 F 10-16, 1 F over 45. Part of Lawrence County was taken to form part of Lincoln Co. I did no research in Lincoln County.

In 1826 Aaron’s daughter, Lucy, married Lewis Denham in Lawrence County.

In 1827 Aaron’s Family, as well as most of John’s family were all in Hinds County. Aaron paid taxes there 1827 thru 1831. Aaron joined Palestine Baptist Church, Hinds County in 1828 by letter from Fair River Baptist Church. On 1830 

Hinds County Census Aaron had; 1 M under 5, 1 M under 10, 1 M 10-15, 1 M 15-20, 1 M 40-50, 1 F slave 24-36, 1 F 40-50 (It is believed the 1M under 5 was child of this F slave.)

Aaron died Feb 9, 1832 and was buried in Palestine Cemetery in Hinds County, near Raymond, Mississippi. (More to follow regarding events related). Aaron 
Page 2
Savell’s Children: 1. James; on 1830 Census had 1 M under 5; 1 M 15-20; 1 F 5-10; 1 F 15-20; 1 F 20-30 (Mother-in-Law).

(On 1830 Census Hinds County – Aaron has Willoughby 5-10; William 10-15; John 15-20; Aaron was 40-50; Mrs. Aaron Savell was 40-50. (Lucy was married at this time.)

2. Lucy Savell born 1804; married Lewis Denham in Lawrence Co. Mississippi in 1826. They lived in Rankin County in 1827. Their children: Caroline, George, J. L., Elbert, Ebb. (Others).

3. John Savell, born 1810 in Lawrence Co., Miss.; married Judith Elizabeth (Bettie) Osborne in Lauderdale Co. in 1841, then moved to Neshoba County. 

They had 4 children: Bob, Delilah 1854, Edward Osborne Savell born 4-19-1856, and John Aaron. (John died July 28, 1863 in the Battle of Atlanta.)

4. William Savell, born 1815 in Lawrence County, Miss., lived in Hinds County, came to Neshoba County in 1834-35. Died 11-23-1861. Married Elizabeth H. Killen, born 11-13-1816; died 5-25-1892. Both are buried in the Killen Cemetery located Section 27, Township 9 North, Range 12 East (just off Deemer Road (505) and Old Jackson County Line Road (492) approx. 4 ½ miles north-east of Union, Mississippi in Neshoba County. The Cemetery land was originally owned by Elizabeth’s father (Henry Killen). Their children were: 
1. George W., born and died Oct. 1837; 2. William C. born 1839, married Nancy Breland, died Oct 2, 1861 (Civil War); 3. Martha A. born 1843, married Bill Odom, had one daughter.

4. Kasiah Frances, born March 9, 1848, died 1-23-1916, married George W. Breland. Children: Nancy Elizabeth, Joseph Eugene, Emma Cornelia, Martha Manerva Alice, John Oliver, Egbert Andrew, and Beatrice Alma. 

5. Aaron H. or L. Savell, born Oct. 2, 1849; died Nov. 13, 1892, married Mary Burnett born 3-5-1851; died 12-18-1909 buried in Killen Cemetery. 
John, married Mary Nelson. Children of John and Mary: Cletis married Myrtis Simms; Maldie married Tommy Moore; Manuel married Miss Mabry; Louis married Otis Jones (had 1 girl – Jeanetta). Andrew married Mattie Truhitt (sister of Jim Truhitt). Children: Milton Savell; Lerow married Minnie Richardson; Cecil died; Macie Lee – died; Andrew and Mattie are buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, - Hwy. 492, near “House” community. Joe married Martha Brookes, are buried – at County Line Cemetery, Hwy 492, 3 miles East of Union. Joe was also known as “Cripple Joe” for 1 leg was shorter than the other and he walked with a limp. 

