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14th Reg. Inf., Co. F - "Beauregard Rifles"

The following are men that served in this company. If you have additional Civil War information about your ancestor in this company, please let me know, so I can add them to the "Soldiers" section. These names came from the Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System. Submitted by Marsha Bryant.

This organized at Plattsburg, Winston County, MS and was called "The Beauregard Rifles." This company has many Neshoba men on its roster, therefore is listed on this site. 

Allidge J. F.
Arledge James F.
Artledge J.F.
Baggett Silas
Bass William E.
Benjamin Samuel
Birks James
Birks Silas
Birks Steven J.
Blair D.S.
Blair J.L.
Bottoms Charles
Bowen W. C.
Brown J. B.
Brown J. D.
Brown Rufus P.
Burks James
Burks S.G.
Burks S.J.
Burks S.M.
Burks Silas
Burnside W. C.
Clayton D. M.
Clayton D. W.
Coghlan Jasper N.
Coghlin H. H.
Cookey J. M.
Cooksey George M.
Cooper S.B.
Cowsart Thomas S.
Cowsedt Thomas F.
Cowsick Thomas S.
Crow William L.
Crow William T.
Crown Tom
Culbertson John T.
Davis J. P.
Dees Thomas
Denis J.T.
Denis W.T.
Dennis George C.
Dennis James T.
Dennis Theodore
Dennis William T.
Dewett John
Dewit John
Dewit William
Dier William
Dow Moses Frank
Dragger William
Drewrey A.
Drewry A.
Dreyou P.B.
Druery Alexander
Drury Alexander
Duett John
Duett William
Dugan Burr
Dugan P.P.
Dugan Pierce B.
Duitt William
Dyer William
Eddis William
Ellis Haywood
Ellis Henry H.
Ellis William
Esha Franklin
Esters Francis D.M.
Estis B. F. M.
Estus F. D. M.
Evans Emanuel
Fail William F.
Fail William H.
Falconer John C.
Faucett Richard T.
Fory N.A.
Fox Newton A.
Fox William
Frazier John H.
Freeman Dudley
Freeman William
Gentry George W.
Gentry J.W.
Gentry W.J.
Giger William
Goodrich Henry Clay
Haggard E. B.
Haggard Edwin P.
Hambleton William
Hamilton William B.
Hamilton William W.
Hawkins A.J.
Hawkins Silas
Hestes F.D.
Hill Bennett
Hill J.R.
Hill John K.
Hisaw James R.
Hisaw Robert
Hisaw Thadeus E.
Hisaw William W.
Holman Marcus L.
Holman Marquis L.
Holmes N.B.
Hubbard John H.
Hurbert J.H.
Hyan W.W.
Hyson W.
Ingram James
Ingram Joseph
Jay William
Johnson J.B.
Johnson John
Johnson T.H.
Johnson Thomas M.
Jones John L.
Kea Joab
Kea John
Keller J.B.
Keller J.C.
Kelly A.S.
Kelly B.F.
Kelly J.B.
Kelly J.W.
Kelly James C.
Kelly John P.
Kelly Lloyd L.
Kelly Sims
Kelly W.J.
Kelly William B.F.
Kelly William E.
King John P.
King T.
Kirk Lewis H.
Kirkpatrick John
Krecker John P.
Lamkin J.M.
Lamkin Jeremiah
Lamkin Jerry
Lamkins Jerry
Lampkin J.M.
Lampkins J.
Lampkins J.L.
Lampkins John
Lampkins Samuel
Latimer M.S.
Lattimore M.L.
Lattimore W.S.
Lee, Aaron Suggs, Capt. Harold Fisher
Lee F.J.
Lee James D.
Lee, Thomas Jefferson 
Lee William H.
Loften S.D.
Lofton Samuel D.
Long Benjamin
Lumpkins J.
Maddox Freeman F.
Malone Jasper
Marshall J.J.
Marshall John
Marshall John G.
Mattock Freeman F.
McAdory Robert T.
McDonald Charles C.
McDonald Christopher C.
McGowan Jesse J.
Michell John H.
Mitchell G.H.
Mitchell J.H.
Mitchell J.M.
Mitchell William C.
Molone Jasper
Moncrief Bishop
Moore Eli
Moore John G.
Moore John N.
Moore N.
Moore Nathaniel
Moore Silas
Muncrief B. M.
Musgrove M. N.
Nordin James M.
Nowel Joseph S.
Nowell Gideon P.
Nowell Joseph B.
Nowell Josiah B.
Nowell Josiah S.
Nunn Floyd W.
Porter William S.
Powell G. P.
Prince Enos
Qualls E.
Quarles Ephraim
Quvilis Ephram
Riley J.L.
Robuck A.W.
Rochell Henry G.
Rowe William A.
Ryals Joseph J.
Saller J.S.
Salter David H.
Salter John S.
Sanders Joseph
Sanders Thomas J.
Seagers R. I.
Singleton John
Singleton William R.
Sison W.T.
Sissin W.F.
Sission J.L.
Sission William T.
Sisson James L.
Sisson R.F.
Sisson W.F.
Sisson William T.
Smith James M.
Smut Samuel
Spears George W.
Speir George
Spiers G.W.
Stepens Thomas
Stephens Thomas
Stevens Alexander L.
Stevens General P.
Stevens George W.
Stevens L.P.
Stevens Thomas
Stevens William J.
Sumerlin R.T.
Summerland William T.
Summerlin William T.
Thernell A.R.
Thompson Benjamin
Thompson James G.
Thompson N.B.
Thompson Robert T.
Tindall L.F.
Tindall S.F.
Tindol Samuel F.
Tompkins J.
Trainer William T.
Triplett Nimrod D.
Vowel John
Vowell J.M.
Vowell Thomas J.
Vowels Vinyard
Vowels Volentine
Walson B.
Watson Benjamin D.
Weare Samuel
Webb E.P.
Webb Joshua P.
Weir Sampson M.
Wier Samuel
Williams William
Willis Richard S.
Woodall John M.
Yates Thomas E.
Yates William L.
Young M.
Young Wiley
Young Willie
Baldwin W.E.
Baldwin William E.
Burroughs Anthony
Burroughs W. A.
Burrows Anthony
Doss William W.
Hamilton James
Reiley James
Reilley James
Reilly James
Riley James
Scott A. G.
Scott A. J.
Sessum J. L. S.
Sessum John L. H.
Vasser William H.
Williams James
Williams Joseph
Williams Kelly

See also:
14th MS Infantry by Michael Gay.

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