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Submitted by Len

I have a rather extensive photo collection of various family members who lived in Neshoba County between 1839 and 1944. These photographs (tin-types, albuman prints, carte-viste, modern type photos) were taken between the years 1862 and early 1930s. 

Fortunately all of these photographs have writing on the back identifying the person(s) in the image. The handwriting is both that of my great grandmother and of my great-great grandparents. There are several "identified" individuals that I can't place in our family "history". I was hoping you could list the names on your site under 1st families and see if descendants of these people recognize the name(s) and respond. 

**** Note: Please respond to Len if you recognize people in these photos. He has put much effort into scanning and getting these photos online and would appreciate hearing from you. *****
Below are the individuals that I cannot place:

1. "Maurice Malley and James M. Germany" Carte-viste style postcard (probably from late 1910s) showing two young boys in a wagon in Sunday dress. 
This was sent to my great grandfather, Bill Germany of Neshoba County...these are not his nephews, may be one of his cousins children.

2. Mat King ... albumen print, Kings married into my great grandfathers family (in 1840s Mary Meeks married a Mr. King. Marries mother Leah Meeks lived in my great grandparents Household in the Spring Creek community of Neshoba County. 

3. Sadey Sphinx

4. Rury Willis...very old albumen print, probably from 1870s, dark haired man, stand-up collar with cravaet type neck-tie.

5. Mrs Ford and Mary/Ruth Ford (they are standing with my g.grandmother Elle Germany and two of my known g.g.great Aunts... photo circa late 1910s early 1920s.

(I have converted this picture to greyscale. To see the original goldish color, email Len. Click on the picture for a larger view.)

6. Vennie and Anna Hunt (photo taken 1870s)...children of my g.g.grandfathers younger sister, Franna A. Nash Hunt and Ben R. Hunt. Ben Hunt's father was a Neshoba County Probate Judge in the mid 1800s...but Frannie and Ben (both born circa 1837) later moved to Texas after the war. I know who they are but would like to locate a descendant.

7. "Charley Nash and grandchildren Gussie Lee and Charles Gillespie", photo circa 1900. Charles A. Nash (1832-post 1913) was my g.g.grandfather's younger brother. He and wives Charlottie and Eliza J. had the following children: 
Lucy, Sadona/Ladona, Willie (b. 1660), Ira b. 1862), Addie/Ada and Guthry Lee Nash. Charles Nash was raised in Neshoba County. 

I am in the process of scanning the photos so I would happily provide a copy of the image to any identified descendant.

Len - 330-329-7329

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