Children: Cora Ethel, married a Mr. Williams; Jessie Mae married Swella Ferguson; Carrol married Ida Tucker; Karl married Icy Cooksie; Mary Lou married Edward Williamson; Selby married Mildred Woods; Lottie married Mike Mowdy, children: Mackie, Curtis, Clarence and Etna. Elizabeth (Lizzie) married John Nelson, children: Earl, J. P. Hillard, Monroe and Earie. Mattie married Clark Munn, children: Eula Mae married Willie Boler; Arlin married Alene Tolbert; Ollie married Lula Talbert; Jack married Sara Mae Cleveland; Berlin married Louvie D. Pinson; Elmus married Hazel Cleveland; Unaree married twice – 1. Maxine Parker, 2. Millie Rhodes; Keith did not marry. Altha Amega, born 8-5-1884, died 2-24-1965, married James Winter (Jim) Truhitt (a brother of Mattie), children: Sudie, born 5-5-1902, died 3-13-1933, married David Atkins; Roger Cleo, born 4-14-1905, died 5-5-1964; Bessie Bee born ?, died 10-5-1940, married James Edward Vance; Lessie Mae, born 12-10-1909, died 10-3-1970, married a Mr. Benson; Ella, born 3-7-1913 married twice 1. Marvin Breland 2. Mr. Netherland; Lester James Truhitt born 3-9-1919, died 4-19-1974; Elizabeth 
born-died 1877; William born-died April 1880 – both buried Killen Cemetery.

6. John Carroll Savell born 10-25-1852; died 8-1-1898. Married Elizabeth Rosanna (Betty) Smith born 2-24-1863, died 3-19-1932. Both buried at Killen Cemetery. Had 13 children: George William, John Preston, Joe Brown, Lucy Leona, Willoughby Henry, Burton, Mary Beatrice, Edwin O' Lester, Marion Marodith, Armittie Theo, *Baby Girl, Alvin Lee and Johnnie Elizabeth Savell. (More listed later.)

7. Sallie Savell born 3-3-1855, died 12-29-1917, married Riley Crocker children: Walter, Henry, Monroe, Niel, Vester, Lucy, and Queenie Crocker.

8. Willoughby Savell born Feb. 22, 1821 in Lawrence County, Miss., died 7-13-1873 in Neshoba County, Mississippi. He lived in Hinds Co., then moved to Lauderdale Co., then to Neshoba County. He married Delilah Osborn in Lauderdale Co., who was born 4-1-1828. Their children: Boys; Rowland 1843, Monroe 1844, Hillan 1846, Elijah and Elisha (twins) born 1859, and Warren. Girls; Elizabeth 1848, Lucy 1851, Dullis 1854, Sarah 1856, Haney and Augusta.

NOTE: John Savell (of the original four boys born to William and Lucy in South Carolina and came to Lawrence County (Bogue Chitto)) and his wife Hanna had the following children: James, William, Rebecca, Martha (Patsy), Mary and Aaron. Marriage license Lawrence County: William Savell to Elizabeth Allen, 27 May 1822 (Bk1 Pg 111 & 112); Patsy Savell to William Allen, 8 May 1824 (Bk 1 Pg 171); Mary Savell to John Simmons, 7 Feb. 1824 (Bk 1 Pg 223); Rebecca Savell to Jonas Emmons, 25 Oct. 1819 (Bk 1 Pg 24).

Marriage license in Hinds County: James Savell to Sarah Allen, 9 Oct. 1827, (Bk 1 Pg 57); Aaron Savell Jr. to Mary Parker, 26 Oct. 1831 (Bk 1 Pg 191); Mary Savell to David Young, 19 Aug 1830 (Bk 1 Pgs 111 & 132). ALL THESE CAME TO NESHOBA COUNTY LATER. Also Note --The Aaron Savell who was a Justice of the Peace in Neshoba Co – was this Aaron. Also Donna Marie Moore is his descendant.

Another Note –When Hanna Savell died in Hinds County – all these listed above also shared in settling her estate.

Note on Aaron Savell: In Lawrence Co., Jan. 1826 Lewis Denham and Aaron Savell were bondsmen for marriage between Lewis Denham and Lucy Savell (Aaron’s daughter). Later Aaron’s son, Willoughby, chooses Lewis Denham as his guardian when he gets to be 14 and can make his choice. This is in Hinds County after Aaron dies in 1832. At the time of his death William and Willoughby 
were considered minors and Joseph D. Avery was appointed as their guardian. 

For Aaron Savell’s estate records see Feb. term Probate Court Records Hinds Co. 1832-1833 – page 54-57. Also see December Term page 168, Inventory Bk 1—1832-1835 Hinds County Court House, Raymond, Mississippi page 467 – also Bk 2, page 113.

No. 6 child. John Carrol Savell (4), William (3), Aaron (2), William (1) was born 10-25-1852 at Union, Miss., died 8-1-1898. He married Rosanna Elizabeth Smith (Betty) 11-10-1878 in Neshoba Co., Union, Miss. She was born 2-24-1863 in Lauderdale Co., Miss. She was the daughter of George Rayford Smith who was born 1-23-1822 in Abberville, South Carolina (son of Soloman Smith and 
Elizabeth Crow) and Mary Ann Kynard born 5-13-1819 in Perry County, Alabama, daughter of Jacob Kynard and Rosanna Taylor. John Carroll and Rosanna Elizabeth are buried in Killen Cemetery, Neshoba County, Union, Miss.

Children of John Carrol (4) and Rosanna Elizabeth are:

i. GEORGE WILLIAM SAVELL: Born 1-27-1881, died 11-3-1970. Married Effie Elma Trapp, born 1-12-1891, died 6-1-1955. Both are buried at Cross Roads Cemetery, Neshoba County, Union, Miss. Children: 1. Alton M., born 7-20-1912, died 5-14-1967, married Mildred Smith. Children: Mary Beth, Martha Nell, Brenda Kay and Kathy Lee. 2. Otis Linton born 11-17-1913, died 11-3-1967, married Leurene Shepard. Children: 2 girls – Reba and Linda. 3. Mona Dean, born 5-18-1916, married Martin Scott, 2 children: Ann and Jerry. 4. Lydia Zenoma, born 2-20-1918, married Truman Scott. Children: 2 girls - Mavis (Scotty), Betty, and one son, Bob. 5. Rufus Carlton born 11-1-1919, died 8-8-2001, married Lorraine Gamble. Children: 3 boys – Mark, Michael, and Marlon. 

6. female, born 6-20-1921
7. female, born 2-27-1922
8. George William, born and died 2-28-1923. 
9. John Kermit, born 7-21-1926, died 12-24-1991, married Clair Bryant. No children. 
10. Kenneth – born dead.

ii. JOHN PRESTON SAVELL, born 2-5-1882, died 10-7-1959, married Viegie Ester Johnson, born 3-7-1892, died 8-4-1960. Children: 1. Brutis Howard, born 5-8-1911, married Graham Popwell and had 2 boys. 2. Goldie, born 8-27-1913, married Marvin Phillips and had 2 girls. 3. Bernadine Elenor, born 1-18-1916, married Bill Brazil and had one son. 4. Syble, born 3-14-1919, married Thomas Hinton. 5. Icie Lee (Jenxie), born 11-17-1921, married Bob Trent.

iii. JOE BROWN SAVELL, born 4-23-1883, died 1-10-1961, married Josephine Mason, born 5-2-1889, died 11-21-1969, both buried at Cross Roads Cemetery.

1. Ruby Brown, born 8-30-1908, died 2-1-2001, married Aubrey James. Children: Linda Faye and James Elwyn. 
2. Thermon Edgar (Bill) born 9-11-1910, died 10-15-1973, married Neomi Joyner. Children: 2 boys – Joe Edward and Micha Glynn. 
3. Glynn Elwin, born 2-25-1918, died 6-3-1997. 
4. female 

iv. LUCY LEONA SAVELL, born 10-27-1884, died 2-6-1915. (She burned to death in a house fire.), buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Hwy 292, Union, Miss. She married John Otto Collins, born 7-11-1891, died 1-25-1965. Children: 3 boys – John Preston, born 2-6-1910; Buford Eldwin, born 6-7-1912; and Herbert Alexander, born 3-7-1914.
v. WILLOUGHBY HENRY SAVELL, born 2-9-1886, died 10-25-1946, buried at Cross Roads Cemetery, married Nancy Jane Kilpatrick, born 12-13-1886, died 10-30-1961.

Children: 1. Marvin H., born 2-15-1904, died 4-25-1983, buried Holy Rosary Cemetery, Tucker, married Mary Eva Duncan, born 12-30-1910. 


2. Virgie Lee, born 6-23-1906, died 11-11-1985, married Harvey Whittle Cannon, born 12-29-1904, died 11-15-1972. 
Harvey W., Jr., born 7-19-1933,died ?__

3. Kit Carson Savell, born 8-27-1908, died 5-11-1916.

4. Rachel Era Savell, born 10-8-1910 died in Baton Rouge 5-1990, married Chester A.Nelson. Children : 4 

5. Vernon Whittle (Doc), born 8-6-1912 and died 11-1-1986. Buried Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Philadelphia. Married twice: 1. Wilhemina Duncan

6. John Clayton Savell (J. C.) born 8-10-1914, died 1-26-2002, buried in Crossroads Cemetery, married Pinkey Miles, born 9-13-1918. Children: Myles, born 9-12-1938, died 9-8-1966 (Killed in Viet Nam War) who had one daughter

7. Zexa Hagan Savell, born 8-15-1916, died 1-11-1993, buried at Cedar Lawn Cemetery, Philadelphia; married James Kenneth Dunigan, born 2-6-1919, died 5-22-1977. Children: Patsy, born 7-1-1940, married William S. Clark of Louisville, has one daughter 
8. Capitola Savell, born 9-2-1918, died 12-15-1983, buried Mt. Olive Cemetery (House community), married “Cliff” Wilson Winstead. born 12-7-1916, died 1-21-
1976 (was murdered). Had one son.
9. Erma Dee Savell, born 11-9-1920, married Carl Rasbury, born 1-15-1920, died 2-17-1981, Vernon, Al. Children: 4 

10. Zirla Joyce Savell, born 8-29-1922, died 1-17-1986. Married twice: (1.)Willard Adkins, Children: Savanah Walker, born and died 3-5-1938; female

11. Elmo Burl Savell, born 7-20-1924, died 1-7-1990, married Children: 3 – male, Elmo Wakefield, born 6-19-1950, Elmo is buried at Crossroads Cem. , and female. 

12. Male

13. Ol’lene Johnson (Story), born 2-23-1932. Had three children, Died in Florida.

14. Female

vi. BURTON F. SAVELL, born 9-4-1886, died 11-2-1889. ( Buried Killen Cemetery)

vii. MARY BEATRICE SAVELL, born 2-6-1881, died 4-9-1977, married Thomas Thaddeus Rivers, born 8-4-1881, died 12-20-1959. Buried Golden Grove Cemetery, Neshoba County. 

Children: 1. Nellie May, born 3-8-1901, lived 6 months

2. Joe Alvin, born 4-28-1908 (lived 2 years)

3. Curtis Lee Rivers, born 2-13-1910, married Mavis Dallas, had 4 children

4. Willo Vinetta Rivers, born 1-27-1912, married Howard Kilpatrick.  

5. Christena Regina Rivers, born 4-25-1913, married Roy Daniels. 
6. Thomas Edward Rivers, born 2-23-1915, married Flory Ladd. 
7. James Wesley Rivers, born 2-25-1917, died 3-2-1991, married Della.

8. Robert Lamar Rivers, born 11-12-1918, died 3-12-1984. Married.

9. Thurston Hershell Rivers, born 4-29-1920, died 10-28-1989, married.

10. Male Rivers
vii. EDWIN O’LESTER SAVELL (HAPPY), born 8-1-1890, Neshoba Co., Miss, died 12-3-1976, buried Macedonia #1, Miller County, north of Fouke, Arkansas. Married Leurena Kizzie Ashmore, born in Ark. 1-6-1900. Children:

1. John Lavoe, born 1-29-1915, married Edna Sanders of Crosset, Ark. Had 8 children. 

2. Betty Kate Savell, born 4-1-1916, married James Roy Coker, has 7 children.

3. Covert Lee Savell, born 8-30-1918 in Ark. married Mary Carniuos Hamous, had 11 children.

4. Thelma Lee Savell, born 3-20-1920, married Henry Ellis Murray, had 9 children.

5. Laurie Ruth Savell, born and died 3-25-1922.

6. Ouria Andrew Savell, born and died 1925.

7. Marie, born and died 1927.

8. Rachel Bea Savell, born 3-22-1933, died 1963.

9. Mittie Leurena, born 6-23-1936

10. Twin Girls born dead.

11. Male Savell, Jr., born 2-12-1943 in Texarkana, Ark.

ix. MARION MERODITH SAVELL, born 4-14-1892, died 10-7-1994, buried Golden Grove Cemetery, Neshoba Co. Married Ada Caroline Blaylock, born 6-30-1894, died 4-5-1950. 

1. female
2. Thula Inez, born 1-7-1920, died 9-20-1997, married, had 2 children
3. Female, married.
4. female, married, had 2 girls

x. ARMITTIE THEO SAVELL, born 1-30-1894 in Neshoba Co., Miss, died 7-6-2000, buried at Golden Grove Cemetery. Married Louis Madison Skinner and had 7 children: 

1. Mittie Theo,, born 9-18-1911, married Dewey Petty, had no children.

2. Odessa Dean Skinner, born 1-22-1913, married Cobert Chisolm, had 1 son.

3. Lewis Merodith Skinner (L. M.), born 3-25-1915, married Clara Gean Moore,had 4 children

4. James Madison Skinner, born 1-21-1918, died 2-12-1991, married Ozell Christine Sessions – had 2 girls

5. Clarence Carrol Skinner, born 3-25-1920, married Beula “Bee” Covell and had no children.

6. Male Skinner, married, had 2 sons

7. Male Skinner, married, had 2 children: Male and Nancy Carol, born and died 6-9-1950.

xi. INFANT GIRL, born and died 10-23-1895. Buried at Killen Cemetery.

xii. ALVIN LEE SAVELL, born 1-3-1897, died 10-30-1972, married Martha Priscilla Winstead “Zilla” of Union, Ms., Neshoba County. Children:

1. Darwell Lavon Savell, born 3-3-1920, died 5-16-1995, married Mildred Pierce and had 4 children
2. Dewey Didymus Savell, born 4-18-1922, died 1-10-1999, married Winnie Pierce, had one son
3. Mildred Jeanette, born 11-14-1924, died 1-17-1990, married Fred Ridout, 
Children: male & female
4. Violet Sunshine Savell, born 12-2-1926, married Ermon Buford Pierce, had two girls
5. Pothena Sancheuwan “Polly” Savell, married (1) Harold S. Smith who was born 10-10-1928. They had two children. Married (2) John Nations.

6. Female Savell, married.
7. Male Savell, married.
8. Male Savell, married 
9. Female Savell, married.

xiii. JOHNNIE ELIZABETH SAVELL, born 4-5-1899 at Union, Miss., Neshoba, Co., died 12-23-1996 in a car wreck at age 97 years, 8 months, 18 days. She married James Madison Apperson (Jim), born 7-6-1896, died 12-19-1971. Both are buried at Cross Roads Baptist Church Cemetery, Neshoba County, Union, Miss. They had one child: Female Apperson.

1. Bertie Alice Apperson, born 1-19-1921, married Gipson William Smith, born 6-25-1917, died 5-25-1990. Had 2 boys.
2. Male, married

3. Female

4. Male Smith, married.

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